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or is it killshot Two?

I was going to have a 'vacation' from forums for a while, as I said but the killshot video came this morning, from the States, so I thought it would be appropriate to give this review. it is free , from s website at least it was, but you can check by all means if it s still available Now, the video starts by giving a brief background by ed, on remote viewing, I assume all on this forum are aware of this subject and know the way it s done or have some background. f knowledge.To get to the gist of ti, Ed says he and his team of remote viewers saw  a great fiery body , and thus was the prime cause of the catastrophe that s approaching. My first impression was ah ah he has seen planet X in his first video made on Hawaii some years ago e s quit specific however about a planet x type object, I think he mentions a brown dwarf, but see the video for yourself on Google. however here in killshot two, he says it i the sun they have seen, erupting and sending a massive solar fare, in fact he has stated it is a series of flares, at the earth and there are 24 to 48 hours notice kf this. he mentions the seed vaults but could have mentioned the DUMB's  as, there his no absolute time scale for this happening as remote viewing has no markers as to time frames. it is somewhat outside the frame of time as we know it. however he does have so earthquakes on f which has been the deadly fungus  that broke out recently in Africa. another has been the Fukushima  meltdown, presaged by the earthquakes this he has successfully foreseen. and it wa worse than Chernobyl.another event yet t happen is a shuttle type vehicle being brought down by asteroids. thus could be any if several shuttle type vehicles including  the US militaries latest   toy. the next event very close to the killshot is a nuclear blast on the north Korean peninsula. ths s far has nit Ed mentions the presence global chaos, but when th killshot comes it will destroy satellites, it will destroy the grid, and it will b enormous in its implications for society as it is at present. he s not very positive about the implications of this.

now as for safe zones, he says the South Americas are not the safest places to be, but the northern hemisphere s the best place so tong as it is away from  populated areas. South America is not very safe, northern Europe may be a bit safer, again away from populated areas. so, this is a breakdowno f what Ed Dames and his remote  viewers have seen. It is very very sobering and anyone suffering rm a hangover I suggest a cure may be to watch this DVD!!!! we can all  joke, but I suggest we look at our friendly star and keep an eye open not only for what th sun is doing but for the activity the military such as  troop movements, also FEMA, TSA, and other agencies. And then we have  imminent wars, plus impending economic collapse . all these may be planned and may be the big distraction they want whilst they descend to the underground bunkers. this is not tongue in cheek, no metaphor or  joke intended. I am very earnest here.

I mention these latter events as the elite assuming they know about all this have bee planning for decades, but know that it is not so much the sun erupting, I assume they know the cause and if it is the brown dwarf, approaching, se the work of John Dinardo and others, we can assume the economic collapse and the wars they seem to be planning are precursors to the big geophysical event and will be used as distractions to keep the masses off the ball until of course the ball actually hits home.

Now, one last predicition By Ed dames. he says thye saw soldiers on a battlefield, suddenly looking up at some phenomena in the skies. and gazing in awe at it, they put down ther weapons and they all head for home. their loved ones more important than the battle they are fighting.

so, If I can be forgiven for the length of it I thought it important enough to give ths review.

I am happy to talk about it further, at any time, this is a wonderful forum, I had planned a few weeks away from posting things but I think, in fact deeply believe this  video is of very great importance at this time and pray I have done it justice in this review.


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Do you have a link?

I can give a link or two or even three, to various websites especially coast to coast where this is discussed, the implications of the DVD are such I thought it a good idea to post this review. In fact, I am more than willing to pass this dvd on to anyone on the forum if they send me their address, even so I have covered most of what Ed dames has to say. are these the kind of links you are looking for? I can find the link also where the DVD may be obtained from if that is any use, let me know.

a few links from youtube that may give more background to this killshot


some of these links may be better than others, but see how it goes

he covers a lot of material in these shows. most of it in fact but the DVD really brings it home though

Thank you!!  I will look at these!!

all our thoughts Tammy, go out to desert rose, it really touched my heart reading on the main page about her. One helps as best one can.

so, have a look at stan deyos page his website is excellent for tracking earthchanges, the link is below.

So has anyone actually seen the DVD, The Killshot:

The Killshot: Approaching the Moment from Remote Viewing Products on Vimeo.

It's being offered FREE @ cost of shipping/handling.

the whole point of my posting is, I have been watching the DVD which came today. I thought it was important enough to give the above review. I have seen it once so far, he basically consolidates what he has said on coast to coast. it is very well done and is something we should all be very mindful about in light of what this forum basically covers. we should all be a bit concerned, not worried, but shall we say, the warning lights should be flickering by now.

by the way, msred, the vimeo kill shot is basically the same topic but was made some years ago, this present killshot was made very recently and is an update. strangely he make no mention of a brown dwarf which he talks about in the first video. I do wonder if he is being silenced about this, who knows. he is ex military after all.

I understand now, nicholas. In your OP I thought you were talking about the vids from YouTube, which are free.

I had to search "killshot" trying to better understand what is meant by the term... which took me to the Killshot site. After re-reading your OP, I understand better of what you are trying to discuss - the actual Video received by way of post. Sorry if I confused the issue.

I still don't have a complete understanding of what a killshot actually is, tho... at least, I don't think I do.


what Ed dames and his team, primarily military remote viewers saw, in the original killsht made a few years ago-I forget when exactly- anyhow they saw a huge glowing body, approaching the solar system on the same trajectory  thereabouts, as the planet x is meant to be approaching. now in the first video Ed Dames is explicit about this. I believe he even calls it a brown dwarf or red dwarf star.

Anyhow, he says as it approaches the sun it causes  super massive disruption f the solar capacitor. now as we all know- don t we- the solar system is a charged plasma, I believe positively charged plasma, and is a result of the solar wind. now the sun is a super massive capacitor, the core the sun is probably quite cool, all the energy, all the nuclear reactions occur in the top layers near and above the surface of the sun. now as the brown dwarf approaches, and Jim Macaney would call it a comet no doubt, as it approaches the sun it results in the discharge of the solar capacitor, in other words, imagine it like the bringing together of the electrodes, as they et closer and closer, and  the result is an arc as in arc  welding. we have a discharge from one electrode ti th other. in the case of the sun, the discharge between the brown dwarf and  the sun, the colossal CME, is what is known as the killshot. in other words, imagine the Carrington event, many many time larger and maybe as a series of events.several large CME's in succession.

the second DVD which s not on the internet yet, makes no mention of an approaching extra solar body, which is very very strange. as I suggested, maybe Ed has been silenced or simply has no way of making sense of the original data in his first DVD so makes no mention in the second DVD.

this is what Michio kaku alluded to amongst others. this is what the DUMB's are for. not to protect against earthquake as such, but against the impact of a series of CME's. the killshot.


Even though he doesn't mention the 'approaching extra solar body" he does mention the killshot in the second video. Is that what you're saying? If yes, how does he explain the killshot? Is it man-made? Alien-made? Dying Sun-made?

Thanks for your help.

I've explained all this above, have you read it? the killshot is a super massive CME from the sun, a large  series of flares, that envelops the earth. a discharge of the solar capacitor. the carrington event on super steroids.

I have said all I can, I thought it worth making ts post to simply inform people there are real grounds for believing something dramatic is about it happen. I hope it is all a load of nonsense all the same.

see the film 'Knowing' and '2012;. anyhow there is little more I can say now. The fact Ed Dames seems so worried about it having had his team remote view it on more than one occasion, and producing this free DVD to inform peole, caused me to make this post. whilst the material in broad detail is far from new, I thought the fact it has been consolidated like this was sufficient for me to pull things together in my review.

anyhow, I've said enough on this, though am happy to keep in touch all the same.

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