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This is in reference to fear mongering prophecies and channelings.  This video is from 2016 before Trump was elected, and speaks of a new person in office who brings prayer back to the White House.   I will highlight some of what is in this video, it is worth listening to. The advice given is to refuse to take part in these lies and tales of fear mongerers who keep people in a state of turmoil and fear by predicting catastrophes, etc etc etc.  These false prophets are only in it for worldly gain.  Purify your hearts from these end of the world rumors.  Focus on peace, love, use your gifts, work on your hearts and concentrate on your duties.  The fear mongering only distracts one from growth and working on their hearts.  Now is a time for the growth of the earth.   Pray against the Shadow Government and do not be afraid of North Korea, Iran, or other nations.  

And the video is 11:11 minutes long!!!!  LOL

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The cabal want to keep us all in 3d by spreading division, lies, and keeping those in turmoil and fear.

Carolyn said:

Nothing will stop ascension not even the cabal.

Carolyn said:

We have to start creating our own inner reality Kim and learn to turn out the noise and see it for what it is. 

The only thing that will be occuring is the ascension of Gaia.

"Source is fed up with them"  - Truth.

Carolyn said:

As Barbara Manciniak wrote in Bringers Of The Dawn

" This completion has been heralded by many for eons'

Source is fed up with them they have to go

So basically it is being delayed?

Carolyn said:

Sure its true.

That's why so many of  us starseeds were sent here on assignment. The CG want this part of our solar system to evolve they want us to evolve and Gaia to evolve but she can't until the 'they" get out of the way 

Bummer :(

Carolyn said:

Oh boy has it ever been delayed! i thought we would experience higher density in shift in 2012

There are pockets of us. The Divine has a plan as in interventions which will take place. I will elaborate more on this later.

Carolyn said:

Carolyn said:

Sometimes i wonder if i prepared too early. Unfortunately its the consciousness of humanity on the earth that's really holding everything back. Without unity consciousness which will kill the matrix stone cold dead, not much will change

Its so obvious they are throwing at us more and more ridiculous things to see how much we'll take before we crack and say no more. I have no idea why we haven't reached that point yet and unfortunately I'm imprisoned as long as humanity is apathetic to their plight as i can't bring down this control system alone. Too bad its a team effort.


There are many of those who receive detailed messages from thge heavenly realms which keep us up to date on the Divine plans and what the evil minions are up to.  One such message came through a few days ago reminding us of the Divine plans to bring truth to everyone as evil keeps many confused with lies, in fear, division and turmoil.  I will share here a message that just came through a few days ago (through Ned Dougherty, imo the messages he receives monthly are amazing)....

Our Lady of Light


My son,

I come to you today on the eve of the Advent Season in celebration of My Son's birth, the birth of the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I come to you with hopefulness that many of you will act in reverence in celebrating this Advent Season, and I know that many of you will celebrate the knowledge that you are prayerful followers of My Son, the Redeemer of the World.

However, I also approach this season with sadness, for the enemies of My Son in this world are focusing their efforts during this Advent Season to attack My Son and His role in the salvation of mankind. The evil one is so desperate now that he knows his end is near that he is actively flaunting himself through his minions here on Earth.

Do not be surprised to see the most virulent and vicious attacks against My Son during this Advent Season. These attacks are well planned by the minions of satan to not only denigrate and diminish My Son in the eyes of all of you, but also to campaign through the mainstream media as satan's willing accomplices, and to deny even the existence of My Son and His role as the Redeemer of all of mankind. My Son's enemies will try to convince all of you that Jesus Christ never even existed and that The Father's Son is a fairy tale made up to control all of you.

However, the real controllers of the world are the minions of satan who have been about their plan of power and control over the people for many centuries. Now that the evil one's dark mission is about to collapse into the abyss, you can expect that the attacks against My Son will be focused in this Advent Season, particularly in ways that are foul and obscene.

The evil one's minions will not hold back as they obscenely attack Your Redeemer in attempts to belittle His followers - all of you who know better that My Son, Jesus the Redeemer, is forever real both in this world as well as in your heavenly home, and no deception or trick of the evil one will separate you from the knowledge that the Father in Heaven through His Son, Jesus Christ, has promised you an eternity in the Heavenly Realms.

It is your duty, your obligation, your fight, and your commitment to continually communicate to your family members and friends, and particularly to your children that Jesus Christ is the path to that eternal salvation in the Heavenly Realms.

It is particularly important for you to reach out to your children, who have been labeled as the millennial generation by those in power, who are attempting to manipulate and exercise control over you, for they are the minions of satan who are attempting to remove God the Father and His Son from the world in which you live. And they are focusing their attention on the youth to erase from their minds any love for, or knowledge of the Redeemer of all of humanity.

For this reason, the Father in Heaven is intervening in the affairs of mankind to restore the faith of the people, and particularly of the youth, to a remembrance of your spiritual and religious history.

God is most real as your Creator, the Son is most real as the Saviour of humanity, and I am most real as an Intercessor for your prayers to the Father in Heaven and to His Son, and I, along with the Angels and Saints in Heaven, will protect you as you experience these end times events that will bring about a glorious transformation of all of humanity - free at last of the bondage of the demon and his minions.

This is the future of humanity; and the evil one knows it, so he is grasping now in the most obscene and vulgar ways to diminish all of you, in an attempt to get you to lose sight of the goal of your human existence; the goal which is to spend your eternity in the Heavenly Realms, free at last of the chains of bondage of sin and the evil one who has enslaved all of you.

So celebrate this Advent Season proudly and openly as the true followers of the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for the Kingdom of Heaven shall be your eternal reward.

So be it!  Thanks Be To God

That was a reply to your last statement Kim!!!  Check this out!

Joan of ARC an indigo warrior!  Yeah!

Carolyn said:

One of our earliest Indigo warriors Joan Of Arc

Carolyn said:

Thanks for sharing this Joy.  Oh boy do I have an agenda to share this on social media so we can slam alexa!!!!!
JOY said:

I have more to add I will be back later!

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