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I had my second apocalyptic dream.  I was near a mountain that was a long ridge.  As I looked up Large pieces of rocks the size of houses started to brake off and slide down the mountain. There were people  walking on it and started to run down but it was too late for them.  The mountain seemed to roll over and more and more big pieces along with debris started to rain down the hill. The mountain was perhaps a quarter of a mile high and I was just a few blocks away.  Suddenly I reolised that the entire mountain was tipping over and I ran along with everyone else.  But I tried to run the length as running away from it was useless.  Rocks were crashing down everywhere.   I made it out but was lost.  Has anyone else been having these kinds of dreams lately?

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Sounds like the mountain was moving due to the tectonic plate shifting. 

No, I haven't had those kinds of dreams lately, but I have been having very lucid dreams of other things.  

No. Nothing like this!

I've had dreams of mountainous waves rolling onto the beaches in the L.A. area.  

I have had dreams of the lake in front of my house sloshing up to my door step and having to escape to the hill behind my house where the rain was creating a mud slide going back to the lake. Marshall Masters say's many people are and have been having these dreams. Maybe we can see the future or are we looking at past lives.

Cheryl Nelson said:

I've had dreams of mountainous waves rolling onto the beaches in the L.A. area.  

What kinds of things Cheryl ?

Cheryl Nelson said:

Sounds like the mountain was moving due to the tectonic plate shifting. 

No, I haven't had those kinds of dreams lately, but I have been having very lucid dreams of other things.  

I also had a strange dream where three gigantic ships came up on the beach.  They were as tall as 20 aircraft carriers.  And very long.

I listened to a radio show and they're laughing at M. Masters entirely missing the boat about PX. Wish I could remember the context.

Interesting dream Jim, what area do you live in?  Are you in a mountainous area?  There have been a lot of earthquakes going on recently everywhere.  It could possibly a future type dream but if it is would not be immediate but maybe 6 months later.  Or could be a symbolism dream 

Mountain Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a mountain symbolizes working hard, overcoming obstacles, and rising above petty, everyday quarrels. It takes great effort to climb a mountain and you may encounter many obstacles in your path. ... Seeing mountains symbolizes there are new adventures on the horizon.

Meaning of dreams about mountain according to dream dictionary-mountains signifies major obstacles, challenges and hindrance in the path of your goal.

mountain symbols could be translated to a powerful force and stability in your life. Spiritually it could suggest a higher degree of awareness and power.

To dream that you fell off a mountain refers to your rush to prosper without thoroughly thinking of your path to success first. Maybe you are being pushed up into a direction that you do not want to go or that you are not prepared for. Falling off a mountain also implies that you tend to surrender too easily or run away from demanding circumstances. You’re taking the simple way out.

Joy, that is interesting information.  The people in the dream on the mountain side, were dressed in robes like in Arabia old garb.  White robes etc.  Or ancient Israel.  But the coffee shop I was sitting in  near to the bottom of the mountain was modern.  Big chunks of the mountain were rising up into the air and braking off as if it was growing.   Sort of like a volcano.  The mountain was tipping over!  Rising up and falling towards the people.  But it seamed very real.   I feel it was in the middle east, perhaps Israel.  And at the same time it started to snow where there was eight inches in just a few minutes of time.   Probable during the pole shift.

oh so that is different than:


A volcano is representative of spiritual deeply held passion.

This can sometimes erupt with frightening results, if we do not learn to express ourselves properly. Frustration often gives rise to the image of an active volcano.

Joy, no no no.  Not a volcano.  Like when a volcano blows everyone runs and rocks are flying everywhere.   The mountain raised and tipped forward.  It was rolling over and about to crush everyone.

Earth quake?

Considering all these connotations and linking them to your personal life, we hope you will find the true meanings that the dream of an earthquake suggests to you through powerful images. Only the dreamer has, after all, the key to his dreams...
This dream will eventually force you to make a decision of some kind. Being worried by this event in your dream means that something is out of your control, and it is time to take the reins and begin the change that you need.

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