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GROUP Meditation/Healing:
  next meditation is Tuesday,  12 October 2010
Every member of this ECC Ning is welcome to join this open invitation group meditation as they chose. It is designed to be a self-organising opportunity to come
together in purpose while sharing in a relaxed, free form way.

Presently, this ECC Meditation is scheduled for:
Tuesdays at 3 times, so people from any place in the world,
     or off world, ;) may join us.
05:00 UTC, 14:30 UTC, 01:00 UTC
10:00 EDT, 19:30 EDT, 06:00 EDT
09:00 CDT, 18:30 CDT, 05:00 CDT
08:00 MDT, 17:30 MDT, 04:00 MDT
07:00 PDT, 16:30 PDT, 03:00 PDT
You may use this clock to help you figure your local time.
Time Zone Converter

To unify our meditation I offer this super simple structure:
Synchronise our breathing,
Breathe 3 deep slow breaths with the intent to synchronise your personal meditation to the ECC meditation.
Smile inwardly.
Connect to your own highest spiritual source.
Read or simply acknowledge the script below.
Then meditate, contemplate, sit in stillness, pray, in whatever way
you heart leads you.
Be playful, happy, enjoy, creative, your imagination is your only limit....

ECC Meditation Opening Script:
We come together
in unity and purpose,
Seeking the highest good
for all life.
We invite any one who wants to
join us in this same purpose,
And we give thanks to the
great protection we receive
in our unity.

You may meditate any length of time you choose, from a few minutes, to a half hour, or so.
However, when you close your meditation, if you want to also direct the high,
positive energy that has been generated then you may do so with the
ECC Group Meditation code: Rose of Sharon

This discussion format is set up so anyone may request this beautiful energy to be directed to any person, event, or issue in which they are concerned.
It is also, set up so that anyone who wants to volunteer, may at any time participate, in a
self-appointed, and self-moderating way, in this loving self-organising space.
And, it is also set up so that any member may come here to share their ECC
Group Meditation experiences.

I explain how and why this works in the replies below.
Please read them, and ask questions if you need help understanding this process.

I want to thank everyone who helped me, in spirit, in putting the ideas of this meditation
Thank you all for sharing your hearts with us!!!

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I'm using the principles coming out of our emerging sciences of the non-local, or other-than-conscious minds to allow people to unify and synchronise their personal meditations to the ECC group meditation. These principles allow us to engage the part of ourselves that exists outside of the boundaries of time and space, so, these boundaries do not limit our meditations.

We may become quite creative in how we can play with these principles.
For instance, I meditate on a daily basis. It is possible for me to synchronise my daily meditations with the weekly ECC meditation by simple intent. And, some days, I may chose to do this.

The advantage to this is that we have enormous flexibility in how we may join the ECC group meditation. If you miss a time, or a day, simply use your free will to direct your intent to the ECC meditation, during any time you choose.

These principles are also echoed across a wide range of spiritual, and non-spiritual belief systems. Please, feel free to translate these principles in a way that is meaningful to you, in your own language.
There is a real interest to offer ourselves an opportunity to direct the flow of this energy to help uplift people, support each other, mitigate suffering in hard hit areas of the world, maybe even to prevent earth changes entirely. I've put some thought into how we may do this and still remain very fluid, and free in the meditation.

So, here is the plan I have devised. :>)

Requests for the weekly meditation requests will be initiated each week in a reply that says
ROSE of SHARON: Week of dates running Wed --> Tue

Here is the self-organising part.

In this ECC Meditation there is no single leader.
Every who participates is a leader.
Here we get to experiment with how a 4D STO type community may organise itself.

On Wednesday morning, whoever arrives at this discussion first, or whoever first feels like it, will post the upcoming weeks request. Afterward, anyone that wants to add a request to the list for the next ECC Group Meditation will then reply to that first request. Any time some one wants to add a request, then do so in the reply to the reply. This will generate a chain reply that will probably become quite large. So, we will have to see how this works out.

When we close our Tuesday meditation and send our energy flow to support the requests in the Rose of Sharon post then this flow will be applied according the highest good of all life involved to the final, largest reply section for that date. I, or anyone else that has edit access will come by later and delete the redundant ROSE of SHARON posts.

Now, and here is the cool thing, you don't really need to write that request in this discussion if you do not want to. You may, if you choose simply note it to yourself, mentally, or in writing. Because we are engaging this infinite aspect of our being we are not working with the typical limitations that we may have become accustomed. Writing it out, gives you a record of it, if you want to remember it and see how life responded to your request.

For ideas about how to write your request see the next post.
Many of the ideas I'm presenting here have come from years of being in prayer/healing circles. Most experts will recommend people get very specific and detailed oriented in their creative/manifesting activities. This is what a person would do if they are trying to create/manifest from their own, singular efforts, and energy.
However, I suggest we may be doing something different here. Here we are co-creating, from our co-operative energy and cooperative efforts. And we are also co-creating with the help of the greater spiritual Being of Life.

I've learned a simple way to present requests that allows the larger soul level of our being, and the more creative intelligences of the universe to help us in our co-creative processes.

I first learned this from the Edgar Cayce Gladhelpers Healing Circles. Unity prayer support uses a similar process. As do most of the military Chapel prayer groups I've been in over the years. I think it is ecumenical, non-denominational, and allows a wide range of belief systems, so I'm offering here it for our use.

For a person, just use the name, initials, or other symbol, and the desire for the highest good for that person.
For an event, do the same.
For an intervention, mitigation, healing, any purpose you may imagine, do the same.

This way we can become much hugely cohesive in our group meditation. We can amplify our effectiveness by becoming singular and unified in our desire for the highest good for all life involved. The requests are simply ways that we invite specific people, events, and concerns into our singular, unified purpose.
Okay, I also have an idea of how people may ask for specific immediate support through this ECC Group Meditation Forum. Here's the format for this:

SPECIAL REQUEST: state your request.

Anyone who has self-elected to volunteer may then spontaneously respond to any spontaneously written request. Again, this is a shared leadership, mutual support process.

I will also keep an update list in this particular reply post of people who have approached me and said that they would like to volunteer as support for people. This way, if someone is uncomfortable requesting support in a public forum. They may reference this list, and privately email someone they trust. Again, this will be a self-generating, self-organising process.
I believe we can use this ECC Group Meditation Forum to invite each other to join in one time only and larger group meditations. I think we should discuss this first though. I can see how this could become unruly and overwhelming in the future. I thought of this is because I would like to invite people to join me in the monthly Fire The Grid meditations, at 11:11 UTC on the 11th of every month. If you're not familiar with Fire the Grid here's a link:

This will be a global meditation on at 11:11 on 11 November 2011. Yes, I have noticed this is the date that was being discussed here on the ECC Ning as a possible Pole Shift date. There have been two previous Fire the Grid meditations and in each one millions of people participated. I would love the people of this ning to be able to join such a communal experience!!!!

The problem I see with this is that there are sooooo many meditations going on in the world that we could overwhelm ourselves with this, so I think this idea is something we will want to discuss together and see how we would like to approach this possibility.
And now we come to the FUN part. Sharing our meditation experiences in this Forum!!!!
Remember the Golden Rule. Be respectful of how you express yourself, and patient with how you listen. Listen with your heart to what other people share, with an intent to understand. And please, be responsible for you own reactions and responses to our shared experiences. Ask for support if you need it.

That's all Folks!!!!

Feedback is welcome.
I'm keeping this in draft format until early Sunday morning to get feedback from people. Then on Sunday, I will email an invitation to all members so we can begin this next Tuesday, 24 August 2010.

In the beginning, I'll do the update and such, but I do anticipate that in time, everyone will become so comfortable with this process that any and all of us will simple do the maintenance on it as we go along.

Thanks every one who showed interest in joining me on a Group meditation. Here's a link to the original invite blog, just in case someone is curious as to how this all started. Blessings all, e
I'm not sure what the ECC Code: Rose of Sharon is about?
Hi Cheryl, it's a shortcut symbol, or icon, for the list of requests for each week. Thanks for asking this question. I realise that I did not make this clear, at all.

In many meditation/prayer groups where people will send healing, or life enhancing, energy to people, many times people will simply just read the names from a paper. Or everyone will write their requests and put them in a bowl, and the intent of the group then goes to the requests in the bowl. If someone doesn't want to read the entire list, they may simply direct the flow to the ECC code Rose of Sharon. I hoped it would give some people some flexibility to do this on a work break, a lunch hour, in the tub, on a walk, whatever....

The Rose of Sharon code is simply as symbol representing the paper, or the bowl.
I wanted to pick an easy visual if people wanted to use this. The Rose of Sharon is a universal symbol for unconditional love, intent for the highest good to all involved, and a natural, easy-going no-maintenance flower that simply blooms in variations in almost every terrain on the planet. I thought it would be a graceful symbol for our bowl, or paper. People are also very free to simply read the request from the computer list, or to print it out and use a real paper, if they do not want to use this symbol.

Sorry, I forgot to explain that better. I felt uneasy about how much I'm asking people to read already, I think I was trying to shorten everything. Let me know if this makes sense to you.

Cheryl Nelson said:
I'm not sure what the ECC Code: Rose of Sharon is about?
Here are some benefits, or gains, a person may experience when they meditate with an intent to focus high positive energy to the benefit of others, highest good for all life, and so on:

Creative Universal Loving energy flows through the person meditating.
Most of us do not have fully cleared, clarified, or purified energy channels/nadiis, so we actually receive for our own purification, more energy than we send out toward others. Most people don't know this. So, in caring for others, Life purifies, clarifies, strengthens, and heals us.
We become more relaxed in our every day lives.
We begin experiencing more miracles in our every day lives.
We are strengthening our connection to our Highest understanding of Source, Great Spirit, God, Christ, Buddha, ect....
We are building deeper spiritually centered relationships that support us, together, in our lives.
Our inner pathways for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, compassion, intuition, insight become more open, pure, and stronger.
Our connections with each other, and other like minded, and like hearted souls become strengthened.
Our character becomes deepened, it is easier to express our soul virtues, patience, lovingkindness, forgiveness, grace....
We become nicer people, and therefore we like ourselves better, stepping out of the viscous cycle and into the virtuous cycle.
We actually increase our intelligence. Our IQ actually increases by several points. It's smart to meditate with the intent for the highest good to all life.
It enhances our lives in more ways than we can imagine, we become better friends, lovers, artists, activists.....
edina said:
To give you an idea of how this works I'll do a few of these, and then, feel free to add your requests

edina said:
ROSE of SHARON: Week of dates running Sat, Aug 20 -->Tues, Aug 24:

I'm opening the request reply chain for the upcoming ECC Group Meditation:
Highest good for all life, in alignment with Grace for ALL...
Unity for out group, families, loved ones, friends, families, and all of humanity...
Pakistan, ZG, Teresa C and Leah, Bolivia, India, Bogota, SSC, Hopi,
The gulf coast and oil spill, our local, regional, national, corporate, transnational, and planetary leaders, our capacity for our own personal leadership, response-ablities, and capacity for soulutions,
edina said:
edina said:
To give you an idea of how this works I'll do a few of these, and then, feel free to add your requests

edina said:
ROSE of SHARON: Week of dates running Sat, Aug 20 -->Tues, Aug 24:

I'm opening the request reply chain for the upcoming ECC Group Meditation:
Highest good for all life, in alignment with Grace for ALL...
Unity for out group, families, loved ones, friends, families, and all of humanity...
Pakistan, ZG, Teresa C and Leah, Bolivia, India, Bogota, SSC, Hopi,
The gulf coast and oil spill, our local, regional, national, corporate, transnational, and planetary leaders, our capacity for our own personal leadership, response-ablities, and capacity for soulutions,
the people of Africa, d, K/A,

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