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Raising vibrations to help humanity may not be a safe site, the CEO has connections to data-mining companies. Don't know if this is a scare tactic to sell phone services, but JIC others are having outages this might confirm a problem is arising...

Things are Heating Up!



Many of you may have noticed some changes to the way your web browser responds to certain sites or that people calling your cell that just can’t get through at all.  


It’s not just you, many people are now experiencing this phenomena first hand.


We strongly recommend that you set up alternative method to communicate with your loved ones, colleagues and those you need to stay in touch with... is ideal for this and now is a great time to upgrade to premium!


Here’s something that was recently reported by Jim Stone, a truth telling journalist:

VERY IMPORTANT: Many people are now noticing their cell phones are cutting straight to voice mail and that they cannot get their cell phones not to. The message box is loaded with people saying this today so rather than post every mention I'll just do a general mention. This would obviously be done to cut communications before a major event, so people will be helpless and cut off from each other. VERIFY YOUR CELL IS WORKING NOW and not just cutting to voice mail.


My comment I shared with Jim (also posted on his site):


Personal communications are starting to be cut and this is obviously in conjunction with the cyber attacks on Drudge and other sites. Several people have reported that they can't get through to my cell phone for the past couple of days. One person connected with me on a voice call using, which works fine and my phone was sitting on the desk in front of me (two bars, so decent signal). He called me with his speakerphone on so I could hear everything he heard as he dialed my phone. It played a message that "this caller is not available". My phone is ATT and the person calling was on Verizon and I have had a second contact have the same difficulty reaching my phone from Verizon.  Others are reporting the same things happening on their phones, as well.


Everyone needs to have back up communications and multiple accounts and formats.  This means email and voice and video calling that’s hosted OUTSIDE THE U.S.  The time to get your communications plan for you and your team is today.  Things will change very quickly.   Get your Unseen plan today, upgrade here:



Upgrade Now

Best Always,

Chris Kitze CEO


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