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Energy Update – Extreme Anger Being Felt

by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,

EXTREME Anger being felt as very real for here and now –  PT 5

Anger we are bringing back through with us, of the old – of coming back out of the recent ‘space’ we have been in, particularly over the past weeks’ energies is very extreme!!

A build up of energies going on around us, that no longer ‘suits’ our NEW ENERGY BOUNDARIES that we are needing to now implement – after our recent resurrection (BB post July 10).

This came after a feeling of ‘reprieve’ energetically as it’s been like we have been here, yet ‘somewhere else’ over this past week, bringing through these energies, at the same time.

Where we needed to be in our own sacred spaces to process all we have, yet we were doing this while being around others and not being able to be in our ‘usual spaces’ – Pt 1

As these very ‘not here’ energies/upgrades broke through late yesterday afternoon AEST, easing like ‘phew’.

And then up comes all of this extreme anger in the human to be released of many facets of the ‘old’ energies of what no longer ‘suits’ us during this transition.

Boy oh boy, it is a HUGE purge lol.

Will share more soon!

Family Generational energy being released through anger – PT 6

Old old anger of ‘times past’ when we have been following our Souls/Divine guidance in all we are.

Suppressed emotions that come from our past and going back to our childhood.

More @ link above send the Great Transmutational Violet Flame in to this with your intention to help clear this. Thank You!

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God I hate building things of no value.

Taygeta Star said:

In my neighbourhood all they care about is one upping each other,  in who can build the better backyard Gazebo.

Taygeta check your Inbox

Taygeta Star said:

"My gazebo is going to be bigger and better than yours!"

The planet is moving into an entirely new dimension and all they care about is having a nicer gazebo than The Jones's next door.

Calgon take me away

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