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Food Prices: Bread, Coffee and Fresh Fruit Have Become a Bit of a Luxury

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How true. This year, our family was unable to afford cherries, blueberries, peaches and nectarines. My husband was lucky to harvest pears from an abandoned house close to where he worked. I did get a bumper crop of amber raspberries which has help. We do like in the UK. We buy only what we need. The price of flour is still the same as before the summer. Since the price of milk and eggs is controlled by a Board, that has not changed since quite a few years. The price of Peanut butter has increased by $1.00. Most of my vegetable were grown in my garden, which has help immensely. I had an excellent harvest of pole beans which will be a great addition for soup. To save money I bake my own bread and deserts. We are not the only family who are counting their money before grocery shopping. Even if the article described the situation in the UK, It is now the same in all developed countries.

In Germany the fruits and vegi's are also not "cheap" The way I see it, is that to be a vegitarian you would have to have an upper middle class income. And if you wanted real "Bio" grown products, (if you could really be assured thea where) It would cost even more. Canning and freezing of foods is ok, but it is not cheap. De-hydrating (naturally) is the cheapest, but also has withdrawls. Dehydrated pole beans taste better than frozen or jarred, but the quantity and quality of the products afterwards is always a big ? mark. The way I see it, anything you buy has a dark side. Has it been sprayed, or the ground full of "round out" alias Agent orange? are the fertilizers natural or full of plutonium (Blue corn) You just don't know. But if you grow it youself you know what you have.

Nice site to visit.

Newer to me also, but have saved it for reference for new projects.

Very interesting site JAK. I fell in love with the rocket stove. That is a neat idea.

here's another example: last month we brought a small bag of sugar for a 1.99, this month that same sugar was 4.99. this is happening with other products too. if you see sales at different stores, by time you get done running from store to store, the money you think you saved you just spent on gas. i use a food bank and walmart. very seldom safeway. a 12 pack of pop at walmart is 4.99 the same pop at safeway is 6.99. and it is bound to get worse. good luck.

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