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Japan is making big moves to Bitcoin already

IMO, the new one world system will be financed thru electronic "coin."

I agree, a cashless society will be the bankers NWO. If the internet goes down what will Bitcoin be worth. Many are worried about their currency devalued and are going to gold and silver and Bitcoin my belief is that none of these are something you want to eat and in times of trouble with your currency who is going to give you change for any of them.  I have been watching Venezuela for a while and now Brazil has joined the inflation party. Digital cash has been planned for some time. I am sure it will come with the mark of the beast, a microchip somewhere in your body. 

Jen said:

Japan is making big moves to Bitcoin already

IMO, the new one world system will be financed thru electronic "coin."

Agreed Byron.. the Mark of the Beast is coming.  We must prepare our hearts for the hardship to follow as people refuse the stamp of satan's world wide government.

I have a few comments on this post.

I am quite familiar with the Phillipino Culture.

I have been there many times and was married to a Philipina for 20 years.

This guy is a typical Phillipino underclass, speaks English with the typical Phillipino accent.
Looking around his home is typical of the Phillipino working class.

The Philippines is with a very Traditional Catholic Culture. Religion comes first before Anything! As exampled with Melda Marcos interview.
I truly didn't know that Ferndinand Marcos made his money in a lawsuit before WWII. I truly believed he was just pocketing money from US. Aid. But that doesn't explain why the Phillipines is so destitute.
I have always chalked it up to the 3 or 4 Major Typhoons that ravaged the place every year.

The Phillipino's are very, very proud that they killed Magellan and probably view in the same mindset that the Mongolians are of Gingas Khan. Makes them proud of their culture.

I have a few questions about his presentation.

The only date I saw in his documents was 1983. At that time Microfiche was the ultimate technology. And the blacklight,No
But he mentioned that he had a Halo above his head at birth. Like he was chosen for something, almost like Christ.

One thing I didn't mention was the Phillipino society is drawn to the Drama side of events. They really, really like the Drama side of events. As one could see in the interview with Imelda Marcos.
Why didn't this guy bring this up before now, 30 years later ?

I have been talking to a Filipino lady that was in the states for a while and is back there now, she has said that no one knows of the GCR/RV that is coming save her. On her FB pg has lots of info about Superfunds and it dates back into the 1800's

If this is a scam you have to ask yourself why would someone go to this much trouble with all the professional appearing paperwork. I thought he said he was born with a cross on his head. Neil Keenan talks of caves full of gold, diamonds and other valuables. Fulford mentioned caves or bunkers also on Taiwan.

The Phillipines are so destitute that this guy was sitting on this knowledge/documents that I am very surprised it wasn't stolen or some scam perpetrated by someone he knew, just to get their hands on some money.

It is survival over there- most are scratching each day to put food on the table. Most are large to very large families. Population is 100 million. Japan's population is just above at 100.27 million.

Another question I have is where did he keep these documents for so long?
They certainly appeared genuine. Most there cannot afford a safety deposit box at a bank.

Something smells Fishy with this one, but I can't place my finger on it.
News gets around the Phillipines, one can guarantee Dramatic aspect unfolding.

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