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Oz. nurse claims vaxxed patients being treated with Ivermectin, while unvaxxed left to die on ventilators!

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BTW dosage of livestock ivermectin (horses cows) by Jim Stone:

"I do not think I have Covid, but I'd like to do a total parasite cleanse and will be following the data released from Bangladesh because it seemed to be the most reasonable, up-scaled in dose for Americans. Bengalis were to receive 12.5 milligrams daily for 5 days taken in the morning on an empty stomach. That equates to 20 milligrams daily for five days if administered to Americans. For a parasite cleanse it should only take one dose, but Covid takes more, so I will do all 5 and report what happens. "

Jim Stone Ivermectin update

Once again, the stuff I got is for "anything but people". I am measuring the doses by using a syringe I am jabbing through the safety seal, and then diluting it in water and drinking it despite the stuff I got being for topical application (no difference as far as I can see, no yuck factor.) Keep in mind that the COVID dosing is above the parasite cleanse dosage so it is a solid hit on the parasites. SO FAR:

Day 1: I started coughing up crap I never knew was in my lungs, and a couple parasites I had in my legs and never knew about bailed out and left small holes that healed over quick. My driving was terrible (probably because of toxins released by dying parasites) and Claudia flat out told me I could not drive and started driving. Surprisingly, I never noticed anything wrong with my driving.

Day 2, (second dose) the crap in my lungs accelerated and I got a lot more out. I never knew it was there to begin with. And parasite cleanse, absolutely horrible gas (bad enough to give people cataracts) but my driving was better.

Day 3 (third dose) I can feel something is not normal in my guts, and suspect it is long term squatters giving up. I am going on a fast to make things easier on my system but I am feeling better and am not sick AT ALL anymore. I feel perfect except for a subtle but noticeable gut discomfort.

Total dose so far equals 0.75 mg/kg.

Two days to go. I figured the serious parasite cleanse would start happening today. Also, it is important to repeat that the only real side effects I noticed happened on day 1, which means it was probably caused by stressed out parasites releasing toxins because if it was the ivermectin more doses ought to be felt more and instead, more doses are not doing anything perceptible at all. I have never done a cleanse like this in my entire life so there is probably something there to get rid of.

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