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Plane stolen from Seattle Airport. Crashes on island in Puget Sound.....chased by F-15s......

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We see the chase scenario sometimes by f-15s since I live near the air space of camp david.  Even if a balloon crosses into that air space you've got fighter jets, black hawk helicopters etc etc chasing it down.

I live right in the flight path here in G.J.  The Air Force Academy is just on the other side of the mountains.  We have to put up with I don't know how many "touch and goes" with rookie pilots from every kind of plane, from re fueling planes to F-15s.  We have one of the longest runways around.  It will accommodate anything with wheels.  They test fly the Predator drones over our nearby mountains, as the topography matches Afghanistan for looks and altitude.  We have most of the mountain peaks that are 14,000 feet and above, right here.  Our county loves the Air Force 'cause every time an A.F. Plane touches the runway, it's a 500 dollar landing fee.  Our field is also the hub of most of the fire fighting planes in this region of the West.  We have big batching tanks for the aerial borate bombers right here.  Many airlines will drop in for minor emergencies, like low fuel, or bad weather at a destination airport, etc.  We're just about dead center for East-West, and North-South air traffic, and we most likely will have no fog, rain, or snow, when you need to land.  At 4750 feet elevation, planes don't have to burn a lot of fuel coming down and going back up......

I find it astounding that someone who never went to flight school flew that plane doing aerobatics with it!!

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