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This man claims to have contacts in the Central Intelligence

Agency. Most of his statements jibe with what we have learned, but: 

1) he says that lead is a metal that can shield Planet X's magnetic 

field. False. Lead is a metal with poor magnetic permeability. 

He says that when Planet X's strong magnetic field sweeps Earth, 

people's minds will be affected, because, if a magnetic field is strong

enough, it can wipe out memory. I don't know about that. I do know

that ancient Egyptian survivors of the last passage of Planet X

recorded their eyewitness testimony of the event. So, their memories

were not erased. However, that last passage (circa 1,650 B.C.)

was probably not as close as this imminent passage will be. And we

know that the strength of a magnetic field is directly proportional,

exponentially, to the nearness of the source of that field. 

2) he says this red approaching object will pass as close as about 

20 million miles from Earth, a distance which Mark Hazlewood had 

also estimated, way back in 2002, before he was muzzled on the 

subject of Planet X. 

3) this man says the diameter of this approaching object is about 

47,000 miles. Now, a diameter of 47,000 miles is nearly 7 times 

Earth's 7,000 mile diameter. 

  Formula for Volume of a Sphere = 4/3 times pi times (radius cubed). 

So, based on this guy's statement, in proportion to Earth, this object's 

volume would then calculate to 7 times 7 times 7 times the volume

of Earth, or 343 times the volume of Earth. That is a gross

underestimation, since Planet X has been estimated to be at least

the volume of Jupiter (probably 1.1 or 1.2 times the volume of Jupiter),

and 1,321 Earths can fit into the volume of Jupiter. So, at least 1,500

Earths should fit into the volume of Planet X. Despite his one statement

which underestimates what astronomers [see New York Times, Jan. 30,

1983, "Clues Get Warm in the Search for Planet X"] believe to be "a

brown dwarf star," let us listen to what this guy claims that his C.I.A.

contacts told him:


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70-pound meteorites in the tail crashing to ground like hail.  [Weight based on biblical description of hail weighing a talent.]

Poleshift will happen within 28 minutes.

Elenin is extinction level event [if] Nibiru is near.

It's speeding up, expect it sooner.

Will grab our south pole and flip this planet over.

Wind and water will be roaring.


Finally got around to watch this video. This guy claims everyone is toast unless you have a lead lined helmet, if the 70lb meteorites don't get you first. 

Good point John about the lead, and the memories of the Egyptians.

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