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The Weather Channel Hints at California Mega-Quake

In this video report from The Weather Channel, the U.S. Government misleads the 

public as to the cause of what the Government knows will probably be the imminent 

California mega-quake. Here's the gov't spin, designed to divert everyone (including 

The Weather Channel) from the fact that a massive dwarf star, now being 

gravitationally sucked in by our Sun, is now exerting both gravitational and

electromagnetic molesting force fields upon Earth's crust and mantle, as this 

monster approaches its fly-over, en route to its loop-around rendezvous with

our Sun. Hence, worldwide meg-quakes are imminent -- and the elite know it!


In this detailed New York Times article, the U.S. Government's National Aeronautics

and Space Administration (N.A.S.A.) announces the existence of this monster

dwarf star. Notice these ominous key words from NASA in the New York Times:

. . . "It is within the gravitational field of the Sun." . . . This means that it has been,

and will continue to be, accelerated (by Newton's Law of Gravitation, and by

Newton's Second Law of Motion) as it flies over Earth, on its way to the Sun.


In this front-page report from The Washington Post, the United States

Government actually announces their sighting of this monster dwarf star,

by their Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS). 


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The two top article are quite informative. So why  did they hide Planet X when they suspected its presence. They were right about the elliptical orbit and its approximate mass. Yes they must have good reasons.

The National Security Agency (NSA) oversees all intelligence agencies, as well as overseeing NASA. 

When the power elite, who govern our government, realized that public awareness of a massive incoming 

body would spur public alarm, and thus jeopardize their control over public tax revenues, public 

spending patterns, and mass attitudinal manipulation, they hastily ordered a blackout of all further 

reporting on this incoming dwarf star. However, a handful of news articles slipped through, as one 

would expect. Here is one that got through.
I had the image that PX was coming from the sun and would fly over Earth, but you're saying it is being gravitationally sucked into the Sun and will fly over Earth first, then loop around the sun.  Does that mean it will go out of our solar system away from Earth?

No clue how to calculate the trajectory of this inbound celestial object .... sorry not my cup of tea......

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