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Parents: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Your children are your responsibility solely and are under your care. Do NOT leave them alone with anyone, including doctors, dentists, and nurses!

If a doctor, nurse or other medical professional tells you to stay in the waiting room, while they take your child away for an exam: say NO! Then find a new doctor that will respect your rights as a parent. There are plenty of them out there.

This is from an office in West Virginia claiming that new federal regulations restrict parents from staying with their children.


While this sign is from a dentist's office, stories are coming out that doctors are also pushing to see children, especially teenagers, alone.

And sometimes then pressuring children into unnecessary and dangerous drugs and vaccines, such as the HPV, Hepatitis B, and flu, on children without parental consent while the children are alone with the doctor and/or nurses. Some states have laws making this legal, like California.

Don't fall for it, and never leave your child alone with ANYONE, even if they wear a white coat.

Did you know that doctors have NO LIABILITY when the vaccine damages the child's health?!! But they do get insurance bonuses based on how many kids they vaccinate and how many treatments they give.
Nobody can protect a child like their parent!

Accidents happen, unnecessary procedures are done on "accident", patients verbally and physically abused, patients dying during procedures or being molested. But if the parents don't see it happen, they CANNOT prove it and CANNOT sue. This policy is about protecting the staff, not about protecting the children. Don't be fooled into this.

Do not trust them with your child's health! This is UNACCEPTABLE! Protect your kids!!

#LearnTheRisk #knowledgeisPOWER #protectTHEkids

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The Pedos like this one, blame Barry Sotoro. 

Two of my grand children went in for a physical and got 4 shots each they already had  DON'T TRUST ANYONE WITH A WHITE LAB COAT.

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