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I had a CT scan of my stomach and legs and they found an artery in my leg 70% blocked and it is suppose to be an easy fix which has been a strain on my heart and the reason I have a problem there with clogged arteries but they are small and another attempt to put stints in them will be coming soon I also have an obstruction in my colon that is probably no big deal either all these things will get repaired very soon and I will be tuned up and ready for the last chapter of this syfy  novel we are living in. Living in this toxic world has its downside, do the best you can to avoid the poisons. 

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Yes, the chart is awesome! 

Taygeta Star said:

[chart snipped]

Lemon is also a great detox for the kidneys and urinary tract.  It's best to distill at home, as being packaged in plastic water bottles is no good.  For those that don't know, distillation is as pure as you can get (however, according to Prof. McCanney there are a few elements that survive 212*).  Distillation also means all the natural minerals are removed, as well.  So, you want to look into your diet to see if you are getting those minerals elsewhere, or else take a liquid mineral supplement. 

And, back to lemon, all the citrus essential oils are powerful antibiotics/antivirals/antimicrobes.  Putting 60 drops of high-quality oil in a garden sprayer with water (or you can use a nebulizer) and spritzing around the house cleans the air, as well as improves alertness.  Everyone should have a few lemon trees, even the miniature ones that can live in pots on the patio.

Taygeta Star said:

Thanks Cheryl and thanks for your share as well.

All positive and helpful hints to nourish your mind, body ,and spirit. Meditation time is vital.

As for my drinking water I  usually only drink distilled. Never felt better. Usually i make lemon water with it. I exist on lemon water these days. (organic lemons) 

Gives me that pick me up of vitamin C in the morning.

That was a great deal of good advise and the caring about my health was heart warming and I thank you all.

Cheryl Nelson said:

Just be aware of things like kidney stones (if you have problems with them) as spinach is high in oxylates and oxylates combine with calcium to create calcium-oxylate kidney stones. 

If you can't get organic veggies from local farmers, try Walmart.  They offer some organic vegetables.  And, definitely, start growing your own.  Sprouts are the easiest to start with and can be grown in jars, indoors, others can be grown in a greenhouse or cold frames for a year-round supply. Another indoor plant is wheat grass.  Tastes yuck but full of nutrients.  Be sure you get organic sprouting seeds.

WASH your veggies in a mild hydrochloric solutions, such as juicing a lemon into a sink of pure water.  This helps clean the veggies better.  Also know that pesticides are not just on the outside, but are sucked up inside from the soil, that's why organic is a must. 

And, go slow.  Green juices have a laxative effect, so you want to build up slowly.  A glass of juice is like eating 10 or 20 servings of vegetables.  Also, if you have any blood sugar issues, be mindful of sugars in certain veggies (like beets and carrots).

Other healthy practices is to get some sunlight every day, preferably between 9 am and noon.  Get some mild exercise, like walking.  And, make sure your water is filtered.  I used a Berkefeld with Doulton filters.  The brand "Berkey" I think is a knock-off brand, so get a British Berkefeld with Doulton filters. And, walk bare foot on the ground (or in non-man-made material moccasins), as this will ground out negative energies and also assists in improving health.

And, last, but most important:  MEDITATE!!!!  Connect with your SC, ask for assistance, visualize the violet flame and transmute negative energies.  Focus not just on your physical self, but your energetic bodies as well, where the damage starts and then filters down to the physical.  Banish fear.  Stay in the present moment.  Right now is all there is and thinking forward to possible future outcomes serves fear.  So stay in the NOW.  Eckhart Tolle's book, The Power of Now, is good to read.

Byron wilkins said:


Taygeta Star said:

Start juicing lots of kale, spinach, sour sop, collards....

It will do wonders

Great recommendations!
I had two lime trees and a lemon tree when I lived in California. Neighbors had a orange tree and the citrus abounded.

Yes I made a copy of the Green Juice pic., so I will print it out latter when the color copier gets it's feeding of Inks! ;D

I also drink pure clean water with 1/2lemon mornings the other 1/2 in the evening!

Lemons are lovely.  I had a friend who was sent home from the hospital to die with pneumonia.  I had her daughter scrub down the house with lemon essential oil and lent her my nebulizer so she could breath it night and day.  She recovered.
Taygeta Star said:

I find lemon water helps so much with the ascension process itself. Its such a high vibration cocktail and costs pennies.

It really helps to keep your body running these higher frequencies optimally 

LOL, I got married in L.A. in someone's back yard amongst the orange trees and ducks.  I had friends who had an avocado tree in their backyard. 
Keith H said:

Great recommendations!
I had two lime trees and a lemon tree when I lived in California. Neighbors had a orange tree and the citrus abounded.

Us old guys are the tough ones, Byron.  Hang in there.  You will get better, I know.  Don't forget the Magnesium (blood vessels) and the Zinc (50% faster healing of post operative patients).... Good luck, good buddy.....

Thanks Jim

Jim Haas said:

Us old guys are the tough ones, Byron.  Hang in there.  You will get better, I know.  Don't forget the Magnesium (blood vessels) and the Zinc (50% faster healing of post operative patients).... Good luck, good buddy.....

Organic can be expensive depending on where you buy it.  For example I found organic strawberries at H mart for 99 cents per container (same size you find at giant for $5.00)...

Great chart

Taygeta Star said:

Sorry to hear about the blockage Byron.. ole wives tales insisted pickle juice to be great at clearing arteries.  You will want to also consider the liver cleanse.  If the liver is processing properly it will help the whole endocrine system and so forth thru the body.  My thoughts and prayers stay with you.

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