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I get the feeling that people are getting nervous in this group. we all know what's coming we just don't know when. its almost to late to be starting from scratch. i am not trying to scare anyone but its like individuals are getting shocked by the earthquakes and volcano's. or disasterous weather. some of it is cyclic in nature, some from planet x, and H.A.R.P.  Also with all the different aliens visiting this planet, has anybody ever realize that some of them are waiting for these events, when humanity will be at its weakest to take over this planet? everyone has its safe place, but as individuals it will be hard to survive as a race, but as small comunities of helping and sharing the human race may survive. the movie 2012 was a farce, but the road, movie is closer to reality. every person on this planet no matter how rightous, or conservationist has contributed from time to time towards the demise of this planet. we are beyond to point of no return to rectify this. also remeber some of the places that are having larger quakes, has had a history of earthquakes on a regular basis. also remember that most of the islands of preset day was created by earthquakes. and as islands sink new ones will form. remember there will be no hospitals or 7-11"s will not be available, in aftertimes. we will find ourselves being farmers, dotors and may have to kill follow humans who have not stocked piled needed comidities for the human race. we can not rely on individualisms for survival only as groups can the human race survive. you will be required to fight to protect your safe place, because when people get hungry there will be no safe place. it will not matter if you are from one country, state or city you will be found but as small comunities the human race may survive.

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I've noted this before, and will repeat. In my area, I go out, seeing others who are going through their days without a concern. It's as if nothing shocking is in the future. Sure, people are without jobs, but no so many here in my city and surrounding area. It's bizarre --- like living in two worlds. But, in my heart of hearts, I feel it coming - like an unstoppable freight train loaded with cars and cars of bad times.

You're right, Joe.  United we stand, divided we fall.  Now is the time to find community and start building it into something that can withstand the storm coming at us.

I am anxious about what is about to occur.

Price of food will be outrageous, all the inclement weather is having a real decline in the world's ability to produce food.  Price of oil going up will also add to the price of food.


There are already food riots in Algeria, and I see many more uprisings in other areas. May be time to start living off the grid very shortly as soon as spring arrives here.

i agree with you brian. i also think the government will be hiding more from us and be trying to control us more.

Brian said:
We are in 2011. I believe that at least one huge event will be on the news every single week. From economic woes to natural disaster, to uprisings. A lot of people talked about how 2010 was a crazy year. That was just a tip of the iceburg. Humanity is about to witness unprecedented events which will be told to many generations after us.

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