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ZAP's Mid-Week Report - The Office of POOFness - 11.2.17

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Thanks for posting, Bill.

I finally get it.  I've questioned "elders" that let their staff starve, but I now see how they were tests... how to love unconditionally... how not to be distracted by bullsh* not to be conned.  How to serve and serve and serve no matter what... no matter how hard, no matter how impossible, no matter how much it hurts.  It's not just altruism, giving with no thought of being paid back.  It is beyond altruism.  It's giving with no thought of payback even when it hurts, giving when it makes no sense, giving when you don't even want to.  It's staying true to one's own moral compass.  Not caving in, not selling out, but doing what is the right thing to do, no matter what.  This builds character.  This builds integrity.  This builds trustworthiness.  And, it's guys like ZAP that you want on the team, not predators like Yusuf and OWK.  It's the ZAP's of the world who will be entrusted with much.  And, as the saying go, to those who much is given, much is demanded.  I get it! 

How did this all come together for me?  Through my own personal RV/GCR.  Though not related to money, it was the sticking it out, not jumping at the first easy out.  I just saw that today, and then read ZAP's post (synchronicity). 

I was given lots of number synchronicities (see that recent blog) that something huge was coming.  I have now realized my bi-polar son has been a big part of earning my earth angel wings.  He has lied to me, he has stolen from me, he has disrespected me, how can I count the ways, to the point of nausea.  I have taken huge financial hits, and he's kept me teetering on the brink of poverty and the brink of sanity.  And, I kept on because to do less would lead him to a life in prison.  I never remarried because NO sane person would put up with what I've put up with.  But I did it so he could have some form of a normal life.  This is the meaning of laying down your life for another.  And, when you can do that, you have done not your will, but His

And, after more cogitating, here's the finale:

And, when you can lay your life down for someone else,

you have done not your will, but His. 


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