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A great place to start is the Saint Germain Foundation

I found a few books free to down load.

Book #1

Book #2 have not found it yet! ebook can be gotten @ the Saint Germain Press

Book #3

Saint Germain  From Book 4 pg 7

 INVOCATION: Thou "Mighty I AM Presence" from the Heart of the Great Central Sun! We face Thy Sunrise!

Warning: If Students use this, they should analyze themselves first and see if they are really sincere in their determination to have and to serve the Light un-conditionally. If they be sincere, let them stand to the Light and then go forth. Awake! Stand to the Light and serve only the One Presence of Right and Justice.

At this point if you do not want to keep going that is ok!

Daily exercise: You may do this at any time during the twenty-four hours. Stand erect, face the east, and say mentally or loud (be guided by you own feelings as to whether you should say it loud or not), but let it be firm: "Mighty God in me! I face Thy Eternal Sunrise and receive Thy Mighty Radiance and Activity visibly manifest in my experience now." The use of this sets into motion certain powerful principles.


The "Mighty I AM Presence" is the Law of Life, and Its application by the individual is his Eternal Freedom, Victory, and Mastery over all outer activity of the world.

"I AM" is the Great Creative Word by which form and activity come into outer expression through the individual.

This Ascended Master Instruction is educational rather than religious and teaches the individual the Ascended Master Control of energy and vibration through his own Call to the "Mighty I AM Presence"

An "I AM" Decree is an Acknowledgment of your Divine Authority  to command substance and energy to produce Perfection for you, and is Mastery expressed by the Power of Divine Love!

Prayer carries a feeling of lack and is the asking, beseeching consciousness.

The Ascended Masters have said that until mankind makes the Call, the Great Law cannot act, because the Call from the Heart of Humanity through the individual is the open door through which the answer come.

The Law of the Ascended Masters' Octave of Life will not permit Them to intrude into the physical activity of mankind unless invited to do so by the individual.

We ask everyone to do this for the protection of America now, and the Victory of "The Light of God That Never Fails."

They stand ready to give Assistance without limit, but mankind must raise itself by the release of its own Life Energy from within its own Heart. This expands the Light and Love and is obedience to the Great Law of the Universe.


Doing Decrees is the work that will free Humanity!

Book #5 has 91 Decrees in it that cover most things that come around, if not then there is the Saint Germain Press with more published booklets with Decrees also!

God Bless You for Helping free Humanity!

The Light will shine on you always.

Address by Beloved Jesus
The Causal Body (represented by the circles of color around the upper figure in the Chart) may be liken unto an enlarged electron. Many of those electrons, swinging around a central core, from one atom. Between each electron there is a great distance (relatively speaking). As the electrons swing within their atom, they are either expanding their light or they are closed in by the discord and substance of the astral and psychic realm, which is like forcing pie-shaped wedges between these points of light. Now, when your thoughts, your feelings and your etheric memories dwell upon imperfection, you slow down the vibratory action of your electrons and then the substance of the psychic and astral realm closes in around them, lowering the entire vibration of your lower bodies. In this way you become an easy prey to depression, poverty, ill-health, to any number of the various negative aspects which mankind at large mirror and out picture today.
Now, in order to quicken the vibratory action of your inner bodies, you must use that Immortal Threefold Flame within your heart and you must make CONSCIOUS EFFORT to accelerate the rate of the electrons as they move around the center of the atom. This is done through your decree work, though your songs, visualizations and applications, individually or in groups. It is done, also, by a constant vigilance over the type of feelings you allow to rest in your emotional world and the type of thoughts you dwell upon. This vigilance is necessary ALL THROUGH THE DAY -not only during the hours while you are in class -at which time you are directed primarily by someone in charge, whose endeavors keep your attention above the consciousness of the mass mind.
The type memories which you have and the type of physical environment, with which you surround yourself, also affects these inner vehicles. As you keep a vigilant watch over the activities of these inner bodies and you keep the vibratory action of each one of them up above vibrations of the psychic and astral realm, then there should be no difficulty in expanding the Chris Flame from within your heart. IF YOU ALLOW THESE BODIES TO DESEND INTO THE REALMS WHERE DISCORD AND NEGATIVE CREATIONS ABIDE (THROUGH DISCORDANT THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS) THEN YOU HAVE AGE, DISEASE, LIMITATIONS AND DISTRESSES OF EVERY KIND AND DESCRIPTION.
Your physical body is interpenetrated by your etheric body. These are enfolded by your mental body and your emotional body. All of these are made up of atoms. Those atoms are composed of a series of electrons in constant motion, spinning around its tiny centripetal heart. Now, the quality of the atoms of every one of your bodies is constantly subject to change, to purification and etherealization, or to becoming more gross and more heavy. That is why individuals are sometimes very beautiful when they are young (around eighteen yrs of age). Their faces then are clear and unlined, their bodies are alive and buoyant, but after they have passed through the discordant experiences of some twenty or thirty yrs, you find that the vital flesh atoms have been lowered in vibration. This makes the flesh form less beautiful than it was before the discord was registered upon it.
Your emotional body is in a constant state of motion, as is even this seemingly inanimate lectern upon which I place my hand. Science has confirmed that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS INERT OR INANIMATE MATTER. Your emotional body is made up of millions of tiny electrons in constant movement. These form the atoms.
Now, if that motion of the electrons is in accord with the rhythm of your God-Flame and is in accord with the constructive radiation of some Master, that is fine! Then your emotional body deflects all destructive feelings projected at you, as well as all the discordant energy which you contact. You are then the Master-control of all energy wherever you are! In other words, your feelings ride upon the surface of life, However, if the vibrations of the emotional bodies are allowed to submerge that body beneath the buoyant poised happiness of the Masters (uninterrupted harmony), the form of atom changes and you have a heavy and uncontrolled vehicle, which is part of the mass psychic and astral realm of mankind. IN ORDER TO REFINE AND PURIFY SUCH AN EMOTIONAL BODY, THE STUDENT HAS TO KEEP USING THE VIOLET FIRE THROUGH IT CONSTANTLY!
Beloved ones, you wear now consecrated garments of flesh, made up of billions of electrons, each and every one of which has known at one time such perfection in the inner realms as the outer mind cannot conceive. These electrons are but awaiting opportunity to be invoked to give forth more of their light, speeding up the rapidity of their revolutions, as they make up each atom and then, with the assistance of beloved Serapis Bey and the Great Ones, I rendered that service in the experience of the Transfiguration.
So shall it be and should be for you TODAY and every day. When those atoms and electrons are so accelerated they should remain in that state.
The "transfiguration" of the physical form follows a scientific law. It merely requires the surrender of the destructive use of one's free-will to the immortal Threefold Flame of God within the heart. At your conscious call, this flame (intelligent and all-powerful) will expand its light through the four lower bodies and, as the impurities of discord (which have been imposed upon the electrons) are sublimated by the use of the Violet Fire, the pure white light of the electron is then allowed to blaze its light freely, then meeting the blazing lighty so released from every other electron, the inner and physical bodies just naturally radiate light!

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Comment by Wm 5 hours ago

I AM Teachings

“There is only one way,” he went on, “ to avoid the cosmic wheel of cause and effect—the necessity for re-embodiment—and that is through the conscious effort to comprehend the Law of Life. One must earnestly seek the God Within, make permanent, conscious contact with that ‘Inner Self’ and hold firmly to it in the face of every condition in the outer life. It will be my pleasure and privilege to show you more, but only for the instruction it will bring to yourself and others. Come! We must now return.” As we came near my body, he instructed again:

“Watch the circle of White Flame disappear!” I looked. It vanished. A moment later I was back in my body. The sun was sinking, and I knew it would be nearly midnight by the time we arrived home.

“ Place your arm about my shoulder,” said Saint Germain, “ and close your eyes.” I felt my body lifted from the ground, but I was not particularly conscious of moving forward. Presently, my feet touched the floor and opening my eyes—I stood in the lodge. Saint Germain was greatly amused, when I asked, how it was that we could come back in this manner without attracting the attention of the people about us, and he answered;

“We many times draw about our bodies the cloak of invisibility, when moving among those in physical form,” and the next second he was gone. I had heard of the Great Ascended Masters who

could take their bodies with them wherever they go, and manifest or bring into visibility anything they desire to use direct from the Universal. However, to experience actual contact with one of them was a very different thing, and I tried to realize in full the marvel of the experience. To Saint Germain, it was evidently a most ordinary occurrence.

I sat in quiet contemplation for a long time in deep, deep gratitude, trying to comprehend and to fully realize his explanation of “ The Law” concerning desire. He emphasized its importance and activity as a motive power in the universe, to propel forward new ideas compelling an expansion of consciousness to take place within the Life of every individual. He had explained it by saying:

“ Constructive Desire is the expanding activity within Life, for it is only in this way that greater and greater ideas, activity, and accomplishment are pushed through into expression in the outer world of substance and form. Within every Right Desire is the power of its fulfillment. Man is the Son of God. He is commanded by the Father to choose how he shall direct the Life energy, and what quality he wishes his fulfilled desire to express. This he must do for free will is his birthright.

“ It is the function of the outer activity of the intellect to guide all expansion into constructive channels. This is the purpose and duty of the outer-self. To allow the Great Life, or God-Energy, to be used only for the gratification of the sense desires— the habit of the mass of mankind—is its destructive use and is always without any exception followed by inharmony, weakness, failure, and destruction.

“ The constructive use of desire is the conscious direction of this limitless God-Energy, by Wisdom. All desire, directed by Wisdom, carries some kind of blessing to the rest of creation. All desire, directed by the God Within, goes forth with the feeling of Love and blesses always.” *

* Unveiled Mysteries, by Godfré Ray King. Saint Germain Press.

Comment by Wm 5 hours ago

The Seven Sacred Weeks

Beloved Saint Germain says "Don’t Consent to be Hypnotized"

The use of the Violet Transmuting Flame is one of the greatest natural activities of exorcism, as the Violet Fire actually changes the quality of the energy used by embodied and disembodied individuals into a constructive expression. The sincere chela, knowing and feeling the efficacy of this Violet Flame, can dissolve hexes of the past and present, and also help well-meaning individuals to place their faith in God and his divine messengers. Thus, they become channels for the externalization of God’s kingdom of heaven on Earth, hastening the establishment here and now of Freedom’s Holy Star.

Hypnosis (except as used professionally for medical relief) is one of the greatest known expressions of domination of the outer personality over others. It is well known that individuals respond to hypnosis only when they are lethargic, submissive to its powers, or easily influenced, usually due to the past record of previous lives.

People of today! You are not like the innocent chicken who can be hypnotized by an imaginary ring through which it will not pass. You are sons and daughters of God, himself! Arise to that Godhood and, in so doing, help me to help all imprisoned life free! I expect this service in this hour, for you have vowed so to do and I hold you to that vow with my faith in the goodness inherent within you!

Bridge to Freedom’s Journal 4, now reprinted by AMTF – Ascended Master Teaching Foundation

Comment by Wm 5 hours ago

Morgan Le Fay

Beloved Presence of God that I AM in my heart, beloved Saint Germain, archangel Michael and Elohim Arcturus, descend with limitless Legions of Armies of the Blue Lightning and the Violet Consuming Flame upon me, in me, through me and around me. Cut, cut, cut all the psychic currents that surround me. Release, release, release me from the pressure of dominant personalities that keeps me hypnotized under inferior and undesirable conditions. Annihilate, annihilate, annihilate with all the incarnate and discarnate entities who steal my energies and leave me apathetic and powerless to make the necessary effort to rise above all human limitations and fulfill all my daily activities with perfection.

I AM, I AM, I AM the armies of Blue Lightning and the Violet Flame releasing me now! I AM, I AM, I AM FREE! FREE! FREE! And this freedom is now and forever sustained!

Comment by Wm 18 hours ago

The Seven Sacred Weeks

Elohim of Peace explain to us:

I would like to remove from your minds the erroneous human concepts concerning the God-quality of PEACE. PEACE IS NOT A NEGATIVE QUALITY! IT IS THE MOST POSITIVE AND MOST CONCENTRATED ACTIVITY OF POWER WHICH IS MANIFEST IN ANY REALM. PEACE IS NOT LETHARGIC, INDIFFERENT OR INACTIVE! Let us examine peace for just a moment as a quality. Just how much power of control does it requires for you to hold your peace, to remain absolutely poised and master of every situation – regardless of the aggravation – in the midst of your immediate family, your business associates, your co-workers in this activity, or the world at large? You know that it requires all the power of control you are able to manifest!

In this series, of the explanation of the precipitating activities of the seven Elohim, I am the last one to come to you, inverting the positions of beloved Arcturus (Elohim of the Seventh Ray) and my humble presence as the Elohim of the Sixth Ray. This is because, AFTER YOU HAVE FED THE FORM YOU WISH TO PRECIPITATE WITH YOUR OWN LIFE, AND THE ACTUAL MANIFESTATION OF THAT WHICH YOU DESIRE HAS APPEARED HERE, THAT MANIFESTATION MUST THEN BE HELD WITHIN THE FEELINGS OF UNDISTURBED PEACE. Otherwise it will disintegrate and return to the Universal, from whence it was originally drawn.

Bridge to Freedom’s The Seven Mighty Elohim speak, now reprinted by AMTF – Ascended Master Teaching Foundation

Comment by Wm 18 hours ago

The Seven Sacred Weeks

Serapis Bey tells us:

At Luxor, we allow the student to see the color, the form and the effect of his personal qualification of life. This is a hard lesson, but it promotes the development of humility in the great and of rebellion in the small. Yet, if the student can and will accept his own qualifying power as the cause and core of his distress, he is on the road to permanent and eternal freedom. He then cherishes the gift of life and develops the potential divinity within it and, most important of all, he uses life to bless all in the sphere in which he has fitted himself to dwell, without thought or motive of personal gain or merit.

Journal 3, The Bridge to Freedom, now reprinted by AMTF – Ascended Master Teaching Foundation

Comment by Wm 19 hours ago

I AM Teachings

“ Come, let us enter,” he said, and as he spoke, stepped forward and passed through the main entrance into the temple itself. We then became living actors and at the same time observers of the following experience. We passed into the main part of the temple, and proceeded toward the Inner Sanctuary. The High Priest came directly up to us, and seemed to know me.

“This priest of ancient days,” Saint Germain explained, “ is now your son.” A lesser priest appeared whom I immediately felt I knew, and he remarked:

“ The assisting priest was yourself.” We entered the Inner Sanctuary and saw the vestal virgin guarding the Sacred Fire. She, whom I now beheld, was Lotus, my beloved Twin Ray, whom I met and married some years ago and who is the mother of our son.

The scene changed and we saw a visiting prince from a distant province plan to seize the vestal virgin for his bride. All seemed to go well, until the High Priest was shown a vision of what was about to take place. It disturbed him but he kept his own counsel.

Standing guard as the slaves of the prince entered he watched them approach the Sanctuary. As they came nearer, he stepped forward and spoke but one word, that meant—

“ Stop!”

One slave, bolder than the rest, came on. The High Priest warned him back but still he came nearer. When he reached a certain Sacred Circle of force which emanated from the Altar, the priest no longer hesitated. He stepped to the outer-edge of that Protecting Radiance, raised his right hand, and pointed directly at the slave.

A flash of Flame shot forth like lightning and the slave fell lifeless to the floor. The prince, who was watching, came forward in an insane rage.

“ Stop!” commanded the priest again in a voice like a clap of thunder. The prince hesitated for a moment, stunned by the very power of the word, and the priest continued:

“ Listen to me! You shall not desecrate the highest of God’s Gifts to the Temple of Life. Begone! before you follow the example of your too brazen and misdirected slave.”

The High Priest was fully conscious of the power he could wield and as he stood watching the prince, lie was the very embodiment of self-control—of Illimitable force, consciously held in obedience to his will. He was Majesty—crowned with Eternal Power.

The will of the prince was powerful also, but he had no control over himself and, as another wave of blind rage swept over him, when he found himself again opposed, and giving full vent to lust, he rushed forward.

The priest quick as a flash raised his hand. The Flame flashed out a second time and the prince followed the fate of his former slave.

Saint Germain turned to me, and explained the experience still further.

“You see,” he began, “ that is the way the quality within every force reacts upon the one who sends it out. The prince and his slave came with the qualities of hate, selfishness, and depravity within their feelings and, when the priest directed the force, of which he was the master, toward them, it took on their qualities the moment it touched their auras. He merely turned their own feelings and selfishness back upon themselves. The priest in his unselfish effort to protect another was himself also protected.”

That incident closed, the scene of splendor vanished, and again we stood amidst the temple ruins. Saint Germain revealed still more to me, which may not be recorded here... *

* Unveiled Mysteries, by Godfré Ray King. Saint Germain Press.

Comment by Wm yesterday

Morgan Le Fay

Think of good things. Radiate subtle emotions. Always be gentle. Surround yourself with enlightened things that promote your inner and outer development. Listen to music that calms your external activity and fills your soul with good vibrations. Read and observe constructive things. Nourish yourself with wisdom and moderation so that your body is healthy and has the nutrients and strength needed to harmoniously process the daily change caused by the alchemy of your constant expansion of consciousness. Walk outdoors, enjoy the nature around you and exercise moderately. Try to see only the good side of everyone around you. Hold harmony always. Be happy, make people happy, cultivate happiness. Love God above all else.

Love from Germany,


Comment by Wm on Tuesday

Saint Germain Foundation
Law of Life
When you bless others, or visualize them in the Light, there is a double activity of the quality you send out. In doing this there is a certain amount of protection that is the automatic result, but the thought and quality in the Light and blessing registers principally within one’s own consciousness, and at the same time intensifies that quality in the one to whom it is sent…Form the habit of constantly qualifying your world with Perfection. The old habit of thinking imperfection has filled your world in the past. Now the important thing is to be Self-conscious that you are filling your world with Perfection all the time. Stand on your feet the first thing in the morning and say with feeling: “ ‘I AM’ the Presence filling my world with Perfection this day.”
Excerpt by Beloved Saint Germain from Discourse 13, Volume 3
To read the full Discourse online, or for more information on the “I AM”
Activity, visit:

Comment by Wm on Monday


Blase the Violet Flame thru me!
Don't let me get incapacitated!
Blase the Violet Flame thru me!
Never let me get irritated!
Blase the Violet Flame thru me!
Not even a lettle aggravated!
Blase the Violet Flame thru me!
Before I get exasperated!
Blase the Violet Flame thru me!
Prevent my human getting exaggerated!
Blase the Violet Flame thru me!
And compel all human creation annihilated!
Blase the Violet Flame thru me!
Before it can exist another instant
Blase the Violet Flame thru me!
And before it is to late!
Blase the Violet Flame thru me!

Comment by Wm on July 13, 2019 at 9:29am

Morgan Le Fay

Beloved I AM Presence in my heart and beloved archangel Zadkiel, carry our consciousness with the perfect self-control of the Angelic Host and help us to become masters of energy, substance and vibration. Accept us in your order of the Sacred Ceremonial of God and see that we can be escorted while we sleep to the schools of the Ascended Masters and that there we may receive all the training necessary for our absolute mastery over all human limitations. Beloved I AM Presence, bless us with the clear remembrance of all that we learn when we wake up in the morning, and help us to exercise in this octave what we absorb in the spheres of light. We are immensely grateful.


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