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A great place to start is the Saint Germain Foundation

I found a few books free to down load.

Book #1

Book #2 have not found it yet! ebook can be gotten @ the Saint Germain Press

Book #3

Saint Germain  From Book 4 pg 7

 INVOCATION: Thou "Mighty I AM Presence" from the Heart of the Great Central Sun! We face Thy Sunrise!

Warning: If Students use this, they should analyze themselves first and see if they are really sincere in their determination to have and to serve the Light un-conditionally. If they be sincere, let them stand to the Light and then go forth. Awake! Stand to the Light and serve only the One Presence of Right and Justice.

At this point if you do not want to keep going that is ok!

Daily exercise: You may do this at any time during the twenty-four hours. Stand erect, face the east, and say mentally or loud (be guided by you own feelings as to whether you should say it loud or not), but let it be firm: "Mighty God in me! I face Thy Eternal Sunrise and receive Thy Mighty Radiance and Activity visibly manifest in my experience now." The use of this sets into motion certain powerful principles.


The "Mighty I AM Presence" is the Law of Life, and Its application by the individual is his Eternal Freedom, Victory, and Mastery over all outer activity of the world.

"I AM" is the Great Creative Word by which form and activity come into outer expression through the individual.

This Ascended Master Instruction is educational rather than religious and teaches the individual the Ascended Master Control of energy and vibration through his own Call to the "Mighty I AM Presence"

An "I AM" Decree is an Acknowledgment of your Divine Authority  to command substance and energy to produce Perfection for you, and is Mastery expressed by the Power of Divine Love!

Prayer carries a feeling of lack and is the asking, beseeching consciousness.

The Ascended Masters have said that until mankind makes the Call, the Great Law cannot act, because the Call from the Heart of Humanity through the individual is the open door through which the answer come.

The Law of the Ascended Masters' Octave of Life will not permit Them to intrude into the physical activity of mankind unless invited to do so by the individual.

We ask everyone to do this for the protection of America now, and the Victory of "The Light of God That Never Fails."

They stand ready to give Assistance without limit, but mankind must raise itself by the release of its own Life Energy from within its own Heart. This expands the Light and Love and is obedience to the Great Law of the Universe.


Doing Decrees is the work that will free Humanity!

Book #5 has 91 Decrees in it that cover most things that come around, if not then there is the Saint Germain Press with more published booklets with Decrees also!

God Bless You for Helping free Humanity!

The Light will shine on you always.

Address by Beloved Jesus
The Causal Body (represented by the circles of color around the upper figure in the Chart) may be liken unto an enlarged electron. Many of those electrons, swinging around a central core, from one atom. Between each electron there is a great distance (relatively speaking). As the electrons swing within their atom, they are either expanding their light or they are closed in by the discord and substance of the astral and psychic realm, which is like forcing pie-shaped wedges between these points of light. Now, when your thoughts, your feelings and your etheric memories dwell upon imperfection, you slow down the vibratory action of your electrons and then the substance of the psychic and astral realm closes in around them, lowering the entire vibration of your lower bodies. In this way you become an easy prey to depression, poverty, ill-health, to any number of the various negative aspects which mankind at large mirror and out picture today.
Now, in order to quicken the vibratory action of your inner bodies, you must use that Immortal Threefold Flame within your heart and you must make CONSCIOUS EFFORT to accelerate the rate of the electrons as they move around the center of the atom. This is done through your decree work, though your songs, visualizations and applications, individually or in groups. It is done, also, by a constant vigilance over the type of feelings you allow to rest in your emotional world and the type of thoughts you dwell upon. This vigilance is necessary ALL THROUGH THE DAY -not only during the hours while you are in class -at which time you are directed primarily by someone in charge, whose endeavors keep your attention above the consciousness of the mass mind.
The type memories which you have and the type of physical environment, with which you surround yourself, also affects these inner vehicles. As you keep a vigilant watch over the activities of these inner bodies and you keep the vibratory action of each one of them up above vibrations of the psychic and astral realm, then there should be no difficulty in expanding the Chris Flame from within your heart. IF YOU ALLOW THESE BODIES TO DESEND INTO THE REALMS WHERE DISCORD AND NEGATIVE CREATIONS ABIDE (THROUGH DISCORDANT THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS) THEN YOU HAVE AGE, DISEASE, LIMITATIONS AND DISTRESSES OF EVERY KIND AND DESCRIPTION.
Your physical body is interpenetrated by your etheric body. These are enfolded by your mental body and your emotional body. All of these are made up of atoms. Those atoms are composed of a series of electrons in constant motion, spinning around its tiny centripetal heart. Now, the quality of the atoms of every one of your bodies is constantly subject to change, to purification and etherealization, or to becoming more gross and more heavy. That is why individuals are sometimes very beautiful when they are young (around eighteen yrs of age). Their faces then are clear and unlined, their bodies are alive and buoyant, but after they have passed through the discordant experiences of some twenty or thirty yrs, you find that the vital flesh atoms have been lowered in vibration. This makes the flesh form less beautiful than it was before the discord was registered upon it.
Your emotional body is in a constant state of motion, as is even this seemingly inanimate lectern upon which I place my hand. Science has confirmed that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS INERT OR INANIMATE MATTER. Your emotional body is made up of millions of tiny electrons in constant movement. These form the atoms.
Now, if that motion of the electrons is in accord with the rhythm of your God-Flame and is in accord with the constructive radiation of some Master, that is fine! Then your emotional body deflects all destructive feelings projected at you, as well as all the discordant energy which you contact. You are then the Master-control of all energy wherever you are! In other words, your feelings ride upon the surface of life, However, if the vibrations of the emotional bodies are allowed to submerge that body beneath the buoyant poised happiness of the Masters (uninterrupted harmony), the form of atom changes and you have a heavy and uncontrolled vehicle, which is part of the mass psychic and astral realm of mankind. IN ORDER TO REFINE AND PURIFY SUCH AN EMOTIONAL BODY, THE STUDENT HAS TO KEEP USING THE VIOLET FIRE THROUGH IT CONSTANTLY!
Beloved ones, you wear now consecrated garments of flesh, made up of billions of electrons, each and every one of which has known at one time such perfection in the inner realms as the outer mind cannot conceive. These electrons are but awaiting opportunity to be invoked to give forth more of their light, speeding up the rapidity of their revolutions, as they make up each atom and then, with the assistance of beloved Serapis Bey and the Great Ones, I rendered that service in the experience of the Transfiguration.
So shall it be and should be for you TODAY and every day. When those atoms and electrons are so accelerated they should remain in that state.
The "transfiguration" of the physical form follows a scientific law. It merely requires the surrender of the destructive use of one's free-will to the immortal Threefold Flame of God within the heart. At your conscious call, this flame (intelligent and all-powerful) will expand its light through the four lower bodies and, as the impurities of discord (which have been imposed upon the electrons) are sublimated by the use of the Violet Fire, the pure white light of the electron is then allowed to blaze its light freely, then meeting the blazing lighty so released from every other electron, the inner and physical bodies just naturally radiate light!

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Comment by Wm on July 13, 2020 at 7:08pm
Comment by Wm on July 12, 2020 at 7:20pm

Saint Germain Foundation

Try to realize you are not the flesh body. You are the being of Flame occupying it. And now that Flame must rule. It must be the Forgiving Presence to all that is wrong by your demand for the annihilation of all hate….
You have only one thing to do, Dear Ones, in correcting any condition that is wrong—and that is to consume the hate. Hate is the blight upon the Universe. Hate is the anti-Christ. And you cannot sustain destructive conditions without that hate, so your supreme service to your Blessed Master Saint Germain, to your Nation, and to your “Presence” and yourselves, is to make yourselves the Authority in the physical world of the Cosmic Violet Consuming Flame which you demand descend and forbid hate to live. You have the Authority. You have the Power. And through that Command, you can compel the manifestations of hate to cease their existence….
Were you to suddenly take the stand with great, fierce determination within yourselves, “ ‘I AM’ the World of the Violet Consuming Flame that never allows hate to live again in my being or world,” why, My Dear Ones, in a short time with that Decree you would feel as though tons of pressure were taken off of you. Then it would be easy to hold the attention upon the “Presence,” or return it there, before you do anything in the physical world. All the physical world will demand everything you are and have and give you nothing in return, unless you put it in second place and make it understand the Sacred Fire of the “Mighty I AM Presence’ ” own Life is your God. And God must come first!

Excerpt by Beloved Nada from Violet Flame Series 14

Comment by Wm on July 9, 2020 at 6:12pm

Morgan Le Fay

You cannot play around any longer!
Sanat Kumara explained to us:
Now the one Law of your Life says to you: “Now you cannot have any more time to fool around; you must get busy and correct your mistakes.” But that is not Us, that is not any human being; but it is the Law of Life which is the Cosmic Light that says to you, “Now you cannot play around any longer!”
It is a Magnificent Thing, Dear People, the most Magnificent Thing ever known to mankind. How you rebel if your child disobeys you! You get very angry, don’t you sometimes? — which is a mistake; but when you do it, if someone does not want to do the thing that you want to do, you feel very much disappointed. Now remember, now look out, because you are going to get caught, you know! Then when Life says to you, “Now my child, you cannot play around anymore with the other children; you have to come into your graduation from Earth,” it is quite wonderful, isn’t it? Then you become the one giving obedience — a wonderful practice, Precious Loved Ones.
In all the World there is not anything so beautiful, so wonderful as willing obedience to the Great Law of Life. Oh, how quickly then everything in your Life will change! Happiness, Strength, and Courage will enter into your feeling world, and you will know then that the appearance world out here no longer has power to affect or limit you in any way.
Discourse given in November 3, 1937, published in the “Voice of the I AM” October 1986, page 15, book:

Comment by Wm on June 27, 2020 at 8:57pm

Morgan Le Fay

Exercise to dissolve karmic debts and ties
A few years ago I experienced a period of intense purification. At that time, Saint Germain asked me to separate about 15 to 20 minutes a day to do an exercise with the Violet Flame to assist in the process of dissolving karmic debts and ties, both present and past.
Our aura is a living organism and in constant movement. From it depart thousands of lines of forces that connect us with people and situations of our present and past, in this embodiment and in past lives. And through these lines of forces, we exchanged information with all of this, without the use of words. There are lines of forces that are extremely enlightened, indicating that our exchange with the other being or condition, at the opposite end, is a tie of light, where only divine love flows. There are lines of dark, reddish forces, charged with dense energies, indicating that the substance that runs on these lines is something discordant, for example, substance of hatred, fear, hurt, and resentment, hence showing us karmic ties.
This exercise which Saint Germain taught me, deals with these lines of dark forces, charged with karmic debts, transmuting the negative energies that flow through them into pure divine love. It is a simple exercise to be done, it has no contraindications and it generates immense well-being. I will describe it now:
Set aside 15 to 20 minutes, go to bed or, if you prefer, a sofa where you can lie down. If you wish, put on a relaxing song. Lie down with your tummy up, arms and legs slightly apart, in a very comfortable position. Focus your attention on your heart, mentally invoke your I AM Presence and ask It to descend with Its mighty Violet Flame upon you. Imagine, then, that you are lying in the center of a Violet Flame bonfire, as if lying on a bed inside a funeral pyre. Imagine first the Violet Flame running all over your body. Feel the Violet Flame burning in every cell of your body, transmuting all the patterns of discord within your DNA. When you are relaxed enough, mentally ask your Presence to flood each line of force that comes out of your aura, to the extreme, on the other side, with the Violet Flame, instantly dissolving all your karmic debts and ties. Feel for a few minutes the living action of the Violet Flame flowing through these lines of forces and doing this work. Mentally ask the Violet Flame to dissolve all the dense energies crystallized in these lines of forces in the present or the past, with their causes, cores, memories, effects and records in time and space. Ask the Violet Flame to free you from all discordant lifestreams and conditions in this embodiment or past lives. Feel the work of the Violet Flame illuminating all the lines of forces connected to your aura. Imagine mentally that from your heart, rays of love go through all these lines of force, bringing forgiveness, peace, comfort, joy, opulence and blessings to everything and everyone connected to you. Ask your Presence to bless anything and everyone that one day you may have harmed, whether conscious or unconscious. Feel the love parting from you and flowing into those lifestreams and conditions (at the other end of all lines), blessing them. When you feel comfort in your heart, thank your I AM Presence and the Violet Flame for the help you have received in this work. Then stand up gently and finish the exercise commanding:
"I AM the Pure and Transcendent Love of the Heart of God, raising me above all human limitations. I AM the Divine Love, releasing me harmoniously from all karmic ties. I AM just the Divine Love flowing from me to everything connected to me and, from everything connected to me, to me. I live in Love. I only know Love. I AM the Divine Love operating in all that I AM. I AM Grateful.”
Wishing you Violet Flame’s Blessings in this exercise. With love,
Morgan Le Fay

Comment by Wm on June 22, 2020 at 7:31am

Oh, My Dear Ones, please conquer, please – I plead with you – conquer every feeling in yourselves of bristle and irritation towards people or things because they don’t do what you think they should. That is resentment! All irritation is resentment! Criticism and condemnation are resentment! Passing of judgement is resentment! Resentment has an infinite number of forms which mankind don’t recognize; and that is why it has held control so long – because it had one disguise after another under which it has acted, while gaining energy to live longer to torment mankind, when the Law of Life is Freedom, Peace, Happiness, and Blessing to all.


Mighty Victory’s Discourse VI, p. 452, Vol. 9 - I AM Discourses, book:

Comment by Wm on June 21, 2020 at 12:20pm

Morgan Le Fay

Saint Germain
Be Stabilized, But Pliable

Remember always, dear hearts, to keep yourselves both centered and poised within your own heart-flame, stabilized therein, yet pliable enough to act quickly in emergencies and unexpected changes. If you are not pliable, you will be broken as the tree which does not bend before the wind. THERE ARE CERTAIN COSMIC AND PLANETARY CHANGES OF WHICH EVEN WE DO NOT KNOW IN ADVANCE, but, if you were to look upon the universe, you would see that the entire galaxy is in constant motion. As it progresses along its path around the Central Sun, the Earth sometimes comes under certain beneficent radiations which can be consciously drawn here on a moment’s notice for the blessing of the planet and her people. These radiations are drawn by the calls of those gathered together in the “Upper Chamber” (as it were), by students who are dedicated to our service, whose physical bodies are rested, their mental bodies alert, their emotional bodies stable and their etheric bodies purified.

However, in such cosmic moments, sometimes we, ourselves, do not have more than five minutes’ notice of such an opportunity. Then, if the student body is not pliable and ready to be called together at once (changing their set routines and patterns of living) such constructive blessing is lost so far as the Earth and her people are concerned, because the student body was not pliable enough at that time to be used as a good “conductor” for the radiation.

For instance, take the ordinary example of your recent floods in the Eastern States and the storm conditions which arose unexpectedly. It is just good common sense, (and certainly the part of wisdom) for any one who has taken on the obligation and responsibility of a sanctuary or group of this activity, to gather together and prepare a dedicated and consecrated number of willing lifestreams who can and will, at the moment when the crisis arises, go into action collectively as soon as possible. If for any reason such collective action seems not to be possible, then personally be sure to have a set of appropriate decrees right at hand (better still to have it in your memory, although some people do not easily memorize). Then personally go into action with those decrees for the averting of disaster.

Journal 3 The Bridge to Freedom, AMTF

Comment by Wm on June 19, 2020 at 7:32am

Beloved Master Nada explained to us:

I must prompt you, for I have seen this going on among the students. Do not feel you must physically rush into a condition in order to give help. If the condition seems to be of a serious nature, I mean invisible influences acting, do not feel you must physically rush into those activities – feeling you must get into action. Stop! Still yourself! And call the other person’s “Mighty I AM Presence” as well as your own, to project Its Mighty Rays of Light into that person, place or condition to dissolve it. If there be entities, seize, bind and take them away, produce perfection and hold dominion! There is nothing in the world that produces such results as that! Yet you stand back away from the condition – wholly free from the influence that is causing the trouble.

Precious ones, I have seen some of you blessed students rush in where “Angels fear to tread.” That is not necessary I assure you. You being in this sensitized state – do not become afraid of becoming sensitive when I say this – your atomic structure touches the aura of a very vicious condition. If you are not on guard you will accept some of it in your feeling world. Instead of going physically into such a condition, if you will call on the Presence to project a Ray of Light into it, you will produce greater results and yet stand wholly free. Many of you, if you go into a vicious condition, touch it in your feeling world and you may unknowingly connect with it. Watch out for this! Do not feel that you must physically rush into a thing. Yet, you can give assistance. It will be a wonderful thing if you will do as we explain and you will always stand free and protected.
The Voice of the I AM, March 1937, pages 32-33, book:

Comment by Wm on June 19, 2020 at 7:30am

Beloved Presence of God, "I AM" in me, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved Ascended Masters Saint Germain, Jesus, and all great beings, powers, angels and activities of the Sacred Fire!
In the Name of the Presence of God which "I AM," and through the magnetic power of the Sacred Fire vested in me, decree:
Beloved "I AM"! (3x)
By Cosmic Christ Command! (3x)
By Maha Chohan's hand! (3x)
By Aries' hand! (3x)
By Neptune's hand! (3x)
By Virgo's hand! (3x)
By All Who Govern the elements' hands! (3x)
By Michael's hand (3x)
By Mercy's Ray! (3x)
I command it done today! I command it done to stay! I command it done God's way!
Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!
I accept it done today! I accept it done to stay! I accept it done God's way!
Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!
It is done today! It is done to stay! It is done God's way!
Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

From Thomas Printz" Private Bulletin book 1 pg 349

Comment by Wm on June 17, 2020 at 7:24pm

Law of Life
Always before there has been great, almost limitless time in which the student could wander about making his decision—whether he wished to act in the Light or wander on in ignorance of Its Mighty Presence and Power. The Cosmic Cycles have turned, again, again, and again, until the time has come when the children of God must make their decision final—whom they will serve.
Never in the history of the world has there been such opportunity or Assistance given to the children of earth to face the “Sunshine of God’s Eternal Light” and walk steadfastly and fearlessly into Its Radiant Splendor—free, forever free from all limitation—living in the Abundance of that Light enfolding them like a mantle of peace and rest.

Excerpt by Beloved Saint Germain from Discourse 17,
The “I AM” Discourses, Volume 3
To read the full Discourse online, or for more information on the “I AM” Activity, visit:

Comment by Wm on June 17, 2020 at 3:58pm
Morgan Le Fay

Beloved Hilarion explained us:

Look upon your World today! Of all that is here, is there anyone —now notice this closely —is there one thing of your outer world today which has not some kind of limitation? Can you show Me one thing in your outer world of the human octave which does not in some manner have limitations? I think not. Then, that limitation of the appearance world is still human creation, even with as much of the beauty and Perfection as you have. Why do I say "human creation"? Because there is still limitation in it.

For instance, take the most beautiful roses you have in the World today. They look as though they were almost as perfect as they could be; but I say to you, they are hardly a comparison with the perfection which can be and will be yet manifested in your midst. I say this to you just as one illustration — I cannot take time to give you more. If you were to take a rosebush in your lawn or garden and you would go to that rosebush every morning and say, " 'Mighty I AM Presence,' charge Your Perfection into that rosebush and bring forth the most perfect roses! —you would see come forth such Perfection as the human does not believe possible. You can do that! You can take an orange tree, stand and charge it with the Perfection of the "Presence," and leave the rest alone and see the difference.

This means, Dear People, any of you can prove this Law true to your entire satisfaction, if you will; but if you do not apply It, how can you be satisfied?
Vol. 7 – Ascended Master Light, pages: 369-370, book:


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