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Our Lord gave 5 sets of Lessons to the world through Gianna Sullivan from 1988-1995—over 250 dissertations on the spiritual life. He did not add to the Gospel Message, nor has His Mother. He only reinforced and explained it, and in doing so, He sought to establish an intimacy with humanity that seems to have been lost. However, even now, with so many aspects of this world spiraling out of control, He still meets the resistance of so many, including the theologians (Dr. Sullivan June 2017):

“My people need to learn the many facets of My Truth! They want to debate the theological commands of My Kingdom, but they will not grasp the simple Lessons I teach. How can I teach them fully, when they are not willing to learn the basic principles? Many theologians gather and try to interpret My messages….If I say,
‘Love one another, and have mercy on one another,’ that is exactly what I mean! A theologian will take that sentence and read into it various interpretations….” (I AM Your Jesus of Mercy, Vol I, #21, Dec. 22, 1988) “ ‘I am alive, and I dwell among you!’ Your theologians will attempt to decipher this meaning….They instead should pray for the discernment of My meaning in their lives….My weariness stems from the pain which My Mother feels when she comforts her children and is not comforted in return.” (JOM, Vol I, #33, Jan. 12, 1989 Lessons of Our Lord)

“Do my people not know what a blessing it is for them that My Father has allowed Me to teach them once again? The time shall pass—day by day—until they realize that this gift has been taught by Me. Pray when that time comes, it is not too late!”
(I am your Jesus of Mercy , Vol I, #51, April 16, 1989)

Jesus is both God and Man, and as Man He shared in all of our human experiences except sin. At times Our Lord openly expressed His frustration (dr. Sullivan June 2017):

“I suffered frustration because so many people could not understand My message. Many did not want to be saved, and many were looking only at the surface of my words. The pain and frustration of My Heart was great. It is like that now….Here I am, dictating words of Truth and offering the keys to the Kingdom, and so many skeptics and scholars look at My words for errors instead of reading them with their hearts, seeking the message….Do not My people realize how much I love them to ask My Father’s permission to be able to speak to them in the forms ofthese Lessons, so that they can learn and be with Me in the glory of everlasting life?” (JOM, Vol II, #49, March 4, 1990)

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