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Lesson from Our Lord (Jesus Christ)

June 13, 1990



My dear child, do not be moved by the sayings of men, for the Kingdom of God is not in speech, but in power.  Attend to the sayings I teach you, to enlighten your heart and refresh your mind.  My words excite in you and inflame in you consolation.  I am He, the Master of all masters, Who teaches men knowledge. I am He Who gives more clear understanding to My dear ones than what can be taught by man.  Those to whom I speak are quickly wise and grow in My Spirit.


I teach sincerity and honesty.  I teach without the noise of words; without contention of arguments; and without differences and confusion of opinions.  I teach to despise earthly desires and to seek eternal life and relish it.  I teach to be strong and to endure scandals, and to desire nothing of Me but to ardently love Me. 


The time will come when I, the Lord of all lords and Master of all masters, shall come to examine the consciences of mankind; to bring to Light the hidden darkness and to silence all arguments.  I tell you that those who love Me entirely will learn the Divine Truth.  For you, a certain person of My Divine Mercy, have learned Divine things and speak wonders because you love Me entirely. 



Seek not, by profiting in study, to be more wise or learned by books. Know that whatever source of knowledge you learn always returns to the One Source of knowledge, the One Beginning.� I teach the humble mind many times greater than any source of reference taught by man.  Only I can elevate the mind to comprehension. The voice of books is the same, but it teaches you differently. Only I am the Teacher of Truth.  I am the Discerner of thoughts and the Searcher of hearts; and only I give to all what I judge is fitting and appropriate. 


I see the incentives of each one's heart, and I discern their action.  I give to some more than to others.  To some are revealed the Light of My mysteries.  Some receive common knowledge; and some I appear to in signs.  I speak to all, some in more particular ways than others and differently, based on the graces I deem fit.  


Know that I am true Peace, and the sayings of men cannot harm your soul if you live in Me.   My Peace results in a state of being which justifies you, and the sound of words can only echo as in a canyon, without substance.  Those who are the first to speak negatively and judge their fellow brethren are the last to notice the truth of their inner conflict that is inflicted upon themselves. 


Silence is your shield and Love is your weapon against all who persecute you.  Peace, My dear one.  This is your Lesson for My people this day.  Ad Deum. 



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My Dear Children, when you see the events listed below, know that the time of your WARNING will be very near.

1. Earthquakes /Tremors

2. Tidal waves / your earth falling in to the water

3. Volcanos erupting, where they have been quiet for years.

4. Weather changes, cold where its hot, and hot where its cold.

5. Severe weather, hurricanes, tornadoes monsoons, etc.

6. Severe world economy problems

7. Stock market problems

8. Famine / droughts water shortages

9. Murder and hate crimes rampant

10. Wars and attempts at war, showing of powers

11. Crop damages, crop failure

12. Animal population dying, sickness

"Pray before you rise out of bed, (Be Thou my Father be always my Father. I offer you this day, "Lord God make Your power known to me in every situation." H.L. 1/17/18)- throughout the time you are awake by offering everything to the Lord. Then thank Him as you retire to bed. Can't sleep? Pray... During the day+ pray- The Liturgy of the hours, the Angelus, the rosary, the Divine Mercy chaplet, spiritual Communions if you cannot go to daily Mass, novenas, and always involve God in all you do with silently conversing with Him, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mother, the saints and all the Holy souls in Purgatory. Pray and thank them all." - celeste



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