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Private Message from Our Lady

to Gianna Talone Sullivan

December 1, 2009

(During President Obama’s Speech to the Nation regarding Afghanistan War)

Little children, praised be Jesus!

Thank you, little ones, for praying. I take your intentions, for they mean so much to me; and your prayer is quite important indeed! In fact, it is one of the most important intentions I have received in my most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart in a very long time (Prayers for all those families in the world who will be negatively impacted by the suffering and death in this war). I bring them to Jesus and to God the Father, and also during this time of Advent, to the Crib of the Babe.

Little ones, allow me please to speak of “death.”Now, in my speaking of death during this Advent Season, you may think it inappropriate. But perhaps, think again, that it may well be very appropriate because my Son was born, yes, laying in a Crib; and the Wood of that Crib became the Wood of the Cross. Thus, His Life ended in Death.

So let us speak of death: Because as my Son was born in human body, He was destined to die in human body. His death was pure, and He endured all the pain and suffering of all humanity.

And what does it mean to die? Does it mean simply to die by being detached from all worldly possessions? Does it mean to die from personal intentions and desires? Does it mean to die from seeking spiritual gain? Does it entail the death also of the human body? Yes indeed.

So what happens as we focus on this one element—the death of a human body?

I experienced the death of my Son. Many of you have experienced this also—the death of a loved one. When someone who is very close to you dies, your body cannot comprehend this so the body looks to the soul. The soul looks to God, but the mind looks to the human elements. If the mind is far from the heart, then it cannot understand the true value of death.

When someone dies, even when there is a unionwith God through the heart, mind and soul, because of the human condition there is still tremendous sorrow. The body undergoes a numbness. The mind cannot process things. It cannot figure out the emotion; thus, the emotion cannot be expressed because it may be blocked by certain elements—one being that the truth of Life has been revealed to the soul through the Holy Spirit.

Now, when someone dies, one’s body and mind and soul try to live through the moment, that being the Godly and holy way; but because of various ways of “self”—and each person is different—things will unfold differently. Some do not handle death well initially. Some handle it well initially and not later in the private moments. However, all that matters is what happens afterwards.

If you dwell on the instance of death, then how can you move forward? If you dwell on the fact that every body and soul in the world will come to meet God face to face, then you will be reconciled and be at peace.

What happens now when a soul comes back. It is again in the world. Is the person the same? Are the person’s whole mind, attitude and commitment to God different? Are they different toward their families? What happens then? There are many whom God has sent back to make a change and to be His voice. How do they handle that? For that is a new death, not a death of finality into a new world, but a death that they must live daily.

So too my Son, He returned to me (just after His Resurrection). As He came, I adored Him, but my life every day was a new death—a death that I could not be with Him, a death that I knew He was alive in a different way and that I had to live a life in which God asked me to die to self and to live for Him.

Ponder the reality of death. There are various forms: the death of detachment without knowing the reality of death in the body; the death of the body without understanding where the soul goes and the torment that brings in relation to the loved one; the death of the body where the soul goes to God and the family understands that the soul is with God, but the death itself returns back to the family through sorrow, inviting the family to detach through that death to live life fully in Jesus. Then there is the death of those who have died and returned; and in that, every day of their lives they live another expiration.

Know that in whatever form death presents itself, if you focus on God and you realize that your life is one which belongs to God—a gift given freely and a gift in which God decides when you are to finally be His in real, true and monumental glory—then your family will understand that the true gift is there in the Kingdom of Heaven.

You know, children, the world is in disarray. Many people no longer believe in God. Many children are not invited to pray or to read Scripture. Many do not even understand the focus, the reality or the meaning of prayer. Many simply hate God. Without even considering that part of the world that is structured around diabolical influences and by focusing only on those who are indifferent and not prepared to pray, know that the world is trulyin disarray and so many are confused, yet thinking that nothing is wrong and that life will continue on and on.

Yes, I do hope life continues on and on—in Jesusmy Son. And if the fate of death is met, I truly hope all understand this, for there are many meanings, but really only one outcome. For those who are truly with God know there is only one Way, and that Way leads to Life. So during this Advent Season, as we begin in preparation for Life, I have chosen to explain the value of death.

With you remain the blessings of God the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Peace, children. Look to the Child, your Emmanuel, a newborn King; and look and see that this Child is also the Man-God, the Son of Man Who died for you and for your salvation on the Cross. His Death is your life. His Life was truly the inception of death, the death of evil that all go through because of original sin, but that leads to eternal glory.

Peace. In this Advent Season may God Almighty grace you with abundant Joy, and may you have the courage to receive and respond. Peace (fading whisper).

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