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Usually, meditation requires knowledge on posture (body) and way to focus (mind) it. 

Most of the time, it is discouraging if without someone to lead, like a guru or master to guide at your side.

There is a way where you can skip that.

It is have your body adjusts posture by itself (adapted from kriya yoga or spontaneous qigong) which simply by focusing your mind and meditate.

First simply sit any way you like comfortably on a flat floor or on your bed.

Next, you need to "focus it right" on "finding" your mental "yes" sense of meditate. This is totally instinctive, it is not to imagine the focus but an instinct of a sense of "there is a feel of focus" inside your brain, it is simply a focus sense of "yes" or "no". Again, this is total intuition, it is not imagining the words of "yes" or "no" in your mind, it is either you sensed it or you didn't with your mind.

Your body will move by itself when you have found the mental sense of "yes/meditate". Keep focusing with the mental sense, do not bother with the body movements, which if you being first experiencing this, just don't get distracted, forget and let the body do what it wants to do, keep your mind focusing on the sense.

There will be a lot of possible movements, like deep breathing, changing postures, chanting mantras or handling mudras. Do not get distracted from these experiences, once you have finished meditate you can look for the information later. 

Finally, as you keep focusing with the mental sense and your body is doing the meditation, there will be another mental sense of "finishing meditation" appeared in your mind. Yet again, it is totally intuitive. You body will stop and loose from meditating state, your mind will sense "finished meditate". 

That's all.

The timing for the meditation session is random, so it is better to prepare yourself before doing it.

There you go, an almost the simplest meditation you can have.

It doesn't requires anyone to guide you nor you need to learn about the postures or guided focus, your body simply does the meditation for you.

Understand this rule: Just let your body does the meditation, from start till end, do not interrupt the process while you just keep focusing on the sense of mind.

If you get interrupted by something outside, before you get out from your meditation state, it is better to put an intention to stop your meditation, your body will finish it with some short movements and then stop. Do not stop the process in sudden, it will be like you turn of your computer suddenly without letting the computer shut down properly, which can damage your energy.

Have fun to meditate!

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