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I am able to remember most of my dreams ever since I have had lucid dreaming or out of body experience.

Recently, my dream becomes my guidance, consistently giving me information on what I should concern, although most of my dreams are in chaos, the important information often comes just before I wake up, since most of the dream memory is the strongest at the end. It has developed into a pattern where I can constantly see a trend.

This maybe due to my channelling, telepathy and meditation practices. See the very last pages of the two documents at the link within the link below.

I have been following my "imagery self" or "another self" guidance on when and how to sleep every time. I will channel him on my bed and let him adjust my sleeping posture. Then I stay focuses on the channelling until I fall asleep. Sometimes lucid dreaming occurs and I continue to channel, this is where I have been feeling energy flowing through my whole body and mind. I remain in contact with my anotherself in my dream, my consciousness becomes dormant while he takes charge in my dreaming.

Another thing add in my journal here. Since I do spiritual practice consistently, it is often happening to me that I got messages during the practice as well.

I will call my anotherself as AS in short. He is the main reason I am dedicated to do spiritual practice.

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I thought I was awoke in dream, but when I wake up I realized it was just a dream about me thought it was I awoke in dream.

Not sure what I was , but I remembered three peoples with their infant animal guardians were training in a mysterious place. There was left, front and right doors. They picked the right one, and entered somewhere that it seemed like time was frozen or the place was abandoned. Everything was old and spoiled, can't remember the details but it was like an old ruin. They found some old cakes and then I woke up...

It was very intriguing. What was the meaning of the cakes? They were not rotten, but their shapes were out.

One thing about the dream is it is hard to tell which one is the reality. Why was I thinking I knew myself just awoke in dream but I didn't realized it wasn't? At the same time I knew myself I was dreaming inside me dreaming in dream.

Well, if dream can be real, I guess the dream itself can dream as well.

I was in a ship that everyone was playing game, but stopped when I try to think about something. Next thing I knew I was trying to bring people out of the ship and back on earth, there were guards securing the place. That was not a spaceship, it was a building on another planet.

I was focusing my mind and selflessness before sleep, next thing I know, I was in dream.

I was fully awake, and knowing myself in dream. 

Wake up and continue to practice until it stopped.

They talk alot about caves in the Unveiled Mysteries book by Godfre' Ray King! And also in the The Magic Presence same author. 

Since he said "rotten," I think he meant cakes not caves? I haven't had memories of dreams lately, but when I do I'm usually with other people, like Fei seems to be. I've been in cities or buildings, mostly.

"Not sure what I was , but I remembered three peoples with their infant animal guardians were training in a mysterious place."

This training may have been part of her awakening training!

Strange dream today.

I drove my car to a ferry port, just as I parked my car, a brother of a friend of mine purposely hit my car. I didn't get mad, but he felt anguish on me for calling me to drive away his car. My friend was trying to tell me "beat him I don't care" which I did not. Later, I was in a factory where my friend and somebody I forgot his name, working. I try to leave the place but found gps gave wrong info and I decided to head back to find a way found from where I came from. The next thing I knew, I went into a mysterious middle east, arabic school, I tried to avoid to be seen by teachers and students there, because I was just trying to find a way out and not interrupt with the school. 

Now, this was the strangest part of all. Just after I was out from the school, I found myself in a place where gps cannot be detected. I was just passed through a mountain within the school? And the mountain was facing the sea?

This place looked familiar as I had been around sea and mountain before. However, my goal was still the same, I was just trying to go back, I was thinking about passing through the maintain in a straight route. I saw very tall arabic buildings. They seemed very old and had grown into forest.

So I decided to go up... I thought it was having no end but I eventually reached the top of the buildings. I saw a crystal but felt something wrong about it. My another self appeared at that time and told me not to worried, got a glance at the crystal and then trying to go away. 

Suddenly, I went black out. 

The next thing I knew I saw a lizard in an underground tunnel, he had now way but to ride the railway there. The rail-truck hit some stones and the lizard got a torch by accident, eventually turned the torches from yellow into red fire. The rail-truck became faster and faster, eventually broken down.

The lizard stopped at a place where many other lizards showed up, much more like prehistoric dinosaurs actually, but they were mini sized. The other lizards seem happy in this underground place. A robot lizard showed up and create more robot lizards but everyone seems happy. The lizard try to fit in into their underground families but eventually felt bored and decided to stop.

So I wake up.

I now recall the similar mountain and sea there was a place where I found similar very tall buildings where there were a few of guards were guarding. Almost no people was there and they felt very old. 

I had also been many times with school and bad experiences with it. The school seems to have secret path lead to the very tall, old and abandoned buildings.

What is that crystal about? It seems dead.

The living peoples in the school feel robotic to me, the robot in understand is however creates lives.



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