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"This can be the most active component of the pre Kundalini and the after Kundalini awakening phase. We are told to kill it, to crush it, to obliterate and to ignore it. We are told it is the cause and effect of all our spiritual ills.
This is not what I will suggest.

I suggest that a person incorporate a severe form of acceptance of the ego and to place the ego into the enlightenment equation. Ego is part of who we are. It is an important part of our survival response to the many dangers of corporeal life.

So we communicate with it and teach it and change it through behavioral modification much as we would do for our children. In this way can we effect the changes needed for our Kundalini to be accepted and surrendered to without interruption from the ego.

One of the first teachings is to empty your vessel.

Empty your consciousness of all your self importance and independence and self validation. Empty out all of your success and accomplishment and pride. This can be very hard or easy depending on how you have experienced your life and the self validation you have received through ego gratification throughout your life.

If you have a teacher who has walked this path and asks you to do this then do it. One must empty the vessel before it can be filled with the divine presence.

Sometimes the Kundalini will force this and the person will be put through a "hell on earth" as a form of a preparation process. A polishing process of refinement. This can often take years of forced behavioral modification through trial and error. Others are given the opportunity to do this first through a teacher or through a concentrated form of Kundalini imposed self will.

How do we know the difference between the ego and our higher functioning self? There are many ways. The ego will typically control us through our desires and wants, fears and needs and rapid gratification impulses. The higher mental self or thinking body will typically communicate to us what we need rather than what we want. There are many variations on these themes and I am hoping you get the idea.

Open up your options by using your intention to make these inner changes. Not everyone must suffer horribly to come into the Kundalini expression. Yes some do. Do you? Do you need to go through years of often extremely painful refinement?

Learn from others long years of suffering. Learn that it is OK to empty the vessel of the ego importance postures and self validation. Make these as gifts to your enlightenment process.

Does this mean you become a slave? A slave to the Kundalini or your teacher? If that is what it takes for you then yes. Be that slave. Worship the Kundalini through the surrendering of your ego self into the enlightenment process. Everything goes!!

The need to be right.
The need to be noticed.
The need to be honored.
The feeling of success.
The expectation of love.
The expectation of being treated with fairness.
The temper tantrums.
The avarice.
The pettiness.
The self loathing.
The greed.
The pursuit of wealth.
The acquisition of power.
The compliments.
The pride of a job well done.
The validation of self as the controlling factor in life.
The want of gain.
The fear of loss.
The desire for instant gratification.

These are merely just "the beginnings" of what we are discussing here. To empty the vessel means exactly that! Come into the divine as pure as possible. Sometimes the Kundalini will wait until a person will make these changes. People with some karmas often can have happy lives. Yes they have dark secrets too but manage to keep them under control.

A wealth of success can burden a person who wishes to awaken the Kundalini. Because throughout the life positive reinforcement has been given for the accomplishment of societal expectations of achievement. The Job well done often comes with financial rewards. Financial rewards often make the survival question an easy equation to solve. If it's working why try to change it?

Kundalini will wait for these changes to be made no matter how long it takes. You can practice till your face turns blue and nothing or very little will happen. So please take a look at this for yourself and see where these modifications need to be experienced.

For those who already have the Kundalini, ego modifications can relieve much pain and suffering through the gain of freedom through surrender to the divine force of the Kundalini agenda.

Surrender what you think is right or appropriate. Surrender your expectations of what is acceptable to society. Kundalini can often care less for what society accepts. Surrender the old life and allow the new one to emerge. Surrender your fear of change and the loss of control that can accompany change!

This can greatly help you as you swim or attempt to swim in the blue waters of the Kundalini awakening." - blessings to you! - chrism

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Chrism has been found to be someone who may be a sexual predator.  If you follow-through to his site, just be aware that allegations against him have been made.

Another perverted hypocrite.  I posted this before I heard of Chrism's "issues".  I never did like his energy when I saw his photo on facebook.  It gave me the creeps.

JOY said:

I actually like this article but how unfortunate the author does not walk his talk it reminds me of this india guru that some people put him on a pedestal Sai babba

Cheryl Nelson said:

Chrism has been found to be someone who may be a sexual predator.  If you follow-through to his site, just be aware that allegations against him have been made.



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