Once Upon A Q -The Greatest Story Ever Told- Part 1

Last updated 12th August 2019.

Justin Deschamps recently made a post explaining the reasoning and delivery behind Q’s posts. Here is an extract:


‘’A good coded message is designed to have many meanings. Steganography is the practice of hiding messages in another message, file, video, or letter. While modern technology gives new meaning to this practice, it is far older than computer code, used by professional spies and governments for centuries.


Coding a message is intended to hide the correct meaning, or the one that the coder is intending to transmit to the recipient, amongst many other interpretations. This confuses parties that intercept the messages.


In the case of Q Anon, all the messages are public, which means the Q team knows full well they will be decoded by the Deep State in an effort to expose alliance communications.  As such, the team behind Q likely employs extremely dense and complicated coding techniques to ensure there’s a lot of confusion. ‘’


After posting over 3,000 drops over many, many months, there clearly IS a very, real and dramatic story- the FULL DISCLOSURE that everyone has been waiting for.  


If you were Q and knowing that EVERY SINGLE social platform and mainstream media platform was compromised, and you had to deliver, without exaggeration,  the most devastating information our civilization will ever have heard, whilst at the same time, building and maintaining interest and order, the only way to do it would be in code.  


This is exactly what has happened and we are almost at the finish line for it going mainstream.   As the Military Intelligence & Dept of Energy Q team said repeatedly, it was NEVER anything to do with USA politics as most have interpreted it as being, and that misinformation was necessary.

It is instead everything to do with exposing a murderous, serial killing,  world hierarchy, who have been utilising heavily classified technologies including stargate travel, to farm and trade us ‘humans’ in return for more advanced technologies, that most cannot even begin to comprehend. 



The article LINKED here is literally littered with Q drops, one of which is an entire section on the CORE, as in MK Ultra Core.  It is the only way to fully appreciate and understand HOW individuals can commit unspeakable crimes that normal people would be incapable of.


Here is the LINK to Part 2 of 6: