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They All Have A Fan Club Willing to Swallow Their Garbage

They All Have A Fan Club Willing to Swallow Their Garbage

Somehow they manage to convince their harem that your the problem.
Thats how insidious they are

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Comment by Taygeta Star on Saturday

Glad i could help. Yes i need to do accomplish alot today in regards to resolving my problem.

Speak with you soon and high vibes always

Comment by JOY on Saturday

well I am glad we both got our minds off of the negative and into positive.  will have to end this conversation and start getting some chores done.  Was very healing and good day!

Comment by JOY on Saturday

yeah I know what you mean, I can't wear those bangle bracelets at the store, they just fall off my wrist to the floor.  LOL

Comment by JOY on Saturday

forgot you are in Canada we still use inches never really learned the metric system here.

Comment by Taygeta Star on Saturday

Im not the average size. Most rings i have to buy adjustables or it won't fit. Harder to find the adjustables

Comment by JOY on Saturday

I find most womans wrist is 7 or 7 1/2 even 8

Comment by JOY on Saturday

really!  same here, my wrist is only a size 6 but I wear 7 because I like it loose.  

Comment by Taygeta Star on Saturday

Most of my jewelry needs to specially sized for me. the only thing that doesn't need to be specially sized is necklaces obviously. Rings and bracelets are tricky as i have very very tiny hands and wrists. Usually i could wear a child size.

Comment by JOY on Saturday

I only have the small pendant ones that I made

Comment by Taygeta Star on Saturday


Its also good at deflecting emf's and even chemtrails over your house. I'd like to get an Orgone Pyramid to keep beside my bed.



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