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Dianna Spencer
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Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed

Started this discussion. Last reply by msred Dec 31, 2011. 29 Replies

This hour long program by David Wilcom, interviewing a Forbes insider, at was very worth the time to either read or watch... This is a Red Alert!  type of program that will…Continue

Tags: Illuminati, nuclear., NWO, elite, undergroundBases


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Dianna Spencer replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion Totally Off Topic and an Utter Distraction from Doom & Gloom...
"Hi Cheryl...what a beauty! Mine is just a year or so newer...1999, Acura...similar interior. I love it! You will feel like a queen tooling about town on those wheels...truly...a Gift!"
Mar 23
Dianna Spencer replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion Bourbon Persimmon Cranberry Sauce in the group Recipes
"Boy, does that sound good! And I have all the ingredients in stock for a change. Yum yum!"
Dec 22, 2015
Dianna Spencer replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion Wrapping Presents with a Cat
"Bless all the kitties in the world!"
Dec 22, 2015
Dianna Spencer replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion Third Eyewitness To San Bernardino Shooting Says It Wasn’t ‘Terror Couple’ Who Carried Out Attack
"Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy"
Dec 12, 2015
Dianna Spencer replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion It’s either Trump or the Republican Party. Not both.
"Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump"
Dec 12, 2015
Dianna Spencer commented on Bill's blog post Baby Horse Stranded On The Road Saved By Strangers
"That's what it's all about!"
Nov 13, 2015
Dianna Spencer replied to Byron wilkins's discussion "original " This is my struggle with skin CANCER
"Glad you are on top of this, Byron. You are right, IMHO, about big pharma on a mission to 'reduce the population'... With their pills that have so many side effects...some that cause death."
Sep 4, 2015
Dianna Spencer replied to Byron wilkins's discussion Caught on camera: Top Planned Parenthood doctor talks of selling fetal organs on black market We are now part of a satanic ritual and the flesh of aborted baby's has entered a major food source.
"Where do I place this in my intellectual data collection? This is....unbelievable..."
Jul 18, 2015
Dianna Spencer commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post SURVEY
"p.s. Good forum."
Jul 12, 2015
Dianna Spencer commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post SURVEY
"Still chuckling sorry... I don't mean to offend anyone. Just to give an example...Mother was ill and I called our priest to visit and give the last rites. He said, I don't know where the location was, but, he said and I quote,…"
Jul 12, 2015
Dianna Spencer replied to Byron wilkins's discussion I thought that I was prepared for almost any event that came my way but I was wrong and almost lost everything I have been savining since 2009.
"Byron.. So glad you are safe. Perhaps this is a wake up call for all of us, especially myself. Sending you calm energy..."
Jul 12, 2015
Dianna Spencer commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post Happy Birthday -- Earthchanges is 5!
"Happy Happy Birthday...I can't believe it's been five years....seems like yesterday (as they say) that I was lucky enough to get a message that Cheryl was starting a new site...logged in and never logged out. It hasn't always been…"
Jul 5, 2015
Dianna Spencer replied to Jim Haas's discussion Obama planning on changing July 4th celebrations forever.....
"I don't think so, Byron. We will still celebrate our great nation."
Jul 5, 2015
Dianna Spencer replied to Byron wilkins's discussion This is what Stonehenge looked like after 23,000 hippies, new-agers and self-styled Druids gathered for the 2015 Summer Solstice
"Well, what can you say? Pigs! Someone will get paid to clean up the mess. Job creation at its best.?"
Jun 27, 2015
Dianna Spencer commented on Alesiah's blog post USA the BIG FISH has a pain in it's butt, and its a major Hemorrhoid.
"Thank you, Alesiah."
Jun 21, 2015
Dianna Spencer replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion Why Walmarts Are Closing
"Hi, Byron..makes sense."
Jun 20, 2015

Profile Information

My Story...

It was a clear, still-dark morning. I was just driving, trying to stay awake, listening to the radio, when the radio got all static-y. I heard a man's very clear voice say, "We have come to bring Peace". And the radio went dead. I consciously thought I must be out of range of a tower, and shut off the radio.

A few minutes later, it seemed, I saw a Brilliant white light coming in above the tree tops to my right. At first I thought it was a star because the night was so dark. However, the light kept coming closer, at a rapid rate of speed until this object was hovering over the road right in front of my car. I was still driving.

Then, I started processing.... . Plane... no. Helicopter.... no. You go through EVERY flying object you have EVER heard of, and then......

This is a UFO!

It looked the classic domed top and was round, with windows just above the disk. There were beings looking down at me, three of them. I could hear humming, and of course, the light streaming off the bottom of the craft. The whole thing stretched from berm to berm of the highway, pretty big. The next thing I consciously remember was (still I am driving my little blue Toyota), the craft flying off to the left of the highway, going down, and the lights going off. I knew what I had seen, just not what had actually happened until I under went hypnosis two years later. When I reached NYC, then, and was getting ready for bed, is when I noticed the two distinct red marks on my left lower abdomen. So, I was, in fact, taken aboard the UFO and examined, and given the message that I would be kept here during and AFTE the Earth shift, to act as an aid, a helper of sorts. . that I was under a special protection....

Then, after the exam, like gallant hosts, they gave me a tour of the ship. I remember seeing the control room, lights everywhere, blue, red, yellow, green, all primary colors. I was shown a 'holding' room, don't know what else to call it. This room had rows and rows of stacks of beds, three high, all around, one after the next. They had taken a part of me, my astral?, which I saw lying in one of the beds. They said, 'that is your essence'. Overall, they were very kind. All communication was telepathic. That again, what communication will be at some point, with our minds to each other.

I was told, when on board ship, I would be kept here during/after the shift as, basically, a resource person.... one who remembered... a teacher of the 'old knowledge'... that is the only way I can describe the message I received. Also, I was told one of their beings would be inhabiting my body, along with my conscious self. Her (I felt a female presence) name was __Biruan.... nibiruan. At the time, I wrote the name down on a piece of paper, and the paper just disappeared. I had it in my dresser drawer, which no one went into. Could never find it, so remembered part of the name. So important to write things down as soon as they happen. Then, now, the name resonates with Nibiruan. At this point in time is when I became extremely sensitive, intuitive, or psychic, if you will, and have since become well-known in that field. I think, because only Truth comes through and people appreciate that.

'They' told me I would never age, as of course I have, but no wrinkles of note, but I would hold weight on until such 'time'. Most of my friends are at least 20 years younger than I am. They all say, they cannot believe me when I tell them how old I really am. When I went to a meeting a few years ago, somebody asked me (in a room full of people, a round table) how old I was. I said, 'how old do you think I am?' This man looks me over real good and says, 'Oh, 26, not more than 30'. I said, 'well, I am 60 years old'. His jaw literally dropped. Truth of the story, the guy died shortly thereafter of a heart attack.... It is true he died, but not from the truth of my age. (smile)

Dianna Spencer's Blog

Finally! Real herbal medicine at a major hospital...Cleveland Clinic.

Posted on April 24, 2014 at 3:08pm 0 Comments

Eastern medicine finally being integrated into western patient care. Happy day!…


From Hamilton, Ontario Two Suns

Posted on April 19, 2014 at 12:21pm 16 Comments

This picture taken this morning, showing two suns....our Sol, and his twin...the black dwarf?

Watch this video about bunker preps before Nibiru, sent from an old friend.

Posted on March 20, 2014 at 2:00am 0 Comments

1storegonkid has shared a video with you on YouTube

May the truth set you free!

Preparing Emergency BUNKERS Before NIBIRU Gets Here PART 1

by Dan Flynn

PART 2@cha Preparing Emergency BUNKERS Before NIBIRU Gets Here PART 2 After the first clip you can hear some of the loudest moans from the planet OR NIBIRIU. You decide. It's all about a need to know basis. Do you… Continue

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At 3:17pm on February 17, 2014, GT_Big hair said…

yep back at ya D...

At 4:49pm on January 10, 2014, Cary Regal said…

thanks for wanting to be my friend, and here you have a friend, you have a very good year 2014, ciao

At 1:31pm on October 5, 2013, Cheryl Nelson said…

Hello Lady Di, 

Thank you for your note.  I'm sorry we've had problems with the ning lately.  You could try again and see if it is behaving properly now.

At 7:00pm on October 2, 2013, Weiynala of Styx said…

Hi there Dianna... I thought we were friends too!  Weird... oh well, we had some computer problems a few months back, virus... maybe that was it.  I don't spend a lot of time here, but do dip in to read the blogs.  They are always interesting.  I am trying to spend less time at the computer.  I have so much to do in the studio and in the gardens.  I prefer being out doors as much as possible.  This has been an amazing autumn.  No killer frost yet... yay!  Hope you are well and happy.  We don't do any shows anymore.  I sell my work through our tiny shop and on Etsy.  I promote through Face Book and that has proven good for sales.  Look me up 

At 8:45pm on September 13, 2012, Aurora Collins said…

Hi Dianna, We are in the north central part of Fla about  160 feet above sea level, and I think we will be fine but thanks ,,we are keeping an eye on things and my sister lives in mts in Ga.

At 5:15am on August 11, 2012, kathleen koblensky said…

hello..Dianna..thank you for the friendship...yes time is very fast now...peace from the great north east!

At 2:34pm on April 26, 2012, landon S larkey said…

Thank you for your welcome, and for you wonderful site. Landon 

At 11:16pm on March 31, 2012, Kim B said…

Hello Dianna, I just noticed you left two messages on my page.  Things are a little messed up here in PA, just waiting and waiting and waiting to get discharged from chapter 7.  Of course watching as gas prices keep going up and up and up, and wondering when that is going to affect everything else including food.   This is nuts.  

At 11:21am on March 30, 2012, Jennifer Knight gave Dianna Spencer a gift
At 6:46am on March 29, 2012, Barb Lopez said…

Thank you so much, Diana!  I am now getting excited about this is opening my eyes on some new way of thinking.  I am glad to be your friend and will keep in contact,





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Indonesia Plate NOT Collapsing -- The TruEarth Images offered by ZT as "proof" are 11 years old! 

Oh, Buoy! (Misinterpreted buoy charts)

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