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Comet Elenin: White House letter addresses "US Must Prepare For Comet Collision With Earth"


Comet Elenin: White House letter addresses "US Must Prepare For Com...

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We had previously reported how Planetary Alignments with Comet Elenin Causing Big Earthquakes. And about Comet Elenin HUGE MASS, as objects with smaller mass having short elliptic al Orbit, from 2 up to 1000 years or so, like Asteroids or Comets.The fact that Elenin comet (C2010 X1 ) enters our solar system close to the ecliptic with a Period of ~11’800 Years (Long Period Orbit), makes this Object very dangerous. read it all

In latest development now we learns 10 page letter is already out on the web since October 2010, which proves that US NASA and the White House know about ELENIN and consider it “a real threat” (On October 11, 2011 Elenin will be only 0.246au away from Earth; that’s a quarter of the distance to the sun.) it`s possible even more dangerous against earth than we understand.

They are calculating and preparing to if possible take action against this Comet. John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, or OSTP, outlines plans for “(A) protecting the United States from a near-Earth object that is expected to collide with Earth.

Interestingly, Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) was only “discovered” by civilian Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010, in the official White House letter below, written back in late October 2010, the White House addressed the possibility of an Comet/Asteroid striking the Earth.
The terminology used in this letter, along with several other facts that have emerged in the time since the letter was written, lead us to believe that our “shadow” government and elements within NASA have long known that anticipated effects of the arrival of Comet Elenin would indeed be much greater than they are telling the public.
In fact, we believe that the White House letter below may be the “smoking gun” to help prove that the government indeed does know that the potential consequences facing planet Earth from this comet will be far more disastrous than what they are “officially” telling the public.


In breaking down this letter, it’s important to address several questions that have since more recent information come to light.
After the letter above clearly shows how important it is to monitor such incoming objects due to their propensity to “change” orbit?

Why was it that NASA turned off the granddaddy of all NEO (Near Earth Objects) telescopes & SETI ATA this year.

Flashback Quote:

The WISE spacecraft will remain in hibernation without ground contacts awaiting possible future use.
Feb. 17, 2011
The SETI ATA has been in hibernation - a safe mode of sorts, where “the equipment is unavailable for normal observations since April 15, 2011.
Why are we not getting any straight information from mainstream media about Comet Elenin 2011 while most Google searches on Elenin will bring you straight to the alternative news sites throughout the world?


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Anonymous said...

They may not state it in the letter but I could have SWORN I read somewhere recently a quote by NASA saying they "could not guarantee that Comet Elenin would NOT impact the earth."

Maybe since this letter is dated October 2010 and supposedly "Comet" Elenin wasn't discovered until December 2010, the letter serves as plausible deniability for NASA and the White House. The "surprise" discovery of Comet Elenin was the game changer.

(* For the record, I don't believe the discovery of this "comet" was a surprise. In fact, I believe they have known about it since before the Kennedy Administration.

Furthermore, I do NOT believe this is a "Comet" but rather something far more destructive with far more mass than a dirty snowball. I believe they are calling it a "Comet" as a cover story for when it becomes visible to the masses which, from the looks of things weatherwise and otherwise, must be very soon.)

Anonymous said...

What doesn't sit well with me is how NASA says that Elenin won't impact the earth and dismisses all other potentially cataclysmic effects of the comet ( magnetosphere effects, debris tail we will travel through, etc)

Kinda like standing on the side of the road and a car races by. Doesn't hit you, but drives through a puddle and your covered in mud!

Cause = Effect

Anonymous said...

The old hat trick of Osamas death and a lot of other shit they try to distract us with is just their way of pointing away from what's coming. You think all the earth changes going on are just being caused by man made shit or your normal 500 year floods or random crap.

All of this is way to big for even HAARP. Hell HAArp was probably created so they could try to save what little they could by Tera forming and weather controlling.

Ahhh who cares anyway, go ahead and play the games and poke fun at each other. The shit is hitting the fan right now in this very moment as we putz around here.

Anonymous said...

but was is stated when that comet will get near earth ?? anyway people should revolt and demand info and dont be ignorant...most is listening to the tv news and ends up manipulated by the gov. if this shit hits the earth it might be end of us (besides those liars that know and will hide in underground sfe bunkers/vaults)...if we dont die from impact.. we will die from ash and new ice age... we would starve to death... we cant be ignorant all our lifes >__/p>

Anonymous said...

I had dream a few years ago.

My dreams are like movies...they're great sometimes.

But essentially, i dreamed that our government sent devices out to "study" asteroids. that was the PR fact, what they did was send 2 devices that approached the asteroid in orbit and attached themselves on either side.

Then with small spurts of air began to manipulate the travel of the when the shuttle docks with the station....the small jets pssst, pssst air in different directions to guide the craft.

the size of the asteroid chosen was big enough to take out a large city or small country, but not large enough to wipe out the planet.

they redirected the asteroid to collide with earth and sped it up and slowed it down to bring it in on course with Tehran....the impact dessimated Tehran and pretty much destroyed the country.

Because it was an unfortunate act of God, the international community, UN could not respond against any country and it was merely a humanitarian effort for the remaining people in which certain corporations were set up to receive the contracts, making hundreds of billions of dollars....not to mention the reconstruction effort.

Ive never told anyone but my wife about the dream and we've passed it off as yet another cool movie idea.

But, with the discovery of Elenin, its size, and the fact that they seem to be constantly reconfiguring its pass closer and closer to earth, it made me start to wonder, could they be guiding the thing in.....

It appears to be the perfect size to destroy but not an ELE

Dennis said...

There was a movie with Tia Leoni that was,I believe, titled "Deep Impact". In it the government avoided telling the public anything until the truth was no longer able to be hidden. I agree with that course of action and here is why...

1 - There is nothing we, the private citizens, can do about it anyway so why cause panic any sooner than necessary?

2 - If anything can be done to avert disaster it will take the coordinated efforts of several nations to accomplish it. And don't forget, unlike most shady dealings of our governments, their butts are on the line with the rest of us so if anything can be done they will do it.

3 - By waiting until the last minute to notify the public they just may have some good news about a mission to save our sorry tails instead of the ultimate bad news that would cause massive panic.

calvin said...

I truly believe this is the start of the end. cant deny the signs they consitently come up again in again. somethings comming and is ganna change everything forever. hope the path im taking is the right one. i want out.

Anonymous said...

We will see it with our naked eyes
near Oct??
or we will need a good Telescope?
im preparing to buy a good one

Anonymous said...

does anyone know to what extent the effect of the earth's gravity will have on this comet/asteroid/death rock? are we indeed sitting on a galactical magnet or will our sun help us out with this?

Anonymous said...

Vengeance is mine

Bernie D. Davenport said...

It's sad to see someone making a statement about how it is best for us if the government doesn't tell us until the last minute.
1) There is plenty that we can do as private citizens. We can prepare by storing food, water, supplies, creating communities locally for support. I guess if you knew that the tsunami was going to hit Japan you would want to hide that too?
2) There is not enough intelligence and collective teamwork among nations, even in disaster situations. Their goal would be to find the best way to profit from the situation and put the burden of the price tag on the citizens.
3) Hummm... gee, I can't see myself as feeling anything but lied to if the government suddenly released information about a potential disaster that they have known about for years and covered it up "for our own good".

You need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid, open your eyes, and think seriously about what is going on. Prepare people! If it turns out to be nothing, what have you lost? If it turns out to be a major disaster, and you survive because you prepared and were ready for what was coming????


Brad L said...

We Can't just assume it will only effect Earth if its as big as they say, if its going to enter Mercurys' orbit and get that close to the sun there might be a chance the Suns gravity and Mercury will pull Earth away from danger! But then i could be wrong.

For a pessimist i'm pretty optimistic.

Anonymous said...

Nowhere in the letter does it reference a Comet resembling Comet Elenin. I read the letter. If I'm wrong, please refer me to what I missed.


Anonymous said...

today, may 16th, i saw astronaut mae jemison on cnn being interviewed by suzanne malveaux about the endeavor shuttle launch this morning and the fate of nasa. jemison said the us is moving more money into R&D to, and i quote,
"TO COME UP WITH THE KINDS OF ENGINES NEEDED TO MOVE HUMANS TO AN ASTEROID". when i heard this i stopped and my jaw dropped. my next thought was that elenin is not hoax but truth and the reason for shutdown of the shuttle program.

And for the govt to wait.. until now.. to do something.. in freaking 2011, the eleventh plan a rushed, hokey mission straight out of 1998's "ARMAGEDDON" means we are doomed. and they think feeding us fake binladen kills and strauss-kahn set-ups will hold them over while they throw together some suicide mission team is going to get it done with less than a year away.

we have failed as a species.

we deserve what's coming.

Anonymous said...

And no one of you does even think that this "Comet Elenin" has even the slightest chance to be 'Nibiru' / 'Niburu' or 'Planet X' which travels once in the 3600 years in a galactic orbit around the sun near to our planet?

Ofcourse shit is happening, but it can and will not whipe out the earth :)
If it would, than wouldn't 'Comet Elenin' do so every 3600 years?

I believe things are mixed up a bit and that the government is trying manipulate us. If you've got all the facts straighted out (and Google gives a lot of info).
Than comet Elenin will just 'fly-by' our planet (leaving mass destruction by causing earthquakes, tsunami's, volcanic eruptions and many more disastrous things) and we will just survive, like we did untill 195.000 years ago.
(It's proven that mankind lives that long cause a skeleton of a human has been found near Etiopia dated that old.)

Just do a little research to the history of our planet. (Google search - mysteries of the world - or so). And you will find many information that will astonish you :)

Anonymous said...

It all adds up, the many Christian believers that believe the rapture will come on 21 may 2011, coincides with the final card of the illuminati card game. The last internet solved card was the earthquake one which predicted the one in japans, or did it (HAARP). After that was a card saying kill for peace – and that is what’s happening in Libya and Osama dying (if he did then). And since that has happened, the final card is the “rapture”. Soon all electrical equipment will fail and go back to a pre-electronic state- also predicted to happen in May by webbot. And I have just discovered that the Egyptian god Horus who is part of the reptilian people’s culture is Jesus. Update: The rapture is said to be on 21 may and same belief system believes the world will end on 16th October. UFO blogger publishes an article on comet elenin that makes Mayan prophecy true and may cause physical changes to our environment. Then I look up comet Elenin on wiki and look what it says “On 16 October 2011, the comet will pass within about 0.23 AU” closest to earth day. This does add up.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the US government has known of this for a very long time, and the "shadow government" knew of this for an even longer time.

It would be logical for us to assume that they have had a plan going for sometime, and that maybe those plans were already put into affect. Attempts to deflect may have already happened and failed, or worsened the threat. Then again maybe the plan to deflect has to happen upon the comet getting closer.

I do beleive that governments use crisis's and hardship to make money from their public. When thinking along this line you think that maybe the plan to deflect is going to be used to make money and power. In order for that, everyone needs to know what they are being saved from, or were saved from. Which could imply that the comet may be getting steered in our direction.

But there are a few questions I have, does this planet follow the supposed path of Nibiru? Does anyone remember anything about the supposed aliens that live in the wake of a comet that was headed to earth?

But back on track. It would be logical to assume that aliens have known about the comet for a very very long time. Aliens such as the ones that keep turning our nukes off. Why would they be warning us against the weapons, or seeing if they can turn them off for an invasion, if we are all going to be dead and the planets was going to be out of action for millions of years to come, this coming October??

When considering all this, and thinking of the "tether incident"; the "sumerian tablets"; footage of ufo's being shot at by ground base missiles; and the "nwo", one of the many big pictures that comes to mind is as follows-

What if the Anannaki and the nwo have been in been in contact for a long time already? What if the Anannaki have already came back as the Mayan and Hopi say, but the nwo dont want the power to shift, so are fighting them off.

This comet may be the decider on who saves the human race, who gets the credit, who gets the power to lead.

But whatever the case, the aliens and the nukes do make you wonder.


Anonymous said...


History has taught us that "a man is smart and will listen to reason, but people are stupid and wont listen to anything". All it takes is one person to flip out, and the majority will fall like domino's behind them.
No one can say everyone will just start storing water and food. There will be an element that will see this as the end, so why not kill someone, or rape someone?
It is best to hold back till the last minute, as what if you tell everyone, then killings and rapings start happening, and then nothing happens to the world?

Anonymous said...

So the Russians say Elinen has changed its course unnaturally, the Chinese have told us that the comet has "clusters" following in its wake, and we have all seen the pics of these so called clusters. I think we can all agree that these "clusters" dont look natural.

Off subject though, I swear I read somewhere of this guy who claimed there were these aliens, I think he said they were reptilian aliens, who lived in the wake of this comet. These aliens apparently went from planet to planet taking all the planets resources, and by force if necessary. These aliens were said to be heading for earth though at the time they were headed for point is the fact that he was right about these aliens living behind Elinen.

I suppose we also have to consider the Hopi and Mayan prophacies as well. They obviously gave us a description of a comet in their myths which would is to end all life on earth, and they gave a pretty good calculation of when this comet would arrive. But is this even the right comet to end all on earth?

It would be fair to say that Elinen does have aliens living in its wake. The next thing to consider obviously, is what are these aliens intentions towards earth.

There are three possible reasons for their visit. I think it is highly unlikely that their plans involve smashing into earth. This is due to several reasons including;

- the fact that it would be no use to smash into the planet, as the resources would be destroyed as well;

- their last minute change of course towards us suggest they did not even realise we were here. So why would they want to kill us?;

- these aliens should be way more advanced and should have reached a post being state. This would suggest that they would be over love and hate. But they obviously have to live by necessity, which means they may fight us for resources if we stood in their way.

- the comet is their home, its basically a campervan cruising through the solar systems. Why would they destroy their home?

Reasons for their visit to earth includes;

- to take all the resources, including oil, metals, and water and food, as well as possibly make earth their home;

- for scientific purposes or other freindly purposes;

- to find allies as they could be on the run, or to warn us of someone or something else;

- or they could be responsible for our creation, and are looking for us.

I believe our lives are about to change not about to end, I am just not certain if it will be for the better or the worse. All logic says that the comet will change course at the last minute. But maybe thats just wishful thinking.


Anonymous said...

Nasa found, and has been tracking this object since 1987. They found it with the IRAS satalite. Do a web search for "IRAS, Heavenly Body". You will find the news story about it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that anonymous. I will search for it, and will check it out.


Anonymous said...

i dont think that will be the problem i believe that it will happen as the sun get his full eclips whe will get suprised cause! i got a dream 3 years ago that still running to my mind everyday and that's the reason why i do all this resources because i have many dreams that came treu!! but the 1 dream 3 years ago still running,, i standing in a garden armd with a woman looking to the sun (garden i know every dietail garden but never seen it) its day and the sun get his eclips! and when hes full FLASH!! a brightflash ends it all!!! and wake up strangs thing is every resources telling me (zon(d)vloed)how come some spieces disapere in our history? and when is the last eclips?? 21-12-2012?? what do the sun rejact to planet earthe isnt treu that the magnet of the earth is changing in milions of years and is it time for that?? isnt the magnetshield whe have down for a few days then? what will protect us against the sun and his flames off energie with a lot of nuceleare readiation when the magnet is turning isnt it strange if it will be on 21-12-2012 think about it!! and im open for commend pls do

Anonymous said...

the moon city on komarov is inverted to look like valleys. It is really a base.

Anonymous said...

At approximate co-ordinates 1°38'40.27"N 8°22'29.94"E ON GOOGLE EARTH - MARS is a statue, i repeat A STATUE NOT BLOCKED OUT. MISSED.






Anonymous said...

I say it's either Klaatu or The 4400 ;)

Anonymous said...

the comment "the moon city on komarov is inverted to look like valleys. It is really a base." by anonymous is true and can be seen on google earth's lunar orbiter mosaic as sticking out of the ground

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nobody is going to say anything so the public keeps working to provide them with the goods to take into the city below Denver.

Intricate Mess said...

Come on guys... I am not confirming or denying the existance of comet, planet, etc. that could collide with earth. But is your faith in humanity so poor that you think the world will erupt into a panic when faced with certain death? Today we aim guns and fire missles at one another, our ancestors clashed on the battlefield with swords, spears and slingshots! Panic is not a human trait. Panic is an abnormal mental condition responding to ones inability to accept a given situation. Alas! We are not a species that is known for this!

Anonymous said...

Intricate Mess

Your right. It is so screwed up to not have faith in human kind. But at the end of the day, I think your wrong about our nature.
Since the dawn of man kind we have been a fearful animal, and no wonder considering the oppersition had twice the stregnth, teeth as big as our fingers, claws that could seperate our heads from our bodies with one hit, and a taste for our flesh. We had no chance but to run, unless we were cornered. Running in fear is what we are good at.
I would assume this fear and our habit of running is still intact today. Which causes us to take flight, rather then to fight. Which is part of the problem for the majority of the worlds population who suffer depression and anxiety today.
On many battlefields throughout history soldiers were given orders to kill their own if they turned and ran or played dead, as this has always been a problem. As when faced with death on the battlefield your bravery can fail. This is why soldiers have leaders to lead into battle, as if there were none, everyone will just run home.
From a leaders point of view, when leading your men into battle, you know you just want to turn, run and go home. But all your men will do the same, and you know it. So it is on your shoulders to stay calm focused and to not allow those who follow you know of your fears.

Anonymous said...

It will not be the end of the earth. The mayan clearly states it is only the start of a new cycle. The Aliens living on planet x (nibiru) are most likely the oness that where here BC that the Egypitens and all the other acient people have written in stone. The oness that done the genetic switches with the human race, and so was the white human created. God made humans. However, they are not our gods, but i do beleive they play a part in controling our consciousness so we dont vibrate on a high enough frequensy and we have now forgotten who we are. The moon plays a big part in controling our consciousnes aswell, which was put there by either the aliens that live on planet x ...or someother once. The ones that live on planet X r they once that can live in and vibrates on our frequensys, so they r visbile to the human eye. There r the oness that are here now that rnt visible.. however they can change their vibration to ours but only in a short matter of time. They r the once that r controling our society. However, we r growing smarted, stronger, wiser and soon once again our consciousness will expand to the way it was many thousands of years ago when we lived in harmony with nature. As this happens we will then become wat we thought many years ago was 'gods', because they came from the sky. And as our consciousness expands.. we will then be just as wise as these "aliens" who can travel planets..and we wil do the same, because we will have their knowledge (alien) and our human consciousness and Love. As we progress into this, so will the aliens - as they r living through us through the genetic switch. If you look at the bigger picture ( everything conected as a whole) this would be the best thing to happen in the universe..because we would once again learn how to liv with the love of nature and so would these "aliens" ..but in their creation. As we r evolving, so r they. We will become them and they will become us. it is almost as if we r trading Knowledge.

Comments? Please doo..

Anonymous said...

They should rename this so called Comet, "Comet Hamner-Brown". Look up Lucifer's Hammer by Niven & Pournelle 1977.

Anonymous said...

one thing is for sure...if something will happen...i thing the logical thing is to watch what the rich and powerfull do in this time...oprah just ended her this a sign that she knows something?

Anonymous said...

the show was supposed to end in september...but it ended on the 24-may..4 months in advance...why?does she know something?we all known what happens in september...

Anonymous said...

We are heating the inner side of conet Elenin , with HAARP, to create a jet of energy that will push it to the inside of earth's orbit. Not to hit earth, but to create a gravity well that will slightly alter YU2005 orbit enough that atmospheric drag will cause it to explode over Moscow as the Pluto array sabotages the Iranian faclity that is preparing a neutron bomb. This radioactive leak will take out the Iranian defenses to the point that SSSS sonic mind control can bring them to their knees. I am part of the planned plasma jet project aimed at Elenin at this moment and am only releasing this information so that certain people will leave the area. you know who you are.

Anonymous said...

I suppose there is not much you and I can do. But we can always try to survive. In order for that we need to evaluate the threat, and devise a plan on how to deal with the threat/threats.

The worst case scenario involving this comet, has to involve the comet not being controlled by aliens. The comet has changed its projected direction and may be getting pulled towards us naturally.

But even after the change of course Elinen is not headed dead set in the centre of Earth. Its off course for a collission with Earth, but will come close enough to affect the water on Earth, the molten lava within the Earth, and maybe affect the tectonic plates within the Earth.

If this is indeed the case, then these are the immediate threats. To survive these threats we obviously need to get away from the sea's edge. Maybe try to get to the centre of your country, while steering well clear from fault lines, volcano's, and large inland water bodies.

Trying to get up high off of the sea level would also be a good idea. But being too high may not be as great idea, due to radiation.

Steering clear of populated areas might also be smart, as this is where riots, murder and mayham will more then likely take place. In the case of aliens coming to visit, this would also be a good idea, due to the mayham and also due to the populated areas being possible first targets for invading aliens.

I suppose that the Earth may ram into the trail of debris left in the wake of the comet. So I suspect that our ozone will protect us from some of this, but not all. This may happen while the water and lava are still mobile and circling the planet in some parts. Which would mean we would have to find a high place, which is some distance inland, and which offers protection from metiorites (google maps).

Try to organise a holiday/camping trip with your loved ones, starting in mid september and pick the best spot. Take plenty of water, dried foods, medical kits, torches and batteries, and fire arms and ammunition.


Anonymous said...

This is the only worst case scenario we could hope to survive, which involves comet Elinen. This is the worst case scenario we should hope for, as there are much worst case scenstio's we just have no chance with.

Th types of scenario which we would not want, whether involving aliens or not includes-

1) The comet hitting Earth dead centre. There is no surviving this for anyone, except for bacteria, grass, and cockroaches.

2) Aliens invading the planet with soldiers equalling the exact amount of people living on Earth. So one soldier for every single human being on Earth. As well as having agents in every tenth houshold, to follow those going into hiding, so as to report their location.


Anonymous said...

You do realize that aliens EXIST. They are friendlies and there are a lot of them on the space. Sirians, Pleidians, Orionians, Greys, Reptilians and others. The evil ones are outnumbered and these aliens are related to God and that they are instructed to protect us from evil aliens and this comet will not hit us... I hope. I hope they do something. Heard about that the comet is "intelligently controlled"? The aliens are controlling it and trying to redirect the comet so it won't hit us!

Oh and hey, enjoy your lives and don't fear the comet. It wouldn't crash here with a 10 foot tall transforming robot walking out of it.

Posey Gilbert said...

The whites were created as slaves of Niberu just as the nonwhites were.
This is not about pointing out the differences between the peoples of the Earth but showing how they may have come about.
Ever wonder how those from the Caucus Mountains came to be associated with Mars?
These gods were space faring people and they were mining the Earth why would they not also be mining Mars?
Aryan pronounced Are-re-an is a derivative of Ares, Mars.

Mars once had air and water similar to Earth.
If they made Adapas to mine Earth why not make Adapas to mine the planet Mars?
Mars being farther away from the sun meant these Adapas needed lighter skins to absorb more of the sun light.
Long light colored flowing hair that draped over the shoulders to hold in body heat as well as far more hairy bodies for warmth, of course they would have lighter eyes because of their lack of melanin.

While the Earth Adapas would need darker complexions to protect them from a closer sun.
Curly hair to allow heat to be vented from the heads and far less hairy bodies.
A study on the races turned up that on the average the Negroids have a thicker bone structure and are stronger than the Caucasians.
The Earth Adapa was designed to work on a planet with a stronger gravity so would have to be stronger than the Martian Adapa which had to deal with a weaker gravitational pull.
Do not misunderstand me I am not saying one is superior to the other but I only state that they were designed to work on different planets.
The Earth Adapa would not do well on Mars with its thinner colder atmosphere.
If both planets were being mined and Adapa then Adams were being created to work on each then this can explain how races of mankind came into being.
The blending of these two creatures Omec/Aryan creating the third race the Teutons.
You may now be asking how dose this explain the Aryan race being called Caucasians.
They were called so for they came from the Caucus mountains, but then where is the connection?

Well for this I feel we should for a moment turn to the works of Velikovsky Worlds In Collision and Ages In Chaos.
In it he ties the Greek myth of the birth of Venus from the head of Jupiter to a comet that arose from Jupiter and wreaked havoc on the Earth And Mars.
He was at a loss to explain how this could have happened but the works of Sitchin gives answer to this with out commenting on it.

It could have been that the passing of Nibiru had tore one of the moons of Jupiter from its orbit sending it hurtling into the inner solar system as a comet that had a number of encounters and collisions with Earth and Mars until its last encounter with Mars slowed it into the orbit it now occupies as our sister planet Venus.
Now imagine if your are living on a world that is about to suffer a direct hit from a comet and you have the technology to leave your world would you not?
Of course not every one will be able to leave so some will have to dig in or go under ground while others will go to the nearest planet Earth.

Mars Men coming to Earth would find it as difficult to live as Earth Men going to Mars.
Where could they go on Earth that would mirror Mars thin atmosphere and coolness?
No were else on Earth could they find these conditions all present but mountain tops.
So we find the blonde haired and blue eyed Aryans come from the Alps and mountains of the world.
This also explains how it could be that world wide the Caucasian/Aryan is the only true minority and the people of color are the majority.
The truth is that at our basis we are all the children of the same mother and bastards of the same gods.
All that I am offering here is a thought as to why there are these differences between we the peoples of Earth.

Read my full article at:

Anonymous said...

The problem with all of this is most of the people dont beleive this will actually happen and when you say that your getting perpared for it they just laugh and look at you like your crazy, people have no clue about whats happening around them. Look at everything thats going on already.. get with the program folks.

Anonymous said...

The objects reported recently as
1 a asteroid coming in close to neo
2 a commit coming in close neo
could they be parts and one of the same object which is on its continual orbit passed our planet. Planet earth may just be getting her magnetic boot up the ass that its got many times in earth's history .basic rule of thumb John doe and his sisters are going to get slapped.five thousand years from now people will be surprised when they dig up a piece of rock with a screw thred in it,or did man do that before?

~ bodhi ~ said...

There are cosmic events happening this Fall so absolutely wonderful that you don't have to make up shit about alien spacecrafts, Planet X, and other government dis-information tactics designed to frame the debate from the truth to the ridiculous.
Here's some info I have put together

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Comment by Dianna Spencer on September 29, 2011 at 9:58pm
And to Amy Evans... Thank you for another wonderful post!  ... very much appreciated... keep up the good work...
Comment by Brad Leathery on June 28, 2011 at 8:23pm
Larry, I, like you, am not at all convinced about Elenin. I do not know what is causing all these Earth Changes, so I search. All the time. I would like to hear what it is that YOU think is causing all the Earth Changes. Do you have a theory about the earthquakes on the dates of Elenin's alignment with Earth?  Please, we are waiting...
Comment by Amy Evans on June 28, 2011 at 8:10pm
Could not have said it better Cheryl :)
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 28, 2011 at 7:53pm

Larry, I have been reviled by a few on my own ning and their posts are still here as historical data so the answer is no, we will not delete historical data.  ELEnin exists and we are examining it.

What data can you offer that proves you are right?  I hear a lot of negativity from you...criticism, ridicule, but no proof. You say I do not think.  That is your opinion and you are entitled to it, just as much as we are entitled to our opinions, and yes, there are various opinions on this subject.

"Failed predictions"?  What failed predictions?  We aren't in the business of predicting anything.  There have been timelines proposed, based on prophecies, but not predictions.  And we have become vocal about how sick we are of timeline predictions because they never pan out.  You haven't done your homework.

You must have mistaken this ning for poleshift.ning, where those sort of activities occur.

However, while free speech is allowed here, this ning is moderated by the Golden Rule as moderated by the reasonable person standard.  Read the Welcome Center, which you agreed to do when you signed up.

Your tone is combative and aggressive for someone who just joined, which violates the Rule.  This is your warning to tone it down.  Act like you are here to find out the truth instead of someone who is here to shove their opinion down our throats.

Comment by Dianna Spencer on June 28, 2011 at 7:39pm
Larry, You are right.. Nobody knows for sure... but, I, for one, would rather be safe than sorry, and that is why I have been gathering my survival *stuff*... for just in case... and if nothing happens, then next year, I will plow up the whole yard and have a wonderful garden with all my Heritage seeds... and it makes me feel good that others are out there who are thinking along the same lines... You all have become my extended family... because my real family thinks these ideas are so far out of the box as to be totally koo koo...  never know... safe than sorry..
Comment by msred on June 28, 2011 at 6:53pm

Larry, there are many members who are willing to question the power of Elenin. Many questions have been posted. Many challenges presented. Many have said they aren't sure, but know that something is happening --- not knowing, for sure, what.

I think most of your questions are apropos, since a great deal of discussion has been directed to that subject.

Question  #4 - what is the answer? What is causing the "now, obvious, worldwide earth changes." If I were asked to give an answer right this second, I'd say it's a sun cycle gone awry. I'm sure others have additional possibilities.

Comment by Byron wilkins on June 28, 2011 at 6:18pm
Larry good points but you must realize as angela said nothing is written in stone here. Our purpose is to figure out the truth through a discussion of all the facts we can find. You are in my opinion more right than wrong about what is following elenin and all remains to be seen by waiting for that answer.  Comet or not NASA are liars and the correct information is not easy to find. we are searching and your input is welcome brother. 
Comment by Angela on June 28, 2011 at 5:49pm

Larry, I don't think anyone here is saying that it absolutely is Comet Elenin. I have heard throughout the blogs that there is something behind Comet Elenin that is the brown dwarf or px or whatever. If it turns out to be Comet Elenin..and not something else..(which isn't what folks are saying here at all)...then are you willing to say that you were wrong? I  have known  many folks here that have blogged with predicted dates and have come forward and said that their predictions turned out to be false.

What is the purpose of you needing an admission of the failed prediction? Is not the fact that it didn't happen enough? This is not about who's right or wrong..but a means for communicating information. You can choose to believe what you want and not be a part of the blog, but we will continue to post whatever we feel needs to be discussed.


Comment by Larry on June 28, 2011 at 5:23pm


1.  Are all the many blogs about Comet Elenin going to disappear from this site when it passes and nothing happens (beyond what is already happening with earth changes)?

2.  Is any one going to have the courage to publicly post that they were wrong about Comet Elenin causing a catastrophic "pole shift" or anything else of that nature when nothing happens in late September, October or any other month in 2011?

3.  Are the many other failed predictions on this site ever going to be admitted by anyone as being, you know, failures?

4.  What are you going to say IS causing the now obvious, worldwide earth changes when they continue to occur and get worse after Comet Elenin passes without incident?

5.  When the world realizes that Comet Elenin is just a comet and nothing else and there is NO brown dwarf, spaceship, or anything other than what mankind could expect behind it, can I expect to see anyone who posts on here admit that all this was hype and nothing more?

I do think that there is an astronomical object that is being covered up that will cause an immense catastrophe, but it is NOT Comet Elenin that will be the cause.  We shall see who is right in just a few months.  Thanks.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 24, 2011 at 2:07pm
Another thing to consider is that Elenin could be a catalyst for a large, earth-directed CME, so it's best not to discount Mr. ELEnin, plus his debris trail a little later down the road.


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