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observe cult mentalities in action, and find out what really lies behind those happy-face masks.

And don't forget to check back when you need a good laugh, because the circus has come to town!


This blog documents attacks from  You will see recurring themes which are highly suggestive of coming from one source, that source being Nancy Lieder, owner of and de facto owner of  I will be posting the newest rants on the bottom (reverse order is too hard to follow).  I have provided dates and times since links seem to be quickly outdated as new articles are posted (i.e., they are pushed backwards to earlier page numbers since the newest additions are always on page 1 in blogs, so scroll if the links don't hit it just right, or use the dates and times as a guide).


On 6/19/2011, we were visited by Mark, acting in his official capacity as a poleshift.ning moderator, here to "set us right" and, failing that, try to discredit us and get some of our members to jump ship over to poleshift.ning.  Here's what he had to say...

"honestly Cheryl you have lost the plot girl - why on earth do you spend your days trying to debunk what is said on Zetatalk when the premise for your whole site is based on the information that they have provided?

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you - you wouldn't even know anything at all about the possibility of a poleshift if it wasn't for Zetatalk.  But you choose to take their words, twist them and then present what comes out as your own pronouncements as to what will happen regarding a potential poleshift.

A case in point is where you give your own guidelines as to safe heights to be inland and above sea level to survive the poleshift - different from the advice on the ZT site but still the same advice essentially - just the numbers altered to make it sound like you are the authority on the subject.

And also the amount of time you spend attacking ZT on your site (like in this post) when they are your bread and butter - you just can't admit that to yourself or to your small number of followers.

Then you make the situation worse for yourself by promoting establishment lies like comet Elenin, which makes you no better than a government shill. 

I mean, seriously, you've read something that provides you with some weak material that enables you to try and debunk a single ZT article from 5 years ago!!!  Your are obviously desperate!

When the earthchanges really pick up and the 7/10 events eventually hit the news, who do you think the public will turn to for information - your ning or Gerard's ning and Zetatalk?

You will very quickly become irrelevant but no doubt you will still be here spouting your crap, not realising that no-one is listening anymore.



"Larry" posted these comments on the Elenin/Dwarf Star JPL Event Timeline blog @

Comment by Larry on July 6, 2011 at 1:37pm

I have carefully looked into matters and reached a conclusion:  This is a ZetaTalk debunking site and not much more!  Cheryl Nelson left the Pole Shift Ning when she was involuntarily removed as a moderator (no matter what else she claims).  Until that happened she fullly accepted that something big is coming and no government is telling the common man what it is and that thing is PLANET X!

So Cheryl, being power mad and INSANELY jealous of the attention Nancy Lieder receives as the only true emissary of the Zetas, started her own ning where she could be in complete control.  ZetaTalk that Cheryl used to accept as true became NZL (Nancy ZetaTalk?) instead in a pathetic attempt to explain away Nancy, ZetaTalk and the Pole Shift Ning she used to support.

Sounds like sour grapes and a sore loser to me!

But guess what?  Although black ops agents early identified Cheryl as a possible way to bring down the Pole Shift Ning, the joke is on her!  This "ning" is crawling with professional debunkers who are pushing ANYTHING other than Planet X as the true cause of the now obvious, unexplained earth changes.

Furthermore, Cheryl is NOT what she claims to be:  An Old Soul with an important mission or role (ALL Old Souls on earth are Star Children and a Cheryl is an immature earth soul).  Please give me a major league break!  In communication with "good" Zetas?  CZL (Cheryl ZetaTalk, all made up to make herself look as important as Nancy because the evidence is going against Cheryl, her handlers, and the dupes on here).

Go ahead and suspend me.  Don't care!  I am wasting my time here as others have discovered for themselves.  But I will watch to see if all the Comet Elenin blogs disappear when a puny comet does NOT cause a pole shift in September or October 2011.  How do I know?  Becuase this site NEVER, EVER admits the HUGE number of past failed predictions on here.  That's how I know.

The sad part:  When all of you realized you have been duped by someone taking orders from agents who are trying to take down ZetaTalk and the Pole Shift Ning as soon as possible because they are the PRIMARY source for spreading the Truth, you will probably not remember who was telling the TRUTH all along because you will be too busy rushing to prepare for the pole shift and precursor disaters caused by PLANET X, that's why!  Good luck and please remember this lesson.  Just because syrup drips from someone's mouth does NOT mean they are service to other, not at all.


Here are my reponses on the ELEnin/Dwarf Star JPL Event Timeline blog ...

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on July 6, 2011 at 7:10pm

Oh, Larry, Larry, Larry.  You've been so programmed by Miss Lieder, you sound just like her.  How do you like sounding like a 70-year old woman suffering from senile dementia?  I pity you so.  Everything you say is not original, as she has said it first and the others she sends here sound just like her too. You are just a wind-up doll doing her dirty work and when the axe falls (and it's coming) you will fall with it and she'll just scurry away leaving others holding her bag of dirty tricks. 

If she really is with the Zs, how come this site continues to exist despite her venomous assaults?  Because it is her schoolhouse lesson in how to learn typical gov't disinfo tactics?  How come all she can throw at us is trolls from NY (not Plano, TX)?  Or how about poleshift.ning moderator Mark?  You types come in to do a quick shit and run, always.  Well, that's SOP.  Now that you've done your S&R, please wipe your butt on the way out. 

You think you've done your homework on me?  LOL, you and your comrades haven't said anything true about me yet; nothing but parroting the lies that is your daily food.  Aren't you getting sick of the rants?  Aren't you a bit off target trying to silence another voice warning people of potential disasters?  Do you really think seven billion people are going to come to poleshift.ning?  Most of the planet's people don't even have internet.  Even a billion people would crash the servers.  What an ass she is to hang on to a monopoly.  By doing her ego trip, she is denying so many people information.  We NEED more sites like this.  But Miss Lieder was soooo against that idea because of her ego tripping.  Get real, man.  Everyone can't possibly turn to zetatalk and psning during the 11th hour, it would be impossible.

So, good boy, Mr. Lap Dog, you did your duty/doodie, but you accomplished nothing except prove my point about what's going on over at psning and what a piece of work Miss Lieder truly is. 

But you certainly haven't done your homework on Miss Lieder, now have you?  I rebutted all her snarling, sneering allegations last year WITH PROOF.  Seen it yet?  If you haven't, well then you haven't done all your homework.  Bet she hasn't even told you it exists.  She, on the other hand, has proven nothing that I am what she claims I am.  She offers NOTHING except empty, unprovable words.  And yes, I have witnessed her using false ZT on me.  And yes, I have found holes in ZT science.  And I and others have witnessed her have a psychotic break.  THAT is why she's gunning for me.  To silence the truth. 

And, back then, she equated me with Mother Teresa.  And I still have the email.  Gasp!  Was Mother Nancy wrong?  Back then, no.  (Don't construe that to mean that I think I am anything like Mother Teresa, but I am STO, and just for the record, I've had readings from several channels who independently confirm that I am a star child, an old soul.)  So, what changed her mind?  Jealousy.  She's a stage hog.  No one but her is going to be the star.  The thing she totally missed is I have no desire for limelight or power or anything of that ilk.  I wasn't jealous of her at all.  In fact, I was rather fond of her until she had her psychotic break.  (Remember DR, Shadow & Karen Lee were all there and witnessed it too.) 

Anyway, jealousy, power and all that are low vibration third density traps which she has squarely fallen into.  Why would I take the abuse I get here, solely from her or her people, if I wasn't here on a mission to inform people of the coming danger?  I stay at my post despite all your fantasies. 

Actually, though, Nancy has proven one thing:  she has proven that she is a vile, slanderous STS has-been who has undue influence over the minds of vulnerable people.  Like yourself. 

You are here to do nothing but disrupt.  No one here buys your kind of talk because people have gotten to know me and I have long-ago proven Miss Lieder to be something less than a truthful, STO being.  So, you are talking to the air.  And your own vicious attack proves you aren't an STO being either.  Funny how like attracts like, isn't it?  Well, she and your type can say all you want.  My hands are clean. 

When you are inside a cult, you think you and your comrades are the only sane ones.  But everyone on the outside of the cult see an entirely different picture. You can't see how crazy you sound and how lame your arguments are and how all the sneering and snarling makes you look like an incredibly nasty person.  Everything you said about me is baseless.  Where's the proof?  Because Nancy said so?  Or Nancy said the Zetas said so?  That's not proof.  There is no documentary evidence.  There are no witnesses.  She can say anything she pleases and who can verify it?  That's dangerous.  Look at Harold Camping.  How is Nancy any different from him?

However, no matter how nasty your comment was, I will turn your pathetic attempt at "attack" into something good.

[This "discussion" continues onto the Classic Attacks blog.]



"Larry's next response appears on this, the Classic Attacks, blog @ 

Larry denies he has any connection with poleshift.ning, GZ or NL, yet he talks just like them.  If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck...well, then, it must be a duck! 

Comment by Larry on July 7, 2011 at 12:41pm:

Wow.  Thanks, Cheryl, for proving my points!

First of all you have ZERO evidence that I have anything to do with the Pole Shift Ning, Gerard Zwaan, or Nancyd Lieder.  But you went right ahead and ASSUMED there is a connection. 

Then you made a blog based on my comment and the comment of another person (who I assume is a moderator at the Pole Shift Ning, but how does Cheryl know that, got a list of the moderators to peruse?).

And talk about PARANOID!  Double wow!  Cheryl Nelson is practically the definition of paranoid based on insisting on IP addresses for all members, preapproval of all memberships, and choosing to take legit concerns about this site to such a level IMMEDIATELY.  Scared, Cheryl, of the truth getting out about you and this site being a ZetaTalk debunking site?

Cheryl has almost no idea how her OWN posts all over the internet actually make her look like a complete fool.  Cheryl apparently THINKS she is smarter than everyone else.  Most people can recognize when someone is simply DISGRUNTLED and not legit, not trying to help people, just trying to make her own points no matter how absurd (like Comet Elenin being anything more than a small comet), and that is Cheryl Nelson.

No one made you start this "ning" did they Cheryl?  But you want to CONTROL everything and LIE in the process, whatever it takes!

Please provide PROOF that I am connected to ZetaTalk or the Pole Shift Ning.  There will be no proof because you cannot prove it (even with my IP address and email address).

At least I have evidence for my statements.  Cheryl has ZERO evidence about me, simply jumped to CRAZY conclusions so she can leave my comment up and make a blog based on it (rather than delete it because that would expose Cheryl's LIE that she never suspends members or deletes anything because she does both).

So including my comment as coming from the Pole Shift Ning is a total falsehood based on nothing.

Thanks, again, Cheryl for proving me right about you.  You need professional help, the sooner the better.

I seriously doubt Nancy Lieder cares anything about your pathetic "ning."  You are grasping at straws to defend your obvious hatred of a woman who IS spreading the truth (unlike you, who allows anything on here, no matter how crazy, as long as it debunks ZetaTalk).

I will come back in the Fall when Comet Elenin passes without causing anything.  What will all you dupes say then?  How about when the earth changes continue to get worse AFTER Comet Elenin passes far from earth?  I guess whatever Cheryl's handlers decide is the next cover-up lie will be what this ning becomes.

p.s.  Count how many members actually post here, it is a tiny number.  Count how many people post on the Pole Shift Ning:  A HUGE number.  That should tell those with an open mind where the real action about earth changes, and it is NOT this "ning."  Good luck when you can all see Planet X with your own eyes and realize you have been duped!





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Comment by Rosemary S on July 7, 2011 at 10:27pm
Sorry Cheryl, But Nancy does remind me of my mother. My mother was diagnosed 2 years before she died at the age of 80. When I see similar trait in people, I get that uneasy feeling inside me that stresses me out.
Comment by Rosemary S on July 7, 2011 at 10:23pm

By the way Larry, I have a medical background. NL is suffering from a form of paranoia. She exhibits the same symptom than my mother. Do you want me to describe the specific of this disease further?

I fail to understand why you are attacking Cheryl. If you are so good why have you not started a blog of your own and see the feedback you could get. Your bickering is childish. You reminded me of a person who is addicted to open line radio shows. Regardless of the subject, you are the type of caller who start an argument just for the sake of venting your emotion out. If you are that lonely, do some boxing. That way all that pent up anger will have an outlet. Take you negative energy else where. As for Nancy, I hope she will not become another Jimmy Jones. Some one must stop her before it is too late. I just remember, Jimmy Jones was dying from cancer when he asked his followers to kill themselves. Is Nancy in the same predicament??????

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on July 7, 2011 at 9:21pm
Correction:  He hasn't left.  I guess ning was having a problem at the time I checked.
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on July 7, 2011 at 7:50pm
Well, Byron, Larry turned out to be another self-cleaning oven.  He X'd himself.  Guess he didn't feel up to countering my rebuttals.
Comment by Byron wilkins on July 7, 2011 at 7:17pm
Cheryl the best thing for this site is to X  this cancer from our site and to never hear his religious beliefs again.
Comment by Angela on July 7, 2011 at 6:57pm

Great post desertrose!


Comment by pat staley on July 7, 2011 at 6:44pm
WTG  Desert Rose. Tell it like it is.
Comment by pat staley on July 7, 2011 at 6:40pm
What the heck is this guy on?  Did he get kicked out of the other ning and come over here trying to stir up trouble? He needs to get over what ever is eating him up.
Comment by Byron wilkins on July 7, 2011 at 4:55pm
DESERTROSE   I think a tube of preperation H should of come with that letter. Anyway something  for all to ponder, on ZT there is a section called Troubled Times, it lists what will happen in detail in every major city in the world at the time of the pole shift. Well since the 7 o10 that happened 7months and a week ago didn't happen how accurate could all of the information be. Not too in my mind. Cheryl has never come out with a news letter to back any statements up in fact we all gather information and  discuss it here, something not allowed in your cyber FEMA camp. Cheryl you have always let us speak freely and never been a warden and I thank you for that, Thats what trutrh really is Larry and I am sorry that your Viagra perscription ran out.
Comment by desertrose on July 7, 2011 at 4:16pm
Methinks  the  Larry   doth  protest too much!


Strange that  you  should   claim   over  and over that  you  have  nothing to  do  with  the  Leider  and her faithful sidekick the  Zwann.  Let  me  recap...........

1)you  openly  state  that  this is a   Leider  and  PSning disinfo  outfit.  Last  I  checked  there  are  so many of those GLP  at the  top of the  list.  Where  they  all  call  the  Leider  a crazy  old  bat who  kills  puppies and believes  she  is the  Messiah  revisited.  Or  the  group that  she  bilked  out of their  time  ,  effort  and  funds.  leaving them to  hold  the  bag  as  she  skipped  away to  her  next  delusional  adventure.  Cheryl  if you  would be  so  kind  as  to   provide   Larry  here  with the  link to that   wonderful  piece of literature  that  we  have  been  privy  .  I would   be  so  very appreciative.  Have you  been to these sites  as  well,  Larry?  Have  you  also  pounded  them  with  your  indignant speech

2) you  claim that Cheryl does  what  she  does  because  of  hate, jealousy  and  outright animosity towards them.  Cheryl has  defended  herself  when attacked.  I believe  that  is still legal in this  country?  Have  you called   the  Leider  out on  her  rants  about  anyone   who  would differ   to her infinite  wisdom?  If  so  I   for  one  would like to  see it  .  Since  you  are not  a  Leider  follower  as  you  claim  it  would be interesting  if  you  seek  out all  crazies or  just  the  ones  that  differ  with  her.

3) you  outright attack  Cheryl,  her  reputation and  her  sanity  quoting claims  already  made  by the  Leider/Zwann camp.  You  claim that   Cheryl must  prove  you  are  from the  PSning.  Last  I  checked it  was  you  who came  here  with  a lot  of  accusations and  recriminations   with   nothing  but  vague  hearsay.  The  burden  of  proof  Larry  is yours .  For you  are the  prosecutor.  Projecting  and  trying  to turn  the  tables   doe s not  constitute  proof.  It  just  makes  you  look  like a  bully.  An  ill informed one  at  that.

4) you  challenge what  we  choose  to  discuss  here as grandiose  attempts of  self importance (the  very  same  discussions  that  are  being  held  on a  myriad  of  other  sites  and  forums).  However,  we  are  the  dupes  and  the hoaxers?  Have  you  also  visited  these  sites  and  given them the  speech of their  less  than   STO performances and  attitudes?  Have  you   schooled  them on the  proper  etiquette of  Leider  worship and  respect?  Because  if  you  haven't  then  you  are  showing  your  true  colors as  a hypocrite  who comes  here  to  espouse  not because   you  speak the  truth  but  because you  have  an axe  to grind.



Always demand proof, proof is the elementary courtesy that is anyone’s due.  —Paul Valéry, "Monsieur Teste"

Is That Winged Object Really Planet X? Maybe Not!

Here's a NASA deconstruction image showing the central personnel area and three force shields:

See for the video it came from (40:23 etc).

Indonesia Plate NOT Collapsing -- The TruEarth Images offered by ZT as "proof" are 11 years old! 

Oh, Buoy! (Misinterpreted buoy charts)

Deconstructing Nancy Lieder and her Zetatalk



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