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Comment by Yamkin on April 26, 2012 at 7:43pm

ADRIATIC SEA Magnitude 4.1 Depth 10 km

NEAR COAST OF SOUTHERN PERU Magnitude 4.2 Depth 67 km

TAJIKISTAN Magnitude 4.2 Depth 162 km


CENTRAL ALASKA Magnitude 4.4 Depth 92 km

ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE Magnitude 4.4 Depth 103 km

SOUTHWESTERN SIBERIA, RUSSIA Magnitude 4.5 Depth 10 km

VANUATU Magnitude 4.7 Depth 10 km

CERAM SEA, INDONESIA Magnitude 4.8 Depth 20 km

TONGA REGION Magnitude 4.8 Depth 30 km

WESTERN TURKEY Magnitude 4.9 Depth 8 km

ESTONIA Magnitude 4.9 Depth 10 km

FIJI REGION Magnitude 5.1 Depth 613 km

HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION Magnitude 5.2 Depth 60 km

OFF W COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA Magnitude 5.4 Depth 10 km

PRIMOR'YE, RUSSIA Magnitude 5.5 Depth 300 km

Comment by Yamkin on April 26, 2012 at 6:53pm

28,000 Dead Fish Found In River In Strongsville - USA

The Bonnie Park Picnic Area of the Cleveland Metroparks' Mill Stream Run Reservation in Strongsville was filled with new green leaves sprouting Tuesday and birds singing. Canadian geese pairs quietly sat awaiting their first gosling to hatch of the spring.

The park had every sign that fresh life was abundant along the East Branch Rocky River. Unfortunately, the very river that usually breeds fresh life in many forms was filled with dead fish; 28,000 to be exact. 

Contacted by a tip call to the 1-800-POACHER hotline for the Wildlife Division of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources over the weekend, crews were on scene quickly to assess the depth of the fish kill.

Bonnie Park seemed to be ground zero for the spill at first, but crews found dead fish as far south as a mile from the Bonnie Park Picnic Area and as far north as the Cedar Point Road Picnic Area. The river runs south to north, eventually to Lake Erie. A total of five miles of river were discovered to have dead fish.

Director of Watershed Programs for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Frank Greenland, was in the park with his crew on Tuesday. They were part of several local and federal departments looking into just what killed so many fish.  

"We've found some rainbow trout, which are very cold-tolerant fish. We've found 22 different species of fish, all of which are native to these streams, so they're used to cold weather, winter, they survive winters and they're dying now and that's not a normal thing," said Greenland. "Our job is to investigate pollution and deal with pollution sources."

Rumors were abundant among the dogwalkers and lunch-goers in the park on the cause of the dead fish. The Metroparks are working with several sources to find the source and what the toxin is.

"I'm not saying it's an industrial issue, it could be from any source. Illegal pesticides in appreciable quantities dumped directly in a stream can cause problems, people illegally dumping. We don't know what chemical, we're not even sure it is a chemical that's caused the problem. So, what we're doing is bracketing the area where the fish are dead and then fanning out to see what can feed this stream," said Greenland.

NewsChannel5 crews did not see any live fish swimming in the clear water on Tuesday. Greenland confirmed that they didn't see any live fish up to a mile upstream.

"We don't how much of what is killing the fish is diluting itself and flushing itself downstream. Dilution will over time diminish those quantities. But, streams typically can bounce back," said Greenland.

Jarod Roos of ONDR's Division of Wildlife said his crews, "found dead fish, a small amount of frogs and crayfish, but no other dead wildlife." He hopes to have firm answers as early as Friday.

Many of the dead fish were small because the river had just been freshly stocked with rainbow trout and other sport fish. But, several dead fish were easily a few years old when they, too, succumbed to whatever seeped into the Rocky River late last week.

Comment by Yamkin on April 26, 2012 at 6:41pm

Porpoises Dying In Alarming Numbers In China

'River pigs' face extinction. Their disappearance could cause a massive ecological catastrophe. Wang Ru reports.

Two have been found dead every week on average for the last six weeks in Dongting Lake, Hunan province. Yangtze Daily reports more than 20 other casualties have been found in Poyang Lake, Jiangxi province, since February, including four this month.

These are alarming statistics of the Yangtze finless porpoise, aka the "river pig".

One of six porpoise species, the finless porpoise lives in the coastal waters of Asia, especially around India, China, Indonesia and Japan. A unique freshwater population is found in the Yangtze River.

However, there have been reports of deaths in the Yangtze population's major habitats in the river's lower and middle reaches this year.

At the rate it's going, the unique population faces extinction within a decade.

Comment by Yamkin on April 26, 2012 at 6:19pm

Dead Dolphin Washes Ashore At Bandra Bandstand - India

In the fourth such incident in the past month, an eight-ft-long dead dolphin was washed ashore at Bandra Bandstand on Monday. A resident, Benedict Suarez, had spotted the dolphin on Monday evening and called up BMC officials on Tuesday morning. The carcass was disposed of by the solid waste management department of the H West ward office later.

“There was a foul smell in the area, because of which I took a closer look and found a dolphin floating. BMC officials used a JCB machine to fish it out. Last week, a dead turtle was also washed ashore,” said Suarez.

Local corporator Asif Zakaria said it is a matter of concern as it is the fourth such incident in less than a month.

A humpback whale was found dead at Diveagar coast in Raigad last week. This came after two whales of the same species were found beached at Uran and off Priyadarshini Park, Napean Sea Road, on March 29 and March 31.

Comment by Yamkin on April 26, 2012 at 6:07pm

Russian Shiveluch Volcano Spews Ash 10.7km Above Sea Level

The Shiveluch volcano on Russia's Far Eastern Kamchatka Peninsula on Thursday ejected an ash cloud to as high as nearly 11km above the sea level, the Itar-Tass news agency reported.

An ash column from the volcano rose to a height of 10.7km above the sea level.

There was no immediate threat for the population, and no emissions of volcanic dust were monitored in neighboring villages.

Two earthquakes were registered at the volcano over the past 24 hours, which was given the highest Red Aviation Code.

This was the most powerful eruption of ash registered at Shiveluch this year. Shiveluch has been active for more than four weeks.

Shiveluch, standing 3,283 meters above the sea level, is Kamchatka's northernmost active volcano.

Comment by Yamkin on April 26, 2012 at 5:48pm

Lava Flow In Hawaii's Puu Oo Crater - April 2012

Comment by Yamkin on April 26, 2012 at 5:45pm

Lava From Puu Oo Spreads Over Coastal Plain

Lava flows from Puu Oo vent are spreading over the coastal plain in Kalapana and over the weekend entered the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. But the flows are still about a half-mile from the ocean.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory released new lava photos taken Monday that show slow-moving breakouts of pahoehoe lava, with the characteristic look of bunched up rope as it cools.

Other photos released in the last month show how the lava has been spreading on the plain, rather than moving directly to the south, toward the ocean.

The plain is below the Pulama Pali and the Royal Gardens subdivision.

The observatory also released video and thermal images showing the summit lava lake rising at Halemaumau Crater. 

A glow from the lava lake illuminates the gas plume coming from the vent at night. The lava level rises and falls as the volcano goes through inflation and deflation cycles. The lake level is about 230 feet below the floor of Halemaumau Crater.

Comment by Yamkin on April 26, 2012 at 5:27pm

Swarm: Long Valley Caldera Rattled By Small Series Of Tremors

Long Valley, CAA series of 8 tremors have erupted at the Long Valley super-volcano caldera over the last 24 hours- two yesterday, and six tremors today. The tremors today were a 1.1 mag (3.2 km), a 2.5 mag (4.5 km), a 1.6 mag (4.5 km), a 1.2 mag (2.8 km), a 1.5 mag (7.9 km) and a 1.3 mag at (3.7 km). This could be the beginning of a swarm so we’ll keep monitoring events and look for updates.

Courtesy of The Extinction Protocol

Unquote: Latest Quake:  LONG VALLEY AREA, CALIFORNIA Magnitude 2.5 depth 4 km

Comment by JAK on April 26, 2012 at 3:17pm

OK, Now they are showing one of the latest cme's that I saw minutes after it happened. But what about the othe two that looked more earth directed?

Comment by Kim B on April 26, 2012 at 2:22pm

Wow, 30 quakes in NZ all in one day!  When was this Susan?  (the link won't work for me)



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