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here is the Former White Hats interpretation of Kettler, and his analyses of the messages and such.

The Delusions of John Kettler: the Cabal’s Tokyo Rose

by Former White Hat

There is fellow in California that claims his ET/ED (extraterrestrial/dimensional) buddies have informed him I am a government disinfo agent. Hmm, right there this shows me this fellow is full of it and being duped. If his alien pals are so knowledgable, why can’t they tell him my true identity and whereabouts? The same with you so-called psychics out there who think you have unmasked me: tell me my true name, my former rank, and what country I am in and let’s see how truly psychic you are. Since I have what we shall call “a cloaking device” that prevents any psychic or alien triangulation on me, I can tell you right now, anyone who says they know who I am is either lying or being duped.

But here is the 411 on John Kettler:

His father had some rather dubious ties to the military Cabal. Young Kettler exhibited certain talents and was originally slated for Project Green Sprout (an early version of Monarch) but a better use for him became apparent: he was a match for a host body for the soul of John von Neumann, the first director of Project Rainbow and Montauk.

Von Neumann was reported having died in 1958 but was actually given a new identity. He was ill and near death in 1963. Young Kettler was sent to Montauk where they had the technology to transfer souls from one body to another, a little bit of nifty tech given to them by the the Orion greys, who use manufactured bodies for their souls — think of the grey alien bodies as diving suits and our reality as the ocean.  The same tech was used on Montauk agent Ed Cameron, his soul placed into the body of  child known as Al Beilick. This is a method of government-made reincarnation.

It was hoped that von Neumann would be of further government use with his new body, but they found that, like reincanation, the soul would lose memory of its prior self once in a new body. Howver, Kettler did exhibit some talents despite his lack of a formal degree and training, and he went into military defense research and analysis.  He worked heavily on the cloning research done at the Univ of Calif San Diego, later Camp David, and Montauk’s Project Looking Glass.  After some rather nasty incidents when things went wrong during the reverse engineering attempts on an ancient Vimana vessel found in Turkey, killing a dozen scientists,  Kettler’s mind was wiped, different memories of dull defense research were put in…an unfortunate side effect was that Kettler began hearing voices in his head.

This was put to use: send Kettler on a disinformation project concerning Panama and see how fhat worked. It went well and Kettler was then used as an unwitting and unknowing disinfo agent. The Cabal made him beleive he was in contact with aliens who gave him bogus info to spread on the internet. The voices in his head are really just some CIA guys beaming it all into Kettler’s mind, these guys sit around with a six-pack of Dos Equiis (“stay thirsty, my mind-controlled friend”) from a transmitting station in Tijuana and make bets on what they will tell Kettler next.

You see, the Cabal wants people to think there is the vast fleet of benevolent ETs out in space battling the evil reptoids and grays and winning, that sun flares are destroying Cabal ships and whatnot. They want us to believe the good guys are winning in space and even on earth so that we will relax, let our guard down, go weak. Think of Kettler as a modern day Toyko Rose, sending out false info not on the air waves but online.

The horrible truth is, the good guys are not winning in space. Oh there are battles up there, but it is a stalemate. Yes, the white hats have been able to destroy some reptilian bases on earth, with the help of the Andromeda Council, but the space battle is not faring so well.  The “bad guys” have better tech and the true benevolent beings are more watching than acting…we don’t even know if they will help us if we start losing. We could make great use of their superior technology and weapons but they are limited in what they can do, unless nukes come into play and the earth could be greatly damaged, which would have galactic repercussions.

Think about it: if the good aliens were winning like Kettler and Tolec want us to believe, why is the Cabal still in power, why is Obama’s plan for war in Iran still going, why are the Cabal bankers still manipulating the concept of wealth, why are children still being abducted, eaten and raped by the reptilians, and why are mind-controlled soldiers still being activated for evil?

The fight is still going on and strong. The White Hats have been compromised and many have been turned to the Cabal. But the Brethren of the White Robe, the Knights of the Silver Sword, the uncompromised White Hats, the White Dragon Society, the Abecedarians, the Light Brigade and many others who fight the Cabal are determined to rid this planet of all negative beings, human and otherwise.

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Comment by nicholas fowler on June 6, 2012 at 1:08pm

aw, Byron you've spoiled our fun again  LOL  trouble is I agree with you.!!!!! its best to enjoy the stories and if there is truth in them fine, we will never know. I wonder though, how many out there hang on to every word he says? maybe quite a few.  just go with the ride, Tolec tomorrow....

Comment by Alex Cortes on June 6, 2012 at 1:00pm

great advice and you are right Nicholas good listening material if nothing else.... :)

Comment by Byron wilkins on June 6, 2012 at 12:59pm

I have been following Kettler from his beginning and never quite thought he was anything more than science fiction. I was amazed at the number of people that jumped on his band wagon from the very beginning. Even this article is too bazaar to be believable. There are lots of things that will be unimaginable to our 3 D way of thinking but Kettler takes us to never never land quiite often. If you go to his website you will find he pushes the sale of his ebooks and that tells me he is a story teller. I can't blame a guy for wanting to earn a buck but taking his followers to the twilight zone is going to far. There are so many channels flying around the internet I am not sure I can trust any of them. The cabal has worked 100 + years to enslave us and the channel messages are very pacifying just what they need to slow us down. I read everything I can from all sources so as to make a correct decision but that is not even possible when disinformation and reverse disinformation are rampant.

Comment by nicholas fowler on June 6, 2012 at 12:52pm

it is all about the source and we will never know. just enjoy listening to them and leave t at that. thats my philosophy, unless of course it makes a real impact on us, then it will be interesting.

Comment by Alex Cortes on June 6, 2012 at 12:03pm

I can honestly say I have little to no clue who either is and am a little leary of people who claim full and undisputed knowledge on any topic normally.....were these the people who talked about having insider information on the illuminati.....?

Comment by nicholas fowler on June 6, 2012 at 11:53am

I'll back you all the way on this Alex, my feelings. John Kettler may be beyond reproach, we have simply no way of knowing. I like listening to him and he does come over as rational and genuine. . I would treat the white hat with suspicion instead, for now at least

Comment by Tammy Fielder on June 6, 2012 at 9:28am

Sounds like the guy has lost his mind! imo

Comment by Alex Cortes on June 6, 2012 at 8:59am


no way in hell of knowing

it comes off as great sci-fi

Comment by Alex Cortes on June 6, 2012 at 8:42am

I am always amazed by these types of post, it reads as a third person account of a first person experience(not possible).  Sorry but some very personal information is being presented as fact regarding someone when there truly is no way in hell of know if these things ever even occurred to Mr.. Kettler.....great read if nothing else but to me it comes of as great sci-fi.

Comment by Keith H on June 6, 2012 at 3:03am

Not the same site I had read before, but will look for that link.

This blog post came from another suggest reading that one 1st.

1st thing I would like to point out is negative background on Kettler, to me that is very characteristic of the strategy of GLP and debunking.

2nd FWH won't do interviews, because he says he fears for his life. lol

One of his comments - really find this hard to believe:

"Asket is not replying to messages, nor am I relaying any to her; she has work to do, like, oh, trying to stop a major attack in two days. I did not say it was not possible to phone or connect to the net via beamship. Of course it is. Just as you can off-world. On my site stats alone I see several ISP addresses from the moon and Mars."

Cheryl, how many off-world ISP's have you ran across?

More comments by FWH:

"... the Cabal is desperate to get WW3 under way before Acension…they had wanted it back in 2006-7 but each false flag attempt has been thwarted either by the White Hats witin the Pentagon and CIA, or the Plejarans and Andromeadans."

Tolec works very closely with the Andromedan Council; aren't  they the same entity?

Refuses to answer any direct questions about Tolec. Had only 6 posts in May, mostly individuals asking unanswered questions.

Kettler and Tanaath of the Silver Legion did say to watch the channeled messages for changes after May 20th, in addition to stating the 95% of the channeled messages are actually from the Dark Side.

Kettler and Tannaath claim they don't channel, but are in contact directly.

FWH is the only one saying this. In my opinion, a fly-by-night disinfo artist with Govt funding.


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