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OPERATION GREEN LIGHT IS NOW IN FULL SWING SAYS DRAKE Military to start arrests right away. More transscrips just added

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Here are more notes I received in email.  I highlighted some stuff not mentioned before.........

The military has told Drake "This is Green Light." Notes for Drake Call of 6/27/2012 Latest News The military has told Drake "This is Green Light." The spirit of the call was like freedom bells ringing throughout, once Drake said the green light had been given by the military. Notes from Drake call of 6/27/2012 G20 meeting was all about the NWO takeover. 12 false flags around the U.S. had been planned, including nuclear devices, for October (maybe a rerun of last year's "October Surprise" that didn't happen), so there would be no elections. They've been handled. According to the ET's, "the cavalry is coming." They will take care of things. "Sit back and watch the fireworks." They'll call on the military only if needed. "We have won." With mass arrests and removals from office, the MSM may not have a choice about reporting it. Yesterday and today Drake got his answer from the military: They have the paperwork and it's been submitted correctly. The majority of the states have submitted notification that they are free of the corporate govt. The military can take action on behalf of the people against the corporation. The military will begin supporting the vets as they should be. Get some cash out of banks, though no major interruptions are expected. Drake has been given a day for the event–this week. (I assume that means in the next 3 days, and possibly tomorrow or Friday.) He thinks the military has finally gotten the idea that if they didn't act, the people would. Every time the opposing forces have tried to do a trial run with air vehicles, they've been met by superior forces and told to land. Lady Dragon reporting: FBI was on CNN about braking up a large child prostitution ring. The audit the fed bill made positive progress today. There was a unanimous vote in the House in favor of it, something unheard of in the past. Cobra also confirmed things are working well and to remain calm. Drake again: The politicians are seeing the handwriting on the wall. Some of them will be lucky to retain their lives. Break Drake again. The military has told Drake "This is Green Light." It will be posted on his website after this call. Many other countries are watching us. They feel if we can do it, they can too. England and the European Union are having extreme duress maintaining life support. G20 said they would cut all financial ties to other countries. The European Union is on its own. The E.U. was the prototype of the NWO. A lot of the money that should be going into our highways has been going into the trans-America highway for the North American Union (Mexico/US/Canada). (From the nature of the call, we can probably assume that that won't happen.) He suggests that the U.N. will begin to have some very difficult problems very shortly because they're following globalist policies. They will be terminated as they are and be reinstated according to the original plans for it. It was taken over by the globalists. The religions (religiosity) will be attended to shortly also. The E.T.'s will give us the true story that's been denied us. He did some checking with other countries about what's going down and got confirmation there too. He said the military will go mainstream with this as soon as they can. They're listening to these calls to ensure that the info is being put out correctly. They wanted Drake to be educating the public about this coming event. They'll also be using some people well known to "out" the info. Wanted freedom and militia communities to be reached, so they wouldn't take action unless necessary. Canada will have to determine if they will cooperate or not. The central banking system on this continent will be closed, which includes Canada too. So they'll be up against hundreds of other countries wanting them to cooperate if they don't comply. The notification process (declaring our independence from the corporate U.S. government) to the Hague set us free from the other ties and treaties contrary to the American documents–Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence. Nullification of all former contracts which are contrary to these documents. Listen to traffic stations for possible slow downs. All things that are contrary to the best interests of the people will be attended to, including courts, judges, etc. Women will be much more in charge. Governments start wars, not people. There will be major changes coming. The legalities will be changed. Finance will be changed. "Eventually we may not need money." Individual rights will be reinstated. Attending to the needs of our brothers and sisters will become standard. IRS will be going. People in prison because of them will be released. (Minute Man's Well Regulated American Militias website) We have cut ties with England, City of London, and other controlling places like that. Vatican Bank has serious financial problems. Been cut off largely (called the Northern Connection). That's been severed. Federal Reserve goes out. Was asked when E.T.'s might make an appearance? A time has been given but he must hold that info for now. He suggested a week's supply of food; stock up on necessities in case of interruption. Take two weeks of money out of bank account. May have hits and misses in terms of deliveries. May have some food shortages due to delivery issues. He has update on Neil Keenan and the various financial law suits but can't say it now. It may become public before he can say. A traveler told a caller that their flight was sent to Las Vegas and couldn't land in Denver because the military were arresting several hundred people there. Drake has been in "school" for about a month learning how to communicate with the E.T.'s, through imagery and thought. They will be sharing that with us, so we can better communicate with us. There have been an unusual number of flights leaving the Dover (England) airport today. The Queen was wearing "green" today. (We wondered if there was a connection to "green light" there.) Drake said since he has been allowed to go public with this, Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh could do the same. They both have Drake's email if they want more details. When military determines we are free, church bells will be ringing. Military doesn't have much respect for B.O. He hasn't been listening to them. Govt. checks should continue as expected. May get larger. NESARA law will be publicly discussed and perhaps enlarged. We have a bright and shining future. Central banking system will go out in the near future

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Comment by Keith H on June 30, 2012 at 11:40am
Paul, sense a little anger in your statements. Let me pose a few questions to you Do you believe ET's don't exist? 90% of your own brain you don not even use, what do youbthink this capacity is for? Do you believe in ESP? Don't you think it is possible for someone to learn this capability?
Because you have't experienced this ability does not mean it is not true.
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 30, 2012 at 11:31am

It was the way you expressed it, Paul, that's all.  Stop wanting and hoping to be saved by others... sounded like you are telling us, rather than just expressing your opinion.  In the cyberworld things can easily be misunderstood so we try to be sensitive to how we say things.  Otherwise, yes, there is free expression here. 

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 30, 2012 at 10:24am

The Andromedans are adamant that they are not our saviors.  They expect us to help liberate this planet. They also understand that we need help to break free of the bondage we are in. 

Comment by Keith H on June 30, 2012 at 10:20am
Paul, what other options do we have at this point? We have been exploited to the Nth degree. You do have a point about a Savior. so many other sources have said we are to feeble to defend ourselves.
We don't have all the information to make educated decisions.
That is why off-world entities have finally agreed to help rid the Earth of these negative forces.
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 30, 2012 at 10:04am

Paul, you are welcome to believe as you choose; however, don't make others feel wrong for believing as they choose to do.  You are right that being prepared is all we can do at this point.

Comment by Keith H on June 30, 2012 at 8:46am
FrOm what I have Been reading, I think the MSM will be the key for evidence of the arrests. Without the MSM downfall, we and the sheeple will never know.
Comment by Jacks on June 30, 2012 at 5:36am

This is Great News Can't Wait till it's on main stream News So will be Visualizing that!

I have noted the ChimTrail planes where being taken out by the ET's and replaced for awhile with Holographic Planes/ et type Now they are also gone in the area.

Cheers Everyone

Comment by Rosemary S on June 30, 2012 at 12:07am

I did listened to Drake's radio show. If the US breaks all treaty signed with Mexico and Canada, we will be in trouble. So much of our economy is base on US-Canada partnership. We have a right wing government which is leaning toward a NWO mentality. Our prime minister has reprimanded the Euro Zone for not doing enough to help the banks. I am aware that we have a treaty called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). If this goes, we will have massive unemployment here, because the US will put back tariffs on Canadian and Mexican goods.

Chrys, I will try to think positive thoughts even if it will be hard to do.

Comment by Weiynala of Styx on June 28, 2012 at 9:12pm

Just got here... I am stunned and almost in a state of euphoria.  If any of this is really true... It's been so long.  It's been our lives.  We've never really known true Freedom and Peace.  Visualizing your suggestions Chrys will be so easy.  I can definitely do this. 

Mary your description of what your husband reported to you is significant.  I only hope those cattle cars are for the bad dudes.  Why would they need Stealth Bombers?  That is a bit unsettling. 

We have had two incidents here in the last week, the 2nd was yesterday.  We saw a mid-sized black helicopter flying just above the tree tops, moving fast and heading in the direction of Grayling's Military base. It flew directly over our house. I wonder if there is any connection.  We just went grocery shopping, and filled up on gasoline.  We'll stock up on water tomorrow.  I think we are ready.  We don't have pay TV, so we depend on what we hear on this Ning.  Thanks to all for posting.  We are pretty excited about all this.

And a huge thank you to Cheryl for sending out the email to alert us. 

Comment by Byron wilkins on June 28, 2012 at 7:05pm

Im on it CHRYS



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