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Video Uploaded by 9Nania on Jan 11, 2012

The liklihood that there will be another megaquake and axis shift on march 22, 2012 is very high. In my opinion, the cause of these shifts is a massive celestial object moving inward from the 9 o'clock orientation of the solar system/ springtime/ constellations Leo-Orion.

The effects on the planet are directly correlated to Earth's orientation relative to the massive object, with shifts of Earth's axis occuring every 377 days, and significant Earthquakes every 188-9 days.

There is a chance the shift could occur sooner, IF the celestial object makes entry into the inner solar system, thus changing it's orientation relative to Earth. But there is no way to determine this without an infrared telescope and trained astronomers, of which, only the elites have access to, and they have developed a policy of secrecy on the topic. So information is hard to come by.

Better to be prepared now, but at the very least, leave danger zones before March 22nd.

There are  some researchers  out there who are presenting some  convincing arguments for the next 188 day pattern cycle to be on the strong side of the earthquake magnitude spectrum.

I will explain somewhat how this is possible by giving everybody a most simple visual  explanation what might be going on with these 188 day patterns.

Picture this heavy mass object (H.M.O.)  out there in the region where some show it moving in the constellation of Leo!

Now lets say your head represents this Heavy Mass Object!

Now lets say you have a Yo-Yo (The Earth) near your mouth and you are holding the string end that is  wrapped around it in your teeth; this Yo-Yo is the earth; and lets say the Sun is somewhere  around your  stomach region!

The Yo-Yo (earth) is let out all the way on the string  every six months where it reaches down to the ground and then it retracts upwards again in another six months up towards your head or where the Heavy Mass Object is in space in Leo!!

Now lets take this into applying it to our 188 day earthquake pattern!

The first major earthquake took place when the earth (yo-yo) was up near your head (near Heavy Mass Object) as our planet went around the Sun and positioned itself in front of this Heavy Mass Object  in the direction of the Leo Constellation!

The Date was February 27, 2010, with a magnitude 8.8 megaquake in Concepcion, Chile--The earth shifted axis by 3 + inches!

Then 6 months later or 188 days  to be exact, the earth yo-yo went down on its string orbit all the way around the Sun until it reached its furthest  position away from the Heavy Mass Object but still in perfect alignment with  both the Sun and the Heavy Mass Object------>

On this date of September  4, 2010 there was a lesser major earthquakes at Christchurch, New Zealand of magnitude 7.1!!

No Pattern Yet!!! Right? Read On!!

Then 6 months later or to be exact 188 days, the earth yo-yo came back around the Sun and approached the closest position to the Heavy Mass Object that was again in the Leo Constellation; and as a result(possibly) another Mega-Earthquake on March 11, 2011 at Sendai, Japan of magnitude 9.0--this time the earth axis shifted 4 or more inches!!

You see this possible Heavy Mass Object  was both in line with the Earth and the Sun and the Earth; except on the closer returns the earth yo-yo was in alignment BETWEEN the Sun and the heavy mass object. That was with the Chile and Japan earthquakes consequtively!

Now we go forward 6 more months or to be exact 188 days, and the earth yo-yo again is farthest away from the Heavy Mass Object-but with the Sun and the Earth still in direct alignment----->

The Date was September 15, 2011 and the location was Fiji in the Pacific with a magnitude earthquake of 7.3!

We now see a pattern for both sets of earthquakes!

1) Chile, Mega-earthquake  while earth is nerest Heavy Mass Object on February 27, 2010

2) New Zealand-Major Earthquake while earth is furthest from Heavy Mass Object on September 4, 2010

3) Japan-Mega-Earthquake when earth is nearest Heavy Mass Object on March 11, 2011

4) Fiji-Major Earthquake while earth is furthest from Heavy Mass Object on September 15, 2011

The two closest earthquakes are the earth axis changing events :  8.8    >   9.0!!

The two furthest away earthquake events are still major because of the alignment with the Sun and the Earth and the Heavy Mass Object together producing:    7.1  >   7.3!!!!

So now we are left to wonder what will happen next on this 188 day pattern!

The way to determine if this pattern will hold true is to watch for an increase of widespread earthquakes  all over the world from December  2011 onward!! That is the midpoint on the 188 day pattern which brings the earth yo-yo back up again and our planet is curving around the Sun and returning to the side of the Sun where the Sun  and the earth and the Heavy Mass Object will be in close alignment to each other again!

The Date will be this March 22, 2011!

Since it is on the closer side in relation to this Heavy Mass Object there is a possibility that  there could be an earthquake triggered of a magnitude 9.2 + or greater with an earth axis shift of 5 or more inches!!

Now this is only a possibility and not in any way a probability or prediction!

Some researcher has stated that there is no one in history who has ever predicted the date and magnitude and degree of axis shift of any earthquake event! So I highly doubt if anyone should hold their breath on this 188 day pattern!

The next 188 day pattern from March 22, 2012 will end up on a very special jewish feast. The event is called the Day of Atonement---the date is September 25, 2012!

If this March 22, 2012  the 188 day pattern hold true and I mean a big "If"; then the earthquake  event on September 25, 2012 would be on the farthest end away from this Heavy Mass Object ; but in straight alignment with the Earth-Sun-and H.M.O.!!

There was an increase of earthquakes beginning in December of 2011 and from the 8th to the 16 there were a whole series of major earthquakes during that time period!

If this trend continues through January 2012 and just intensifies as we get closer and closer to the March 22, 2012 date then  there may be truely something to this 188 day pattern afterall!

Revelation 6:12 describes a mega-earthquake taking place on the earth wherein every island and mountain will be jolted in its place to some degree!!

This will be during or just after a Full Moon phase! In March 2012 the Full Moon falls on the 8th; and  unless there is some asteroid impact or comet debris falling to the earth at that time this sixth seal will not be fulfilled on March 22, 2012.

It is going to take more then a Mega-earthquake to fulfill the sixth seal prophecy in Revelation 6:12 onward!

For a more indepth study of this next 188 day pattern read the article called The 188 Day Cycle Explained on

Also study the Visual Chart entitled, "Where Is Nibiru Now? 188 Day Cycle Continues-Lookout March 22, 2012"!

Remember this is only a theory and not a prediction! These other researchers may put more weight on this March 22, 2012 date, but no one can make such a prediction based on man's own mathmatics!!

This is not in anyway a rapture date!! More like a possible Mega-Earthquake event!!!

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Comment by Yamkin on September 23, 2012 at 6:41am

We are now approaching the next 188 day cycle which falls on the 26th September 2012 +/- . Magnitude(s) 7.0 + could strike around this date.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on March 23, 2012 at 2:33pm

Thanks, Wayne.  Very interesting indeed.  I was thinking yesterday that if the 188-day cycle is correct, that the history goes back to the beginnings of recorded earthquakes, then it's not an outside influence causing them.  Maybe the outside influence (solar activity, Planet X, heavy mass object, galactic cloud, etc.) is making the quakes more powerful, perhaps.

Comment by Wayne Leallen Chipman on March 23, 2012 at 1:34pm

Hi Cheryl,

I started with a Homolosine Map, I feel it gives the best view of the World on a flat surface. Plus it was what I had.

When I plotted Conception, Christ Church and Sendai onto it, I just naturally drew equidistant lines and it landed on the Oregon coast. And it looks like a Perfect Parallelogram.

In reality it is not. Now Ndoi was out of the sequence as far as the Fourth Corner of the Earth, and it was pointing in the direction of Christ Church from Sendai. Working off of Latitude and Longitude coordinates.

Subtract Sendai to Ndoi from Sendai to Christ Church, then add the difference to Sendai to Oregon coast and it makes the parallelogram work out.

Compute it out and the Diagonals almost touch the Equator and they line up with Israel. Give the Earths crust a little twist and it would line up perfectly.

Sendai to Christ Church = Conception to San Francisco

Sendai to Ndoi = Sendai to San Francisco

As far as I can tell the Lord did not have this last one due in sequence happen, so people can give up the idea a Planet, Star or Comet is doing this. Some of the Prophecy I have read also points to an Earthquake triggering San Francisco.

It gives me and many others more time to prepare.

People who would not listen before are now listening, kind of funny when I and everyone else predicted wrong.

God always delays Judgment.

Have a great day


Comment by Cheryl Nelson on March 23, 2012 at 12:47am

Hi Wayne, and welcome!  I'm curious.  How does Ndoi (To Know) signify an Oregon coast quake? 

The Mexico quake happened on 3/20.  Don't know if that one is a precursor to a larger one like Japan last year.  There's a theory with the 188-day cycle that there is an 8- to 15-day fluctuation period so we don't know how this one will play out.  Once Mexico is done, I've seen a pattern in these quakes that could shove the next one up to the PNW/Canada/Aleutians. 

Comment by Wayne Leallen Chipman on March 18, 2012 at 8:13pm

I have an article on it. On

The Fourth Earthquake in the 188 day cycle hit Ndoi, Fiji. 

Doi Kanoe is an alternate name for Ndoi, which translates into " To Know "

This signifies the Oregon Coast Quake, and then leads to the San Francisco Quake.

I have spent Hundreds if not Thousands of hours studying all the Scientific, and Prophetic articles I can find.

These Earthquakes are going at 188 days and 13 hours and some minutes on a regular basis.

The Names;

Conception-- The Begininning

Christ Church- This one is obvious

Sendai- Thousand Generations or Festival / Jubilee

Nsoi- Doi Kanoe- To Know also God always tarries before passing Judgment and the Ndoi, Fiji was not in line to be the big one.

This is well beyond mere coincidence, just from a Science standpoint. When you add Bible prophecy into the equation it becomes quite obvious what is going to happen. I only touched on the math involved, others have carried it a little further.

Our President was trying to split the land of Israel, the Bible says our Nation will be split for trying that.

Our Navy is sending her fleets out to the open Sea, many of our bases are being emptied, while the Government is starting an exercise on the 22nd.

The things that were said and done after 9/11 played right up to what is happening now.

Our chances of winning a conventional War with Russia, China and Iran is Nil. We have no manufacturing capability. Our Leaders ( And I use that term loosely ) are Insane, they will go to Nukes very early in the game,

We have to be Crippled before the War.

Most, including me have thought that the Seven years of Tribulation was the shortened part God talked about. He has shortened the beginning not the end of the seven years. We have been in the time of sorrows for a while now, everything is going to start happening at a very alarming rate.

I wish I were wrong on this, I would hope that people would tell me I am a fool come April.

Comment by Wayne Leallen Chipman on March 18, 2012 at 6:18pm

Very early around 1:00 to 2:am, on March 22nd 2012. The coast of Oregon will be hit by a 9,2 or higher ( Most likely a 9.7 ) Shortly thereafter another large, maybe larger Quake will hit the San Francisco area. The Math points to these to spots.

 After that I would think that the next one will hit center of USA, or the New Madrid Fault.

America is going to wake up that day to a very different Country.

WWIII is very soon. What is wrong with America, I believe in the Constitution. The Federal Government is not the Government of our Country. Read the Constitution.  Lobby Money is Bribery, which is High Treason. Short Trial then Hang all of them. If the Government is Broke then take the Money from Lincoln,s Descendants and every President's descendants since then except for JFK's. The only President since Lincoln not to sell out.

Hell is not a bad enough spot for Lincoln, Roosevelt and Wilson.

Comment by Kim B on March 14, 2012 at 2:37pm

I always have quakes in the forefront thanks to the 6.0 Virginia quake of last summer.

Comment by Alex Cortes on March 14, 2012 at 1:15pm

Spare time should equal prep should be the first thought of each day and the last of each evening.  And keep in mind that prepping has nothing to do with fear.  Its simply being practical considering the changes we are witnessing lately, regardless of the cause.   

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on March 14, 2012 at 12:34pm

Take this as another reason to keep preparing because we don't know when or where the next quake will strike.


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