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I guess my turn-the-other-cheek philosophy was frustrating her plan to be "brutually honest" about me if I spoke out. (She did threaten me with this.) Her trigger finger has been itching maniacally since May and, seeing that I wasn't going to give her any reason to shoot, she took matters into her own hands. A huge mistake on her part.

I don’t know why she is so threatened by me, after all when I was there all I did was do my job. Maybe she’s having issues with not being the only contactee on Earth who gets invited to holographic presentations or communicates with the Zetas. Big whatever.

However, I do have the right to defend my reputation, especially since she has waxed so prolix and venomous. Parts 1 and 2 of my rebuttal will review some pertinent history with supporting documentation. Part 3 will directly rebut her allegations and summarize my rebuttal.

Now, a message to her spies...why not read it for yourself before deciding to turn it over to her? You just might decide you don't want to be used to do her dirty work any longer.

I do want to clarify that this is not about the Zetas in any way. This is solely about the Red Queen and her atrocious behavior. I am still a Zeta fan, though I suspect some ZetaTalk may be NancyTalk.

[UPDATE 07/13/17: After the revelation that was disclosed in the update to this Rebuttal in 2012, my suspicion that NancyTalk was being promoted as ZetaTalk was proven.  I no longer am a fan of what she considers the Zetas to be, and haven't been for years, as I think whatever benevolent group she may have possibly been in contact with departed and she's been winging it on her own since.  There may be some truth in the pre-2003 Zetatalk, but Nancy has muddied the water so effectively with her alter-ego Zetatalk that it is hard to know what that truth might be.  I continue to believe Nancy and Zetatalk are a government psyops operation.  Professor James McCanney opined years ago that he thought she worked for NASA.]

There is so much complexity to this matter that even focusing on just the more substantive issues has turned this rebuttal into a massive, time-consuming project. Thus, it was released in parts. However, today, July 29, 2010, it is complete. She has only herself to blame.








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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on July 30, 2010 at 6:17pm
Good news! Ronnie is back! Yay!
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on July 30, 2010 at 3:50pm
Satire, Robert Black. Yes, there is plenty of room in cyberspace for lots of websites such as these two. That is why the attacks were so ridiculous and need to stop. Hopefully they will now. Thus, they were not irrelevant and foolish. The rebuttal had a purpose, to present proof to rebut the false accusations and to give people the truth so that they can make up their own minds about the situation. Many people were hurt by the other ning.
Comment by edina on July 30, 2010 at 9:18am
Hey Scoot, I think we've learned that we are all grown up, and we can all handle ourselves and the so-called riff-raff you speak about. There is enormous room here for people be perfectly imperfect in their humanity. We make mistakes, we apologise, we forgive, we're an honest bunch of folk. We just expect respect. And I think you'll see, this works out just fine. See ya round Scooter. e :)
Comment by Brad Leathery on July 30, 2010 at 8:23am
I have finally had time to read this blog.
Cheryl, you have a right to defend yourself. You have my vote.
To the trouble makers: You have a right to express your opinions! That is exactly the atmosphere intended here! If you will explore further you will find that there are few, if any, mindless followers here. Please keep it civil and respectful. That is all that is asked of all of us! Peace.
To Ronnie: Come back! I miss you already. :(
Comment by Scooter Rayne on July 30, 2010 at 2:59am
Ah, too bad I missed the gunfight. So, what have we learned here, folks? Well Cheryl, you've fashioned this site, now you must deal with the riff-raff. If you are determined to let everybody in, without kicking them out, it will only escalate and become worse. But if you choose who comes'll be like the other site of which you frown upon.

Oh my, what to do?
Comment by edina on July 30, 2010 at 12:14am
Great RB, I like your sense of humor. It's wise not to assume too much in the people you meet. Sometimes we can get stuck in our habits. I'm looking forward to learning more about you. It's way past this old ladies bedtime, we'll talk more, over time. Good night RB, e
Comment by edina on July 29, 2010 at 11:44pm
Interesting, thanks for sharing, your photo does look like you like to challenge people. It's felt pretty confrontational here today, just the same, welcome aboard, I'm open to getting to know you better, but I do like being treated with respect.

I don't know if I'm so comfortable though, but then again, I'm not necessarily disturbed, at least, I hope I'm not... :)

BTW, it'll take some time for you to get to me, but I'm pretty certain that when you do, you will realise I'm not a follower, a sheep, or whatever, I'm just a free agent soul, tripping about in the universe, and I undoubtedly have a mind of my own. Just like you. :)

There is a blog that Hung Le started where people share why they came here. I love to see your comment there. Thanks RB, see ya round, e
Comment by Coedwig the Druid on July 29, 2010 at 11:39pm
I love it! I may have to use that quotation Robert.
Comment by edina on July 29, 2010 at 11:33pm
Hey RB, I remember your photo from the Pole Shift Ning, :), it really stands out, tell me more about yourself. e
Comment by Coedwig the Druid on July 29, 2010 at 11:28pm
Just can't let it go can you! You should be ashamed!


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