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“All petitions have been granted.” But // Example of a petition to the Karmic Board

The Seven Sacred Weeks

El Morya
Carrying Out Petitions (Karmic Board)

Visualizing and looking upon the replica of the planet Earth as created by Helios and Vesta before imperfection was imposed on it, at the Tetons, you all were amazed at its beauty and perfection. At inner levels again many took vows standing before the Karmic Board, beloved Portia as the spokeswoman. These vows are activities that should be fulfilled in a six-month period. Some have questioned why we have said on several occasions, “All petitions have been granted.” Let me make this clear to you now, once and for all, so that you understand that if a dispensation is granted it does not always manifest.

You can be granted a license to operate a business, but if you never raise your hand to do anything about it, your license runs out and your business is not manifest and expressed. Right! This is exactly the same thing in regard to the activities of the petitions presented to the Karmic Board. Although a petition is granted, whether to your own dear selves or one of the hierarchs of any Ascended Master Focus, that gives them, or you, or any group of people wheresoever they may be, opportunity and cooperation with other individuals, ascended and unascended – to follow through to victorious accomplishment on your cosmic license or to remain with the license in your hand and allow the precious energies to be dissipated before manifestation occurs.
Journal 5, The Bridge to Freedom, AMTF
Remember dear friends, it's time to make your petition with your individual and collective requests! From June 15 to July 14, the semi-annual council is held at the great retreat established in the Rocky Mountains. Until June 30, the Masters and the Brotherhood will generally be engaged in the preliminary councils, during which various proposed plans are presented in order to secure the interest and cooperation of as many individuals as possible. The Karmic Lords are available to receive your petitions from June 10 to July 5, and the remaining days are dedicated to the delegation of powers.

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Comment by Wm on June 23, 2018 at 1:36pm

The Seven Sacred Weeks

I was with Saint Germain tonight and the Master drew my attention to the petitions made to the Karmic Board which I wish to share with you.

The Master told me that we should be aware, and especially concise, when we wrote our petition. For, He has observed, many students who ask for help and solution to certain conditions in their lives, but the same ones, personally, do not work at all to solve them.

Saint Germain said to me, "If you ask for the cure of a physical illness, it is expected by the Lords of Karma and the Ascended Host that you at least make daily healing decrees, whether it be for you or a loved one or a friend. If you ask for financial stability, then you are expected to make decrees of opulence (supply). If you ask for a collective cause, for example, that corruption is completely dissolved from the political world, then we expect you, even if, weekly, to make calls for it to be done. If you ask for abortions to be reduced, we hope you will, often call for such. If you ask for a perfect relationship, you have to call for it, think about it often. So be careful not to ask for a support, a solution, a protection from Divine Providence if you are not ready to make your conscious effort in the physical and tangible world for what you have asked for. Therefore, I can only advise you and all open hearts, to be concise in your petitions. Choose one, two or three items at most in relation to your individual needs, to help those you love, and also to the planet. But in whatever you have asked for the Karmic Board, do your part! This is a mature and conscious posture. This is taking responsibility for what you want. This is wisdom. And when we act wisely, nourishing what we desire with our love, then the power of God, the Mighty I AM Presence, flows to make everything we want, a visible and tangible reality in our worlds. But never expect to receive the support and radiation of the Ascended Host if you do not your part, in the first place."

So my beloved ones, be conscious and concise in your petitions, and in what you ask for interference from the Lords of Karma, remember to strive, within your possibilities here below, at least to make the decrees, affirmations and visualizations to obtain what you want, whether personal or collective to the planet.

In the Service of Light,

Morgan Le Fay.

Comment by Wm on June 21, 2018 at 8:04pm

The Seven Sacred Weeks

Example of a petition to the Karmic Board
Frankfurt, March 21, 2018

Beloved Lords of Karma, may my love enfold you in gratitude for the assistance that this planet, humanity and all beings receive from your merciful and loving hearts always.

Through my individual application and my service here in this octave, I wish to present to the Karmic Board, my petition for the next six months, with requisitions for my personal development, to help those who are dear to me, and to contribute to the expansion of light for the whole planet.

Individually I ask for:

- Support to clearly perceive the difference between: to know, to dare, to do and to be silent. And know how to apply this correctly in every situation in my daily routine.
- Support, protection and resources to fulfill my divine plan.
- Support to find a way to become financially independent.
- Strength and balance to sustain and expand the work of seven cosmic rays on this planet.
- Understanding to carry my Higher Mental Body with the ability to give unlimited and immediate support to all who are connected to me and need help in such a way that I do not feel more physically exhausted.

Requirements for the ones I love:

- That the Violet Flame can involve everyone, dissolving their karmic and emotional barriers, especially their internal fears. In such a way, that they can clearly perceive the light of their Inner Presences and in this Presence they always focus until they are ascended and free.
- May the healing currents of Master Hilarion's Heart descend upon all those attached to me, who are in need now, especially to my mother, and to her sick eye. May she and all receive the healing they need and that all may receive internal enlightenment, so that healing can be sustained.
- That my Facebook pages be a focus, always expansive, of the Light of the Ascended Masters, bringing all connected to me, the necessary information, so that they are illuminated every day always more.

Collectively for the planet I ask for:

- That all necessary dispensations be granted so that the axis of the planet earth can return to its original position, and that this be given harmoniously, avoiding great cataclysms and human suffering.
- A fair, intelligent and efficient solution to the problem of immigrants and refugees worldwide.
- A dispensation for a pure, perfect and powerful focus of the Ascended Masters in Brazil.
- That all the patterns that generate conflicts and wars be withdrawn from human minds and hearts.
- That the law of free will be annulled individually and in groups, whenever this is used to create discord and destruction on this planet.
- That the Cosmic Angel in whose crown is written the word "Union" can pour that quality in, through, and around every student of light on this planet, dissolving all conflicts between ideas and dispensations.

I end here, thanking you, my beloved Lords of the Karma and Ascended Masters Friends, for the fulfillment of my previous petitions, for all the resources and supports I received. My heart surrounds all the Lords of Karma, all my Ascended Masters Friends, and specially my immediate sponsor - Saint Germain. I am grateful to have Thy Presences and Assistance always.

In the Name, Power, and Authority of God, the Almighty,
May the Will of God be fulfilled in my life and on Earth.

With my deepest love and recognition of the Mighty I AM Presence as the Only Power and Intelligence which rules in my life and in the whole universe,


"I AM"
Morgan Le Fay
Note: Write the letter, preferably by hand, using a blue, gold, pink, green or violet pen. Read each day before going to bed until 5 July. Then keep the petition in an envelope. At the end of the year, when you make a new one, open this envelope and read your petition again, making a sincere analysis, whether there has been achievement or progress on what you asked for, if you have done your best to make your requests come true, etc. Then burn the same, keeping with you, always the current petition.


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