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Ascended Master Serapis Bey

Today, Friday We Honor Ascended Master Serapis Bey ~ Chohan of the Fourth Ray of God’s Purity of The Alignment of the Four Lower Bodies and the Ascension. Serapis Bey is over lighted in the area of Luxor, Egypt, an Etheric Retreat of the Brotherhood and Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope has an Etheric Retreat over Sacramento and Mount Shasta, California, USA., Elohim Purity and Lady Complement Astrea hails over the Southeast arm of the White Sea, Russia and they are waiting for your calls to them today. They exemplify the color and vibration of White.

Ascended Master Serapis Bey Imparts upon us the following:

“The turning of the cosmic wheel takes place in rhythmic cycles of approximately two thousand years each. Thus, one complete revolution embodies a major cycle of fourteen thousand years. The planet Earth, and the angelic, human and elemental kingdoms evolving upon it, are the recipients of the outpouring of a specific and powerfully concentrated force during each two-thousand-year cycle, and all the development through the three kingdoms, which contribute to the expansion of the Kingdom of God, becomes the heritage of the race, being held in the inner spheres by the Chohan of each Ray until the complete revolution of the cosmic wheel allows the Seventh Ray the opportunity to draw forth and present the combined harvest of the entire fourteen-thousand-year cycle.”  On this planet we are privilegded with the Angelic, Elemental and Human Kingdoms to witness such events that are taking place now. 

“We are at this point today, and as the Seventh Ray is just at the beginning of its reign, the fully-gathered momentum that has been attained by all beings, powers, and legions of light through the past twelve thousand years, will be drawn upon the stage of life through the combined endeavors of the Perfected Beings who have climbed the ladder of evolution while any one of the preceding rays was active.” The Seventh Ray of Saint Germain’s endeavor to enlighten the planet with Freedom, Mercy and Forgiveness for the planet Earth through the Christ Consciousness in every being on this blessed planet.  

In this era we enjoy a triple activity:

We have the natural outpouring of the Seventh Ray itself, we are the fortunate recipients of the gifts of the foregoing six rays, and we take part in the closing of the major cycle of fourteen thousand years, when the First and Seventh Rays meet— Alpha and Omega. Thus, the immortal words, “IT IS FINISHED,” spoken by Jesus the Christ in his role of Cosmic Christ will be the stamp of eternal confirmation on the planet Earth’s victorious evolution.” The First Ray under the direction of Ascended Master El Morya who has endeavored the protection of Perfection, Faith, and The Will of God joined with our beloved Saint Germain of the Seventh Ray and his plight for Freedom, Mercy and Forgiveness for our blessed planet and the culmination of Alpha and Omega sums it up to God Victorious Evolution on Planet Earth!

Printz, T. (1994). The Bridge To Freedom Journal Book One. Mount Shasta, Calif.: Ascended Master Teaching Foundation. pg. 112-113

Friday’s Affirmation:

I Am Purity

I AM Locked into the Purity of the Sphere of the Mother’s heart

Flow, flow, flow, O Purity from the heart of the Sun! Let Life flow! Let Life flow! Let Life flow! Here in the heart of the Earth, let the energies in the white fire core spiral forth! Now!

Prayer for Today:

Beloved Mighty God-Victorious Presence of Almighty Life within me: O BLAZE through me now thy Ascension Flame from thine own heart and the heart of beloved Serapis Bey and the Brotherhood of Luxor! Let thy Light Blaze throughout my entire soul and four lower bodies until all impurity, negative hereditary traits, harmful momentums, and shadows are removed with their causes and cores. Purify and Transmute (3x) and send forth this energy into my causal body as God’s glorious ascended Light Radiance Now! (3x)

It Is Done, And So It Is! Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM

Prophet, M. & E.C.,  Summit Lighthouse Publications, pg. 342, 357


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