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Book: Dictations by the Ascended Masters Lord Gautama's Discourse of April 18, 1957

Beloved Lord Gautama tells us about the great responsibility of being the Lord of the World :

When it was told to me that my own Causal Body was prepared to take upon myself the responsibility of enfolding this entire planet and all her evolutions in sufficient peace and mastery so that Sanat Kumara could return to his star, I felt the responsibility which the accepting of such an Office would mean. Remember, beloved ones, the Lord of the World becomes the guardian, protector, and the illuminating presence of every electron belonging to the planet for which he has been ordained to serve. An individual who comes to the place where he is considered by Cosmic Law as ready to assume the Office of the Lord of the World, has full access to the status of all the souls in that planetary system, all of the etheric substance around it, and the mental and emotional radiation from its peoples, embodied and disembodied, from its elemental life, from its nature kingdom (and in the case of Earth) the animal kingdom as well.

I can tell you that many who are offered the position of the Lord of a World do not choose to accept it when they look upon the inner vibratory action of the evolutions they are offered the joy of redeeming. But as my path has been that of renunciation, and as I began the world teaching through returning to the Earth and giving the simple doctrine of the Middle Way, when I had achieved a Causal Body equal to that of Lord Sanat Kumara, it was within my very nature to renounce nirvana again, and take upon my shoulders the responsibility for this planet’s sustenance in the solar system, which previously had been sustained through the love of the great Sanat Kumara.

An individual does not easily make such a decision, beloved ones, especially when a planet has been allowed to degenerate to the point that the Earth has, yet regeneration begins from within, out, from the very heart of your Earth to its periphery, from the very seed of divinity within your souls to its periphery, by which the light of the world increases hourly.

We are grateful in the extreme for the return of the great Sanat Kumara, who has again renounced his freedom on Venus to become a part of the balancing process during this particular period when the very Earth itself as well as its peoples are passing through certain chemicals as well as physical and inner changes.

Beloved ones, how can I speak to human minds of the type of sevice and endeavor which I have followed through so many ages? It is like talking to small children. Yet, for the privilege and the honor of establishing the radiation of this Holy Thursday of the Christ Presence, I have come, and through you each, according to your individual consciousness, shall I pass the radiation of my flame and my virtue until your souls transcend its personal nature and truly ascend into the divine. Then that divinity – expanding through you like flashing, blazing light – creates that Causal Body around your flesh form, which is the divine and immortal protection which life requires at this moment and shall require until all life is set free.

Book: Dictations by the Ascended Masters
Lord Gautama's Discourse of April 18, 1957
The Bridge to Freedom

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