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Cheryl's First QHHT Session, File #1

[Proprietary induction removed]

Saw a yellow color.  The clouds turned yellow.  Still drifting.  Soak up that frequency.  It feeds me. Through skin. Nutrients.  Soak up all those nutrients.  

I see a tank full of water, some clear liquid. Inside a spaceship. Been there before. I'm inside the tank. I'm swimming. A tall tank. It's round. But you can swim down to the bottom, it's deep. The water's not cold. I can't tell if I have feet. Hands have four fingers. Skin color kinda whitish. Sorta have nails. I can see outside of the tank. I see different things in the room, outside of the tank. Trying to find words. Tubes. Pipes and things. Some are connected to the tank, some to other things. Not sure how I'm breathing. Purpose of swimming in the tank is providing nutrients. Feeds me.  

Does it awaken you, restore you?

Yes, made better. I've seen this tank from the outside. Remember being in it before, with someone else. Looking outside the tank now, no one else is around.

Leaving this scene, staying in the life we are currently looking at. Move back a day or two. We're there.  Where are you?

Seems to be a jungle. I have some kind of boots on my feet. Seems suit is light-colored, grey or white or something.  [It was nearing dark.]  Hands have long fingers, four of them on one hand.  Sorta has nails, I guess [visual wasn't clear].

Other hand is holding something. A mechanical box. For scientific purposes. Doing something, working on, measuring. Don't know what I'm measuring for. There's danger in the jungle. The animals that live there. Others on my right side. Took my right arm, I think we're leaving. Danger there. Got enough information. We can't stay. Headed back to the ship. Go back the way we come. We had to cut through the jungle with our lasers, so the path is clear. Followed it back to ship. Ship hovering above the ground. Light beam comes down to take us.

Leaving this scene, moving into the ship.

Good to be home. Many there. It's safe. Got enough of the information we needed. 

[I noticed something missing and I relistened to the audio portion of the above and it was not there.  However, it came around the time the file was ended for #1 and #2 started in a blur, so it must have been lost in the file splitting process.  I asked my QHHT practitioner to check the original and she remembers me saying it, so it must have been deleted by accident.  It had to do with being asked how many people were in the group as we were leaving the jungle in a hurry and me saying four went down to the jungle but only three returned, and that the one who grabbed my arm to leave in a hurry wouldn't let me watch whatever was happening to the fourth team member who didn't make it back.]

UPDATE 11/17/15:  CONFIRMATION!  I found the following text in Alec Newald's book, CoEvolution.  OMG!!!!  Alec recounts a dream he had when he was ten years old, that recurred for fourteen years...

p.106  Our airborne survey craft slid silently and smoothly over the jungle below. The succulent green overlay of tropical rainforest was beginning to look as if it was not going to provide us with any area large enough to land in, let alone set up our seismic and geothermal gear.


The craft was thermionically insulated, but some of us would have to spend time on the surface and we were not looking forward to it!


"I'll go and load it up, then," I can clearly recall replying.  As I was loading the seismic gear into the tight confines of the surface interface or scout vehicle, for some reason I looked up and caught my own reflection in the highly polished night-landing light reflector. What I saw gave me a start! How could that be me? What was going on here?

All that was around me appeared familiar, but the face and body in that reflector were not! For one, my entire body, even the face, was a light blue-grey, and the whole affair was rather frail-looking as well. I looked down at my hands, and as if seeing them for the first time I stood up and held them out in front of me. The three fingers and thumb on each hand were long and delicate and had no nails. I looked back up at the reflector. The two eyes that looked back were a deep, dark blue, set about halfway down the hairless head, which looked oversized to what I felt should have been there. I reached up and touched that head. Was it really mine? Yes, I could feel it—and then the moment was gone! I was loading the rest of the equipment as if nothing had ever been amiss.  It was decided that just three of us would descend,


It was also decided that only males would be considered, even though the best geologist on board was female.


Most of the on-site information would be fed back on board anyhow, so she would be able to analyse it almost immediately. If there was going to be any danger to the ground party, there would be almost no delay in relaying the information back to us. We would not need any encouragement to clear the area. 

As we exited the mother ship we could see her silhouetted against the now clearing sky, her silver-blue bulk shimmering as she reflected the sun's rays. The huge pyramidal shape was familiar and reassuring to us as we descended to a height just above the tree tops.


"Look! See that?...It's gone...''
"What was that?...Did you see it?” came the questions from up front.  I had two faces staring back at me in wonder. "Don't worry," I replied, "the monitor will have picked it up. I'll replay it when we're down.''

Everyone's thoughts merged as all eyes were diverted to the viewing ports. We'd been here before, but there was always a surprise or two on planets that were still in their basic evolutionary infancy.

"I thought all the really big stuff was extinct...," I commented, waiting for someone to convince me this was so.


The scout craft landed vertically ...
Within an hour we had set all the instruments in place. At ground level it was now dark. We used lasers to clear the area but had set them to cut only the light vegetation, leaving the trees in place. No one saw or heard anything out of place during this time. To protect the instruments from accidental damage by wandering native livestock, and for our own piece ofmind, we had set up laser intercept lines around the external perimeter of our camp. These lasers were not set on such low cutting levels! We were there for the night, so were taking no chances.


For your reference, the area of land I am describing to you is that which used to lie to the north of what is now known as Trinidad, Tobago, Barbados and Martinique. At that time this area was part of one large land mass. A little further to the south there was a large inland sea or lake.

It was always about now that I would awaken from this dream, as if the next portion was best not remembered. I can even recall trying to write about it many years ago, but it had no context; perhaps it still does not.

Always, though, it has been the same green, steamy rainforest with me looking up at the canopy of trees and succulent tropical plants, knowing that this was Earth in some other time frame; but I was never able to remember what came next. Did I die back then due to some catastrophe of Nature? Is that why I amhere on Earth now—to complete my life cycle on this planet? Who could know?

* * *

Cheryl's First QHHT, Session File #2

Measuring earthquakes. Especially around big cities. They have plans on how they can help. Many star nations are working on it. People are talking [in the meeting]. Discussing things. Other people are being trained to help people to not be scared, not to panic. How to get away from the danger. The overall feeling of the group is tense. The dialogue is animated. A few hot tempers. I wish the bear would stop roaring. His voice is too loud, it hurts my ears. [Mammaloid from Tau Ceti.] He's roaring because no one agrees with him about what to be done. It was important to him, but nobody agreed. He's big, he's huge, he's like eight feet tall. When he gets mad, everybody knows. I'm part of the meeting. It's being productive. We're coming to decisions, things to do. Decisions on different ways things can be lessened, the effects of the changes to be lessened. Our mission is to help the people survive. It's noisy and people are arguing. But it's important. Something bad is going to happen. To Earth. And we have to find a way to stop it. We did. We deployed a number of ships with certain, I can't tell you what technology, I'm not allowed, but it did something to divert it. Something bad. People of Earth were not aware of any of this happening. Except NASA, they can see things, but they never tell. They know we are up here. This is happening during the lifetime of Cheryl being on Earth.

We are going to leave this scene. We can move forward or backward in time and space. To an important time that you believe something important is going on. Stop and look and gather information. Where are you?

I'm underwater. Spaceship parked on the bottom of the ocean. You don't feel anything when inside. I'm outside the ship right now, but I'm walking towards it. I've been looking at things. Scientific stuff. There's a crack in the seabed. I see bubbles coming up. I think we need to move the ship. I don't think anyone else is out [because I didn't see anyone] but it feels like someone is on my right side. Already told them to move the ship. All I do is think it and they know. We all know. The ship's waking up now. I have to get back inside. I just walked through the wall and I'm there. The planet's starting to come apart. Many cracks. Many earthquakes. Many energies [are hitting Earth]. Inside and outside. There's a push. There's a pull. There's more stuff, bubbles coming up. The ship is starting to move. I can see out the window. I seem to be on a viewing deck. You can see through the floor. It's transparent. I think it's the lowest part of the ship. My feet don't touch the floor. I seem to be floating over the floor. We'll be safe. This has happened before [that we had to move the ship]. Just precautionary. But the information we got was not good. More internal stresses. Plates shifting. If we don't plug it up, there'll be a big tsunami. It's so big. Big rip. We're up above the clouds. We move fast. I can see South America. The rip's off the coast, Pacific Coast, it's huge. I think we'll be able to plug it. Hard balance to strike [what's good for the Earth vs. what's good for the people]. So many factors. We do the best we can.

We're going to leave the lifetime we're looking at. We're going to move back in time and space, go back as far as you'd like to and stop at a life to examine that will provide information that will help you in your life today. We've stopped. Where are you?

Circles. Water in the circles. [Like multiple moats terraced up a hill.]  There's a pyramid.

[On 3/18/14, I stumbled upon this document and in it was the picture above, an artist's rendition of Atlantis.  It stated that Atlantis was a crystalline city and a super advanced civilization, built in the shape of concentric circles.]

UPDATE 2/4/16:  Here's an image on the cover of National Geographic:]

[Back to the regression:]  I'm wearing a long silky robe or dress or something. It's yellow. I'm wearing sandals. Female. Hands are human, have rings and jewels on them. A ring used for healing. I can draw illness out of people's bodies. It's a ring with a crystal on it. The crystal is a mother of pearl cream color [base] with rainbow colors reflecting in it. [Per the above link, "these cristals had the colours and vibrations of the 7 chakra system."  The 7 chakra system is said to be the colors of the rainbow.]

[Back to the regression:]  I'm in Atlantis. It's the center of the Earth, you know. I seem to be above it, looking down at it. The city is busy. But I look up and see dark clouds gathering on the horizon. I know it's coming. The end. The end of Atlantis. Because those that did what they shouldn't have done. Up above. I'm up above the temples, the pyramids. The earth is shaking. I think maybe I was out of my body. I could do that. I could leave my body. The clouds are far out on the horizon. Moving fast. The people know what's coming. They could leave and hope they make it somewhere else. They've known for a while. The earth started shaking and it just kept going. They knew. We couldn't hide it. I could do something about the weather, but I couldn't stop the earth from shaking. We warned the Black Ones they were going to destroy us all. They did not heed our warning. I had a healing practice. There are other priests and priestesses that worked with me. It was a good life, it was being destroyed. And there was nothing I could do to stop it. I tried. I pushed back storms. I diverted tides. But it was coming faster, now, and more powerful. And there was nothing else I could do. And I felt like it was my fault, that I failed. I felt like I had failed my people. My job was to protect them. I was very good at what I did. I protected them, as much as I could, but it wasn't enough. I know I did my best. The people [in Atlantis] knew I did my best but they still cried to me. The people looked at us like we were gods. We weren't gods. We were skilled, but we weren't gods. We couldn't deal with the magnitude of what was coming. The Black Ones had help from the outside.  They wanted destruction. I knew what they were doing. They were going against nature. To get more power. But the things they were doing were destructive. There were lines around the Earth. They were power lines, I don't know what you call them. They were doing things to them. They were amplifying them. They couldn't hold that kind of power. It was ripping the Earth. Something imploded. Something dark collapsed. Then the oceans began to roar and tried to jump into the sky. I'm back on the ground now. People are screaming and running and water is rising and it's dark everywhere. Sky is dark. Ocean is dark. Confusion. I found someone I loved laying on the ground. I tried to heal him but he doesn't come back. The wind is rising. I see the temple on the hill shaking, starting to crumble, falling down. 

[From the link above, "They [those helping the Black Ones] manipulated brother and sister civilisations like Lemuria and ancient Greece if they would not cooperate.  By using the cristal orb of Atlantis to create destructive weather conditions...trying to distort the leyline grid of mother earth...trying to separate gaia's energy body from her physical form.  This is what atomic warfare is all about...source energy."  CERN is a modern day equivalent.

[It stated further:  "Receiving in a vertical manner and built on what they call a leyline node.These nodes (junctions where leylines come together) receive vertically and spread the energy in a horizontal manner to reach every living being on earth.  Atlantis spread the frequencies by using the element: WATER. {This confirms what the Laarkmaa (Pleaidian consciousness) has said, that water is a means of communication.}  This is how the vibrations reached the homo-erectus and every living being on the land. The homo erectus ruled the element: AIR/ether. These are the days of in abundance with no in the flow of source...the NATURE of things.  No energy leaks and using the chakras correctly. The high priests/priestesses lived in the centre of the structure of the cristaline temples.They were connected to the flow of energy as we say..the spirit of GAIA/mother earth. They connected to mother and heard her call from the people of the land. This high priesthood, the ATLA-RA assisted the people of the land and were connected to what they call the second moon of Atlantis... a cristal orb...and assemblage point of energy. [I have seen, in a dream, a crystalline pyramid at the bottom of the ocean. Inside it was a crystal orb that glowed a pink color. In the dream, I hugged the outside of the pyramid, feeling great love for it. I went inside it and lay on a table near the center of the pink light. I'll ask about that in my next QHHT session.] [UPDATE 8/17/16: Crystal pyramids found underwater off the west coast of Cuba:]

[The link above further stated:  "If the people of the land needed rain they asked mother earth...the ATLA-RA "heeded" the call and "intended" (telekinesis) to move the orb above the area which needed more sun/rain etc. This cristal orb amplified the intentions of the priesthood and the elements were given to sustain an optimal life without shortages.

[Later on in the regression, it was confirmed (from a different reading I had) that I was a weather controller in Atlantis.  Continuing the excerpt from the link above:  "The homo-erectus was not aware of the presence of their "family" living at SEA. This was intended to be so that they could develop what they call free will...but always energetically guided by their higher energetic doubles/higher selves.They provided them with everything they needed...because they LOVED you recognize the Mayan IN LACK 'ECH...I am another you?"]

UPDATE 8/26/15: I stumbled upon a description of a circular city, related to the Atlantean style in Unveiled Mysteries, circa 1934, pp.98-99 (

"This is the site of an ancient city—the capital of the empire and most important place in the civilization of that period." Here, he raised his hand, and it became as clearly visible, as any physical city is today. "Notice," he explained, "how it was built in a series of circles and the business streets go out from its center, like the spokes from the hub of a wheel. The outer circles were pleasure drives built every third mile. There were seven of these making the city forty-six miles in diameter including the central circle. Thus, the business activities did not interfere with the beauty and convenience of the drives.

"The inmost circle was four miles in diameter, and within it were placed the executive buildings of the whole empire. The streets were all beautifully paved, and constructed eighteen inches to two feet below the surrounding buildings and grounds. They were flooded every morning, and washed thoroughly clean before the activities of the day began.


"Casimir Poseidon was a direct descendant—of the Mighty Ascended Master Rulers of Atlantis. In fact, the civilization over which he ruled was—a child of the Atlantean culture and attainment. His capital city was famous throughout the
world—for its magnificence and beauty.

Update 9/13/15:  Another confirmation from an independent source at

The information I got on my Atlantean counterpart, who I feel sent me the pull to go on my trip is still unfolding. I know I have at least 2 or 3 lives in Atlantis, 2 of which are quite dark/destructive. I also have one as a man and this is who I am in contact with now, through time-space. That is the awesome part about connecting with other incarnations who are multidimensionally tapped in, you can assist each other as friends and soul parts! He told me he is an architect and builds temples and structures, using the ley lines and energy points on Earth. He was one of the main builders of Bimini Road, which is why it had such impact on me. He could feel the destructive corruption taking place, which he spoke out about, thus he had to flee for his life and away from the imminent destruction of the first fall.

Update 11/27/18:

Confirmations of the bad vs. good factions in Atlantis, the good ones seeing the end coming and leaving, etc. 

* * *

Cheryl's First QHHT, File #3

I see water. Can't see others drifting like me. [in the water]

We're staying with this lifetime, moving forward just a little, where you found shelter or the end of this life...

[Sudden grief] I don't want to live any more. Everything I loved is gone. I just want to let go and sink to the bottom. [Crying] It's dark. I won't let go. I wanted to. And I almost did. But I knew I could do good somewhere else. Still have my [healing] ring. I made it, somehow.

Let's move forward a little bit more. Leave that scene. Go to the next important thing that happens. Where are you?

A place that looks like Egypt. There's pyramids and sand dunes. I don't like it. It's too dry. There are others there. It's a living city. I wasn't born there. I did similar things like I did in Atlantis. I healed. I don't want to be in charge of anything. I just want to heal people. I see this a hovel, a shanty, a shack, the people that live there have dark brown skin, not negroid, like Arab people. They have a little boy and his hands and feet look like they were put on wrong. They are so pathetic. And they are dirty and hungry. I'm thinking about how I can help him, but I don't know how to help him. I can heal diseases, and work with energy. I want to help but I don't know how. I feel sad for him. He can't walk. He has to be carried everywhere. He's probably about seven or eight years old. His parents seem so desperate. There's a little girl. Black hair, curly, big eyes. A pretty girl. What's wrong with her is she's starving to death. I am no longer someone who is wealthy. I walk from place to place healing people. I don't have money or food. I am given what I eat.

Move forward. Pick one time, the most important day in that life to get information. We've arrived. What's going on?

I don't like this one. I see a structure. A house, I think. Mediterranean climate. Warm. Seems to be a sea breeze. There's walls, archways. I see a vineyard. I'm walking around. I don't want to look at it. Roman soldier. I see one. He's walking out of the house. The house is being burned. I'm away from it. Another building. A barn maybe. It was my family living there. Roman soldier was an enemy. Or maybe just a bad person. I don't know. I move away from the building. I must be hiding. I seem to be young, I think it might be my parents. I see chickens running. It's like a little farm. I'm just worrying about staying alive. Roman soldiers all over the land. They look like Romans. They wear the … this one must be a centurion. Has a red thingy on his helmet. It looks like a brush. Some kind of metal things [holding up] red bristly brushy things. Someone of rank. He's scowling. [He is dirty, sweaty, skin heavily tanned, very muscular.]  He looks like he's in charge.

[A little research confirmed that image (a) to exist and (b) to be a centurion's helmet.  See This is an example of knowingness.  I'm familiar with roman armor from pictures and movies, but I didn't consciously know this was a centurion's helmet, but my knowingness (Soul, Knowledge, Sub Conscious, Higher Self) did.]

Move ahead to an important day. You're there. What's going on?  I didn't move. I'm still looking at the Roman soldier. He's looking in my direction, but I'm hidden I think. I'm scared he'll capture me. I'll be made a slave. No others around me. I've pushed back into the shadows. He walked by me. He didn't see me. Don't know what I'll do next. I have an uncle, maybe I could go to him.

Move forward.

I see Rome. I see statues of people high on pillars.  [A little research verified this.  It appears I was in or around the Forum Romana (Roman Forum).  In the regression, I saw statues on really high pillars and it bugged me, because I don't recall ever seeing statues on tall pillars (as opposed to lower-height (3') pedestals) in real life, either in pictures or movies, but they existed in ancient Rome, and here they are...]

(Distant shot of Column of Trajan at the Forum. There are a lot of topless pillars surrounding the base. 

The next image is an artist's reconstruction of the leaders whose statues were on those columns,

presumably reconstructed from historical records...)

(Near the Forum in Rome)

(Outside the Senate, the statue in the right foreground is on a pedestal.  The other statues are on tall pillars.)

[Back to the regression:]  It's a terrible place. It's crowded. It stinks. People pushing and shoving. I seem to be walking in the street. I see chariots. They're very loud, kick up dust. The air is thick with dust. Things smell bad. It's a dirty city. I see pillars of the temple. I seem to be going up some steps. [It looked something like this, though I seemed to be going up steps on the right side...]

[Back to the Regression:]  The inside is dim. It's cool. A fire burning in a big metal thing [brazier] but I don't know why I'm there. I see shadowy people but they may be attendants. They keep the fires burning. I don't know if it's safe. It seems foreign to me. But no one gives me any problems.

Let's move forward a little bit to see why you were drawn there. 

There's a man. He's wearing a toga. He's wearing a red...what's the goes over his left shoulder over his toga. He looks wealthy. I'm off to the side. I'm just observing him. Nothing else.  [Below is similar to what I saw, and the toga was a bright red.  I researched it.  The white garment is called a tunic.  It was a symbol of Roman citizenship, required by law.  The red garment is the toga.  The colors represented rank.  The toga in the picture below is a small toga.  They were much larger, heavier, had pockets called "sinus" in which items could be stored, and were worn with lots of material draped over the left arm.  Very cumbersome attire.  Used mostly for public, ceremonial events.  The Romans were referred to as "the togate people" because of this costume.  The following example is a "shortened" version of the toga.]

Move to the last day of the life we are currently looking at. What's happening? 

I seem to be in a box, but it's being moved. We're walking. Curtains that act as doors. I hear horses. Men shouting. The box hits the ground. It tilts, but it doesn't fall over. Then the curtains are pulled and I recognize some of the faces, but I don't know their names. And that was the end of that life.

[The box is called a palanquin (also called a litter) and was a common mode of transportation for the wealthy in Roman times.  It was a box-type vehicle that was carried by slaves.]

UPDATE 6/30/14:  I found the Roman man I saw in my qhht session (the one wearing the red toga).  He seemed younger in my recall but it was the same hairline that helped identify him.  The SC confirmed he was my lifetime that ended in assassination.

This was kind of hard to accept, so I did some more research to see what I could dig up.  The main source I used was Plutarch's, but there were some others.  What I found was a bit disconcerting.  It seems he and I share some similar personality characteristics, some thoughts on how governments should run, and explained how law came so easy to me.  It was too much to be coincidental.

[Back to the Regression:]  Are you on the spirit side now? 

I'm above it now. Yeah, I knew some of them. Political enemies. I was in my late fifties. They were evil men. I got in the way. I knew it was coming. [Grief] I was doing what I believed I should be doing. I learned you can hold back evil for so long, you can only do what you can do. It can slow things down.

We're going to leave that scene. While you're on the other side [spirit] is there anyone with you? 

I seem to be moving upwards. Seem to be getting some counseling about the situation. When you die suddenly, it's a shock, and you need extra help. I did know it was coming. I didn't know when or where or the faces of the murderers, but I knew it was coming.

How long spent on the Spirit side to recover? 

Seventy-five years comes to mind.

Can you ask one of the guides if there is a place they can take you, like the Temple of Wisdom complex, any place in the spirit realm, where we could gather information to take Cheryl for help in this lifetime? 

There's a place, I see rocks, and water like a stream, and its daylight, but there's no sun.

What do they say is there for you? 

Wisdom and understanding. Rest.

* * *

Cheryl's First QHHT, File #4

[The proprietary calling forth of the soul has been removed.] 

This part calls forth the soul (also called the subconscious or SC) to answer Cheryl's questions. The format now changes to a Question and Answer format. Notice now that the SC has stepped forward, the dialogue has moved from first person to third person. And sometimes answers are referred to as "we" or "us." It's no longer Cheryl talking. It's someone else talking about her. Interesting, huh?

Many lifetimes have been brought forth today. Why these? What were the purposes of these lifetimes brought forth? To teach her to stand her ground and always act on what she knows is right and to resist wrong. She's come through those lessons and graduated. And she needs to know she graduated. And that she will be graduating up to the next level. She's always done the best she can.

She has many questions today. What is her purpose for being here? As a graduate student to show the way for those that need the assistance.

Is she already doing this? Yes.

Is her website helping to show people the way? Yes.

Is she on the path you want to see? Yes. She's on the path. There are others that will help her. That will help to teach. Teach the people what they need. Because they don't know. They are so lost for knowledge.

And this is her specific path? Yes.

And when you bring forth the helpers, when others come to help, she will know who they are? Yes.

Are there such things as soul contracts? Yes.

Does she have some? Yes. She's here to help Earth rise. Help Earth's people's rise to the next level. It's a very hard battle. She's proven her merit. She is a commander.

Can you tell her where does she come from, where does she call home? Is that something she can know at this time? She has roots with Zetas. She's had lifetimes with them.

But her true home is way far away? Yes. She has friends all over. And can call many places home.

Is her star of origin still the desire of her heart? Yes. But she goes where she's called and serves all people of all planets where there is need.

Why can't she remember much from the childhood of this life? She was a walk-in.

Did that happen when she was hit by the baseball bat as a toddler? It happened not long after.

Can you give any info to clarify questions? What did that mean for her? She wanted an Earth assignment. She was on a waiting list. This was the first available. They wanted her here at that time. Didn't want to have to wait extra years for her to mature. There was an agreement with the prior soul to let the body go so she could have it. It was more important.

Did she have help when she nearly drowned when she was 7? Yes, we watch her.

Who are you? We are "the All."

When she had a torsioned ovarian cyst and nearly died in 1990, did you help? Yes, she was left on the sidewalk outside the E.R. [It happened while I was at a Scientology center and the staff member who drove me was so paranoid about being late to staff meeting that he dropped me off at the corner of the hospital and took off. By that point, I couldn't even walk.  I don't have conscious memory of how I got into the E.R. waiting room.]

How about when she had pneumonia, in 2010? Yes. We picked her up. Gave her light therapy. She responded well. That was simple.

What about that chest pain in 2011? That was an attack. We couldn't stop it, but we knew it was coming and traced the weapon signature and neutralized them.

Who did it? The dark side she's been fighting the past few years. Trying to kill her.

Can you tell her about the UFOs that were seen? [After the attack happened, the next day friends who were camping in the backyard told me about the UFO's they had seen hovering just above the trees, several discs and a triangle that blinked in and out.] Yes. They were helpers. They knew what was going on. They wanted her friends to see them so they would tell her that they were there. They were Zeta.

Did you assist her in the near-fatal crash in 2012? Yes. We applaud her for staring down death. She never lost control on that test. And she passed. We wouldn't have let her die, but she passed it on her own.

Can you give information about Nancy Lieder?  [The soul laughs loud and long. "She's laughing too" says the SC, and you hear me say, "oh, god!" then take a few moments to get back into the session. This was a complete surprise.]

What can you tell us about her? How much can be said at this time?

Is she here for disinformation? There are many lessons hinged on her [NL].  Because lessons are in progress we decline to say except that Cheryl knows what she's about, and she will stand against her.

Has she had life existences with her [NL] before? They've had interactions. Nothing major. But she [Cheryl] already knew the quality of the character [NL].

Cheryl would like to know if she can have any more information about the Zetas? She loves them, she's lived amongst them many lifetimes, her choice because they've become a family in her heart. There are many types, and they can be confused, but the ones she loves are the loving ones, they are the healing ones, they teach her healing skills. They watch her. They are her guardian angels.

She mentioned a G___ in a previous life. Is this the same G___ that she knows in this lifetime? Yes.

So there's a connection there? There's a deep connection.

Are they twinflames/soulmates? Yes.

Does she pick up his telepathic thoughts etc.? Yes, they're linked. They've been linked.

Do they presently go to meetings? Not lately. There has been a disconnect. But that connection can be reestablished. We have the power. He has to ask. She's asked. We'll grant it. But he has to ask.

Does he have to go through something before... ? Yes, something is in progress.

So, will they be together this lifetime? The possibility is there. But if things prevent it... it's forgiven. He has to get to that point. He has forgotten so much. But that happens.

Why so much grief over the breakup for three years? Because they have a very deep connection. Twin flames. You understand that concept?

Expound please? Yes. One soul split in two parts. They wanted to be incarnated on Earth at the same time for their mission.

Question about her friend L__, is there a mission connection, or something else?  L__ is a very special being and he's here on a very special mission, and yes there's a connection. And he's healing her. There's great love for L__. There is a connection.

She's wondering if she's an incarnated ET. We know you said her star of origin is far, very far away, we wouldn't know the name of it. But do they have connections to Earth now, or are they what we would call light beings, or ….? Yes, light beings.

Can you tell anything else about them at this time, her origin, her home? There are no names that would mean anything to you...

* * *

Cheryl's First QHHT Session, File #5

… very high ___. She's out at school, but at that level of learning, we're very proud of her.  Even at high levels, beings are always learning.  Always still connected to her, still here for her.

Was she or is she in the zeta-human hybrid program? Yes, her heart is for all beings. [Notice back in Transcript #2 on Atlantis, it was stated in the link about weather control that "they provided them [homo erectus] with everything they needed..because they LOVED them.]  She wants them to survive. It's her heart's desire. G__ is in the program too.

So, she did live in Atlantis. She has been told she was a master of sacred geometry. Was she? Yes. The best.

Will that knowledge be useful in this life experience? Yes.

She doesn't think she's very good at math. You will be awakening this within her? Yes.

We saw that she did know how to control the weather. Yes.  [See the Atlantis section in Transcript #2.]

We saw that she did live in Rome. Yes.

Health Questions....

She has a metal allergy. How did it develop? It comes from her travels. Has to wear suits. Even in spiritual realms, there are unhealthy places.

Is there a way to help her in this body to not be so sensitive? Yes.

She has had a problem with fatigue. Since she started to break away from Scientology, she got CFIDS/FM. Why did these symptoms to develop? What can be done to help alleviate them? Her immune system crashed because of the constant physical abuse. Viral infection. It wouldn't stop. Never went away.

Can you help stop that viral infection? Yes.

Can you do that for her now? Yes. It's done.

How will she feel different? She will feel normal.

Was this also the reason for the brain fog and balance troubles? Yes, it was related to the virus. It won't come back. Needed for lessons up to this point.

Also missing fatty substance in nerves in brain. Can you fix? Yes, part of the viral process.

Have you restored them? Restoring.

How long will this process of restoration take? There will be improvement every day. It will take about a month or so. Cheryl must improve nutrition, adequate water. She needs to take care of her body. She's so mission focused, she neglects it. She's got to stop neglecting it. Needs to exercise. Walking 15-20 minutes a day.


Dental problems?  Get rid of root canals. They're poisonous.

Any harmful effects from the Scientology counseling still affecting her? Yes.

What in particular, or can you reverse the effects? It was the electricity they used. It fixated negative emotions. I'll fix it now.

Does she have an implant in her sinus cavity? No.

Does she have any other implants? No, we keep her clean.

Why did she think that? It's a polyp. Looked similar to an implant in a picture she saw in a book.

Does she operate in 5D, as she's been told? Yes.

Why does she have the feeling that when she tries to rise up, she gets pushed down? Because she has a certain mission to do. Sometimes she has to be kept in place to keep her mission from becoming known to the government. It's protection.

How did she get the scar on her right leg? Remember, you were crawling in the culvert, in the sludge there was a rock that cut you?

Did she ever get stitches? No.

How old was she? Seven.

She was adventurous.  Yes. {soul chuckles}  What we've gone through to keep her alive.

Please remove the old programming, the old beliefs that no longer serve her.... that are locked into her cellular body. Can you please do that for her? Yes.

Can you do a body scan and let us know if you find anything else in her being that needs to be brought to our attention? Her muscles need rehab.

What's the best way to do that? Very gentle exercise at first. Just moving around a little bit. Her muscles are atrophied.

They can be brought back? Yes.  She needs to exercise.

Is there anything you can do to help? Yes.  Her eyes are weak... it's not quite a cataract in her right eye, just a scratching of the lenses.

Can you fix? Yes.

She good to go? Some eye pain for a while, nothing to worry about.

Do you see anything else that needs to be worked on? No.

Any other message or advice you want to give Cheryl before we go? Yes. You're doing fine. Stop doubting yourself. Your knowingness is strong. When you know something, you know it. Rely on your knowingness, it will serve you well.

Re doubt, there is a doubt attached to humanity. Is this something you can relieve Cheryl from, past, future, present? Yes.

Can you give us any information, how we can be freed from it? Yes. Doubt comes from not enough knowledge. It also comes from not being able to access your own inner knowledge. People need to have a knowledge base and need to know how to access it. And when they can do that, then there is no doubt because they know, like Cheryl, and L__, and G___, is to give education and teaching people and helping people learn how to access the knowledge because once the knowledge is understood, there's no fear, the fear is cured because you know what you are scared of and can do something about it. And yes G___ is a good guy and doing his lessons and working on his way, but he will soon come to a junction where he will have to make a decision to stay where he is or move up. It's his free will.

Can you tell us, from your perspective, what would you suggest to access the knowledge, the inner knowing? Meditation. Get the mind quiet.  And listen.

Is Cheryl having an easy time meditating? No. We prod her. The disconnect between thought and actions has become worse. Improving the health problems will help this. The food supply is poisoned now. It interferes. The body is a communication vehicle to the higher states. Can't get good reception when you have pollutants and static on the line. Things that interfere and block.

[The proprietary closing script was removed.]


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Comment by Kim B on October 23, 2017 at 1:45pm


Comment by Kim B on October 22, 2017 at 8:05pm


Comment by Cheryl Nelson on October 22, 2017 at 6:40pm

This video mentions the Arcturians work closely with the ascended masters, whom they call "the brotherhood of the all."  around 6:53 at

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on August 17, 2016 at 7:29pm

[I have seen, in a dream, a crystalline pyramid at the bottom of the ocean. Inside it was a crystal orb that glowed a pink color. In the dream, I hugged the outside of the pyramid, feeling great love for it. I went inside it and lay on a table near the center of the pink light. I'll ask about that in my next QHHT session.] [UPDATE 8/17/16: Crystal pyramids found underwater off the west coast of Cuba:]

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on February 6, 2016 at 6:49pm

More info on Atlantis, for those interested:

Comment by Kim B on February 3, 2016 at 7:53pm

Thanks for the links.  Will check these out.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on February 3, 2016 at 3:35pm
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on February 3, 2016 at 3:16pm

I don't remember, but I found this video where she talks about it.  I don't have time to listen right now:

Comment by Kim B on February 3, 2016 at 2:49pm
I just wonder if any transcripts of qhht pin point the exact location of Atlantis....
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on December 19, 2015 at 12:27am

UPDATE 12/19/15, 12:22 a.m.

I was researching numerology and found an article on karmic debt, which relates to something revealed in the session above, to wit:

Many lifetimes have been brought forth today. Why these? What were the purposes of these lifetimes brought forth? To teach her to stand her ground and always act on what she knows is right and to resist wrong. She's come through those lessons and graduated. 

My karmic debt number is 19, and this is what it says about that number:

Those with the 19 Karmic Debt must learn independence and the proper use of power. You will be forced to stand up for yourself, and often be left standing alone. Difficulties will be faced and overcome through personal struggle.

Interesting, huh?


Always demand proof, proof is the elementary courtesy that is anyone’s due.  —Paul Valéry, "Monsieur Teste"

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Here's a NASA deconstruction image showing the central personnel area and three force shields:

See for the video it came from (40:23 etc).

Indonesia Plate NOT Collapsing -- The TruEarth Images offered by ZT as "proof" are 11 years old! 

Oh, Buoy! (Misinterpreted buoy charts)

Deconstructing Nancy Lieder and her Zetatalk



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