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Wow............this is certainly a different take on Comet ELEnin.

COMET ELENIN – “Let their be light”


Elenin is a very dangerous cosmic object. Sometimes we need to watch what an object does as well as watching the object while looking for clues. Elenin is not visible to the naked eye, but does appear to have an EM effect on our solar system at distances of 14+ AUs. Elenin is also dangerous because it is a long period (10000+ years) comet whose tail the Earth passes through. Comets are not balls of ice and dust like Nasa states. Nasa will not release this information because there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it except panic. Sit back and enjoy the ride and be thankful to be alive in this time to bear witness to this event.


A capacitor is a device for storing electric charge. Comets are electric cosmic capacitors that gather and store energy as they pass through space. Comets are electromagnetically connected to the sun and planets by EM ropes (JPL, 2005). Extreme EM fields can cause earthquakes. Elenin’s line up position with the Earth and sun correlates Earth seismicity. This is what HAARP research is based upon. EM energy lubricates fault lines and can cause fault slippage. The reason Elenin is causing quakes when other comets do not is because Elenin has been in deep space a long time gathering electrons and storing energy for discharging to the sun at perigee.

The EM field that results from the storage of such a large amount of electricity is connected to the Earth and influences geological activities as well as weather and more. A comets positively charged metallic core is ideal for storing and attracting electrons. Comets pick up electrons as they fly through space because the electrons are attracted to the metallic comet nucleus. The larger the comet and longer the comet travels through space without discharging, the more electricity is stored in the comet. When the comet approaches the sun, it begins to glow because the electron cloud is energized by the sun’s proton wind. The hydrogen protons combine with the oxygen in the solar wind to produce water in the comet’s tail; which is comprised of visible photons (coma) generated by the comet’s electric circuit. The sun provides the positive charge and the stored electrons provide the negative charge to complete the electrical circuit with the sun.

The metal comet nucleus behaves similar to the filament on a lightbulb. When positive and negative wires are attached, the filament of a lightbulb produces a photon glow. The intensity of photon emission is proportional to the amount of current applied to the circuit. Comets do the same thing when the comet encounters the solar wind. Comets glow proportional to the amount of protons and electrons interacting within the circuit. On occasion a comet will release its stored energy in a burst of photons when the EM ropes provide a surge in protons. The luminosity can increase by million of times when the comet discharges its capacitance to the sun. Most don’t have enough charge or do not get close enough to the sun to explosively discharge their energy and just pass through the solar system gathering energy for the next opportunity to erupt.

The infrared signature for comet Elenin suggests the electrical charge Elenin is carrying is so large that when the comet dumps its capacitance, the resulting photon flare up will engulf the Earth as the Earth passes through the tail. The evidence is in Nasa’s google sky infrared image of Elenin. When Elenin was 14 AUs away on June 14, 2007, Nasa photographed the comet when they took the infrared image for google sky. The infrared image indicates Elenin’s infrared electrical signature is 17 million miles across with xray jets extending over 100 million miles from Elenin. Elenin will pass the Earth at 21 million miles. When Elenin flares and dumps its electron load (electricity) to the sun, the photon flash will be so great that it will instantly turn everything on the Earth’s surface into light. Don’t worry though. There is a lot more action before we evaporate.

Elenin’s enormous EM field produced from its electron pillaging throughout deep space should cause earthquakes with magnitudes of 10 or greater so that the Earth will ring with seismicity prior to photon bombardment. As you can see, Elenin is quite different than any other object ever encountered and publicly acknowledged by Nasa. There is no other object in space that humans have identified that has an electric signature like Elenin. This is why the governments of the world are building bunkers deep within the Earth. This is why the seed vault was built in Greenland. This is why the US government is spending like there is no tomorrow. This is why our weather is changing now. This is why we have civil unrest around the world. If you are still not convinced.

Take a look at this evidence.

Look at the circles.  The bluegreen circles represent the orbits of the planets in our solar system.  The red dot in each orbit is the location of a planet.  The red dot in the center is the sun.  The first circle is Mercury’s orbit.  The second is Venus.  The third is Earth.  Notice the moon circling Earth and its position.  This is important.  Note the next circle.  This represents a planet with five moons.  This planet no longer exists.  The asteroid belt is located there now.  The final circle is Jupiter.  Note the position of Jupiter.  The red circle is the orbit of a long period object like a comet.  Note the object and its tail.

What does this mean? This arrangement points to a specific point in time.  There is only one short period in time that our planets in our solar system line up in this configuration.  This drawing signifies a specific date. To determine what date this drawing represents, I used the Jet Propulsion laboratories ELENIN ORBITAL DIAGRAM.  This diagram shows the location of all our planets and comet ELENIN.  If one uses the controls on the model and moves the model forward in time to 9/26/11, the following diagram results.

Look at the position of each planet.  Each planet matches the location of the same planet on the 10 Franc Bill.  Mercury is in the same location.  Venus matches the location on the bill.  Mars is at the 12 o’clock position and matches the drawing.  Jupiter is in the 2 o’clock position and matches the bill. I looked up the moon’s position on 9/26/11.  This day is the New Moon.  The New Moon occurs when the moon moves from behind the earth to catch the first sunlight for the next month.  This is exactly the position of the moon on the drawing.

CONCLUSION:  The drawing by Leonhard Euller constructed over 330 years ago signifies an event occurring on September 26, 2011 that is so significant that the date has been placed on currency and no one can be told about it.  The only people who know are the descendants of the Illuminati who have placed these hints in perfect clear view to give their people the chance for survival. Still not satisfied?  Do you still believe in staggering coincidence.

IF you are not sold that this is the real deal.  Keep on reading.

This is the new 10 swiss franc.  See the polarized light waves of all frequencies?

See the waves of light propagating across the page from high to low frequency.  The light appears polarized and includes all wavelengths.  This is what ELE brings us, high intensity polarized light that is out of phase with our space-time dimension.  The blue wave represents the light of all wavelengths in phase with the earth.  The red wave represents light from ELE.  The light from ELE is about 30 degrees out of phase as shown on the bill.  Matter 30 degrees out of phase is not visible in our space-time dimension. Now lets take a look at the 50. Not the red and blue broken circular lines.  These lines represent broken chromosomes.  The out of phase energy reboots the body by tearing down the DNA and restructuring.

Take a look at the 100.

The white human appears to mutate into a 10 feet tall alien that resembles the creatures from the movie CLose Encounters of the Third Kind.  These are us as we ascend into timespace.

Now take a look at the 200 franc. Can you see the object streaking through the sky where the 200 is located.  The object plunges into the ocean and makes huge waves that destroy the cities’ sky scrapers.  This happens when the earth passes through the wake of the ELE in November.

Now the finale.  The 1000 franc bill.

Turn the bill so you can read the 1000.  Note the God like figure looking down on the new Earth.  Notice the pairs of chromosomes that have been straightened out and are no longer broken.

Now if this evidence isn’t good enough for you to acknowledge, then there is probably no evidence short of the actual event that will convince you.


GOD is light. You are light. See you very, very soon.

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Comment by Morris Levin on October 4, 2011 at 2:48pm


I do not follow this event anymore. C/2010-x1 IMO does not pose a threat to the earth.  All indications is that C/2010-x1 has disintegrated. 

Comment by Alex Cortes on October 4, 2011 at 2:00pm

Ummm, how does that statement go....ohh, I remember.....


Comment by Cheryl Nelson on July 23, 2011 at 2:50pm

Morris, making sure we are covering all the bases.  Is the coma part the part that would be discharged?  In other words, is the electrical discharge a visible part.  Would we expect to see a smaller coma when Elenin comes back into view?  Could the charge build back up between planets? 

So many questions and just not enough answers...

Comment by Byron wilkins on July 23, 2011 at 2:23pm
The money still blows me away everytime I see it.
Comment by Morris Levin on July 23, 2011 at 1:46pm



This comet has passed by two planets recently, Saturn and Mars...I would think that the comet would have been discharged at least two times when passing these planets unless there is something special about earth that the comet C/2010-x1 knows somehow not to discharge it's stored energy unless it is earth.... So what every charge has been stored from the hop from Mars to Earth has to be small and poses no threat.



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