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Hey everyone,

My name is Alex and I recently resigned as a moderator from the Pole Shift ning site after 2 years of working with them. It was a page on the site that prompted me to come here and say what I'm about to say to you. I wish to explain what I went through, the after-effects of leaving, and to utterly apologize to the members here, including those who were suspended and ended up landing on this site; the ones that were hurt and told they were wrong. I want to extend an offer of friendship, the very place that I had so wrongly condemned.

This is the page that blew me away and prompted this, thanks to my brother:

And THIS jewel:

When I first joined the ning, it was much more open - meaning- flexible, tolerant, and more accepting of more off-topic discussions. I had become a moderator at the time of Cheryl's vamoose, amongst the endless discussions regarding her "wrongness" and apparent betrayal. And ended up in the middle of a skirmish of which I had no prior basis of, which led to joining the group mentality of "Us Vs. Them" with little question. I participated in "secret" operations that involved creating false memberships here and attacking the members who spoke differently. How sneaky! "We're doing so good snooping around and Zeta-bombing her followers! We're so fantastic!" To me that was logical at the time (and fun) and I was totally into it. How silly! But now I'm looking back and kicking myself because I understand now how absurdly ridiculous the whole thing was!

I was never one to really hunt down members and suspend them, but I still did it on occasion when I felt the need to. Overtime it escalated quite a bit. I can tell you that clearly -as it's been pointed out so blatantly- that they have become a place of rigid rules and intolerance towards anything not ZetaTalk. I tried to remind them that the Zetas themselves have urged and urged us endlessly via Nancy to use our common sense, to take what they say and view it from many angles to draw our own conclusions. But that is not how they operate on the ning. They'd deny it too!

To those who were suspended for reasons of posting "disinfo" or even spiritual ideals, there was nothing "wrong" with the info of which you offered. I know so many were excited to join, who found a place to share, but once doing so were blasted out and told they were wrong and upon asking for reasoning of suspension, were greeted with with blunt answers. Hell, some were even suspended immediately after they joined without notice! They have their own reasons. The info was only wrong to them by what they have come to understand. Understand this, so that you can understand them. They mean no harm, and did not intend to hurt anybody in their suspensions.

They have every right to act the way they do and there is nothing wrong with them. I want the members here to see them in a more positive light, to see that they are no worse, no better. They are simply operating in a different mindset with more rules. Sadly, they still consider this a place of weakness and lies, and likewise, I am sure there is still much disapproval towards them on this side as well. I will continue to post my experiences through the comments on this blog. There is much to say.

And to end this, I approve of neither side. Nobody is any better than the other, yet they will see this at some point and will slap many labels on my head and some of them will consider me a complete traitor, but it hardly matters now.


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Comment by Alex Rubsam on June 5, 2012 at 11:35pm

One last comment here, yes, Nancy has an ego too. She enjoys her place and I am certain at times she too has been a control freak, like all of us. Get over her.

Comment by Alex Rubsam on June 5, 2012 at 11:31pm

I myself traveled to Europe to meet Gerard in person. For one day. That was all I had with him. The other 2 weeks were spent with another moderator who is Gerard's close teammate, beside Nancy. When we meet one in person, we see who they really are...and I daresay I was impressed with what I encountered.

Gerard has an uncanny ability to read people like a novel. This was a shock and took me by surprise. He wasn't kidding. The rumors were true. He brought with him English tea and sugary waffle thingies. It was freaking amazing.  And on a side note, the "z" and "y" keys are swapped on German keyboards. So when I fnally got used to it, after so much angst, Gerard changed the settings for me and I had to get used to them all over again. That was probably one of the more funny moments during the entire trip...anyway, he's very sensitive and analyzes the crap out of everything. I even got off at the wrong train station with him in the middle of Germany after receiving simple instructions of where to get off! He's just a regular guy with a quirky personality and has an infectious laugh. He has the best intentions, and so did "Zou"- a real life McGyver. (the other moderator, he'll get the reference ;) ) They are passionate about their shared goals.

They are perfectly imperfect human beings. All of them are.

There was much discussion and we later discovered incredible correlations relating to both later and prior events. Everything tied together like a finely orchestrated symphony. Working with them was a treat at the time and I will never regret it.

Comment by Alex Rubsam on June 5, 2012 at 11:30pm

I know some in the PS group feel they need to say something, but fail to do so. Understand that a very powerful, yet insecure personality is one responsible for the enforcement of the rules, with compliance from the others. The moderators are much safer than the members in terms of speaking up, however. They have the capability to do this if they feel the need. They say they are the elite website of the pole shift. They are on cloud nine. I bonded with them. They are good friends to me (even "Larry") ;) and I understand where their heads are at.

They are like a well-greased ning machine. Each member of the administration there has a certain skill that they use to contribute towards the site. The way they work together is fantastic. Each serious member of that site is no different than each of you.

John, I believe you are actually spot-on to a degree! Suggestions and ideas are mostly made by the group as a whole. A discussion ensues, always including Gerard and Nancy's say. Nancy typically does her own thing and jumps in every now and then. She's feisty! A rare trait for one her age. Gerard usually agrees with the popular vote among the others and gives his blunt opinion on the matter. At times he may disagree, but the group is on the same wavelength most of the time and debates rarely occur. And I would hardly say Gerard runs the place with an iron fist at all, as that aspect is provided by one or two other moderators in abundance.

I came here knowing that I was not invited. Nobody was asking for clarification. It was a massive motivation out of nowhere that drove me to do this. I understand that my words may effect a few, if I'm lucky, but most here will follow the leader. This is not the place for me and I must leave.This has been a lesson for me. My goal was to improve understanding in the midst of much confusion. After I die, I will know for certain if it worked. It was a delight meeting all of you, take care, and think.

Love and stuff,


Comment by nicholas fowler on June 5, 2012 at 11:27pm

Nnacy sems to be control freak?? puts her placemen in charge, sounds a bit like Scientology, though my knowledge of this is slight. the less credible she becomes the more entrenched her control structure becomes. Ah well, Tolec and Mark Kimmel should be on the rondtable today with Lis Harrison and one other chap I forget his name but he has an excellent radio show. maybe we will get some real information, and ways to corroborate it.

Comment by Alex Rubsam on June 5, 2012 at 11:26pm

I have one last say here. Please read this, and think. Forget what Cheryl is saying for now. Zone her out.

Cheryl, you have been hurt. You have not recovered from this, and neither have I. You possess a drive to prove yourself to the other side. This is completely understandable. You know that many members here have placed you on a pedastle, although they would mostly deny it. My input has -in the main- been ineffective. Rather, your followers have listened to your words.

The moderators on the ps ning are so tense these days, that they will simply blast anybody out who even vaguely goes "out of line". But they feel they are doing right. That I cannot express enough. That is what matters. Can't we see? They have every right! They are not the enemy. Nancy is not a STS maniac of doom, nor is Gerard a helpless rag doll. Oh please. Nancy is still in contact with the Zetas and will be as such until she dies, most likely. I frankly have had too many contactee recalls affirming her active role. Many people can also affirm this. "She is simply going with flow, as they say." She's a clever one. She's mature enough to see through this calamity. To many, her true nature has been covered in a layer of dramatic muck from many hands. Oh oh, where did she go?

Those indirectly involved are drawing conclusions from writing on the wall, written by damaged egos.

Comment by Tammy Fielder on June 5, 2012 at 11:12pm

Dianna!!!  I missed you lady!!!  

Gerard is in too deep and if he pulls out now, all Hell will break loose.  It is true that both sites do offer different perspectives on events occuring, but at least here we don't have to worry about being banned for having a different opinion.  :)

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 5, 2012 at 6:19pm

Nancy actually replied to my question via PM there despite Gerard's action, and it seemed to me that she's letting Gerard run the ning site with an iron fist while she focuses on the ZT and 7 of 10 updates.

John, it is an illusion.  She runs poleshift.ning because she runs Gerard.

Comment by John Rogers on June 5, 2012 at 4:03pm

I was banned at the PS ning when I first joined for asking a question.  I simply created a new account, and for the most part have kept my mouth shut there since.  I have been scolded by Gerard and threatened with a ban once since.  Nancy actually replied to my question via PM there despite Gerard's action, and it seemed to me that she's letting Gerard run the ning site with an iron fist while she focuses on the ZT and 7 of 10 updates.  I understand to a degree why Gerard is so strict, and it's his site so he's certainly entitled to run it however he wishes.  Feuds between this site and the other seem petty to me, but it is what it is.  I find valuable information from both.

Comment by Dianna Spencer on June 5, 2012 at 3:58pm

Hi... I got 'removed' just for making the decision to join Cheryl here... I believe I was the first person to sign up here at ECC.... and for 'that' sin.... I got immediately dismissed, or as DR likes to say.. 'dismembershipped'...I mean, I did not even used ANY bad words on ZT... not a one... minded my manners, I did!  And here we are today, Venus transit day, still in one piece.. . a little wobbly, but none the worse for wear.  And Kathleen, I was not only banned, but blocked as well... Well, they do not get to put up with any more of my humorous notations.  That should show 'em!

Comment by nicholas fowler on June 5, 2012 at 2:31pm

Listen to Tolec, and Alex Collier. very clear on what is going on.



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