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Day 43 of the Seven Sacred Weeks

*** Day 43 of the Seven Sacred Weeks ***

Today we enter the seventh and last week of these Seven Sacred Weeks, where the violet ray gains more power. I feel that we have created a great momentum of light during the previous weeks. When I do my protocol every day, I feel a wonderful and sweeping energy flowing through my body and talking to some friends, they told me they feel the same, that this year the energy they feel is much stronger than the previous year! So, dear friends, let's do our best on the next seven days! Let's put our hearts to it! And may each of you be blessed immensely for this selfless service to the Cosmic Christ!

We have today, the radiation of the Seven Mighty Chohans. A chohan is an Ascended Master who is in charge of one of the seven rays. Each of the seven rays radiates a certain God-virtue to the Earth (for example, the love of God). The word “Chohan” means “Lord of the Rays.”

Once every 2000 years, a new ray is predominant on the Earth, and as the cosmic wheel turns (14,000 years for one complete revolution), the Chohan who is the representative of the new ray, becomes the cosmic authority for the evolution of the Earth and all life thereon, during this time.

The Sixth Ray, under the supervision of the Ascended Master Jesus, completed its outpouring in April, 1954. The Seventh Ray, under the supervision of beloved Saint Germain, began its activity on May 1, 1954.

Names of the Chohans and their retreats are:

First Ray: El Morya, The Temple of God’s Will, Darjeeling, India
Second Ray: Lanto, The Teton Retreat, Wyoming, U.S.A.
Third Ray: Paul the Venetian, Liberty Retreat, Marseilles, France
Fourth Ray: Serapis Bey, The Temple at Luxor, Egypt
Fifth Ray: Hilarion, The Temple of Truth over Crete, Greece
Sixth Ray: Nada, Mt. Meru, South America
Seventh Ray: Saint Germain, Retreat at Transylvania, Romania

To better understand how the activity of the Seven Chohans works, we must also understand the work of the Maha Chohan, who oversees the work of the Chohans. In the book “Ascended Master and Their Retreats” from the Ascended Master Teacher Foundation – AMTF, we can read all the information above and still more:

“Energy is God’s life in action. It is the substance out of which every manifest and unmanifested creation is formed.

The primal, electronic light substance of the universe is drawn into the atmosphere of Earth through the Sun. It is concentrated through the Maha Chohan and directed into the bodies of the Seven Chohans. Through the Chohans of the rays, this same energy is dispensed as spiritual nourishment into the human, angelic and elemental kingdoms. Thus the comforting radiation of the Maha Chohan is received by the seven Chohans who serve under him and, in turn, each Chohan intensifies, energizes, qualifies and directs the specific radiation of one ray.

Every chela absorbs the God-quality of the ray and diffuses its radiation, some of it consciously, into his environment.

The angelic kingdom follows the same procedure, but the angels, rather than diffusing the radiation, as the human kingdom does, intensify it. The elementals, for the most part, follow the same procedure as the angels.

The chelas who receive this energy are responsible to the Chohans for the way they qualify it. The Chohan, in turn, are responsible for the use of this energy, to the Maha Chohan. In like manner, the Maha Chohan is responsible to the sun.”

Therefore my dear friends, let us take our part in this great work of the I AM Presence! Let's work this year hand in hand with the Seven Chohans, being pure channels of the Maha Chohan, receiving and distributing the blessings of the Great Central Sun to the planet and all human causes! Together we can make the difference! Together we are much stronger!

*** Decree of the Seven Mighty Chohans ***


I call the Seven Mighty Chohans to fill the earth, its atmosphere and all Life Streams here, with Their Cosmic Victory and Wisdom of Light, during the Seven Sacred Weeks and forever!

Beloved Seven Mighty Chohans, come forth in your Visible and Tangible Bodies and govern all human activities on Earth! Charge our feeling worlds with your Flaming Presences and raise us up into the Ascended Masters’ Love, Wisdom, Substance, Consciousness, Control and Perfection of the Light!

By the Seven Mighty Chohans’ Cosmic Victory!
By the Seven Mighty Elohim’s Cosmic Power!
I command! I demand! And it’s done!
“Almighty I AM!” (3x)

Wishing you the Victory of the Seven Mighty Chohans in 2019! A luminous Seven Sacred Weeks’ day!

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