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Day 46 of the Seven Sacred Weeks

The Seven Sacred Weeks

*** Day 46 of the Seven Sacred Weeks ***

On this day we have the radiation of the Gods of Gold and Nature and is connected with the activity of the gifts that the three wise men offered to the baby Jesus. Each gift is linked to a gift or a blessing of the Divine Nature to the baby Jesus. Gold, myrrh and incense. Symbolizing that the current of life that manifested itself as Jesus would have perfect mastery during its incarnation on the three worlds: matter, soul (feeling and thought) and spirit. The Gods of Gold and Nature are beings of high spheres of light that manifest on earth and it is they, together with the Gods of the Mountains, who administer all the gifts and riches, both material and spiritual, to the children of the Earth.

Gold: symbol of inner wealth and universal wisdom.

Incense: symbol of faith, of returning to the sacred, of knowing how to give and receive, of knowing how to bless, of joy of heart, of surrender to God.

Myrrh: symbol of victory over death, of Christ's purity, of the body's resurrection in the light.

The Gods of Gold and Nature are beings of high spheres of light that manifest on earth and it is they, together with the Gods of the Mountains, who administer all the gifts and riches, both material and spiritual, to the children of the Earth. They are the true donors of these gifts to every human being, and especially to those who follow the example given by Master Jesus.

They are magnificent beings! Like the Gods of the Mountains, they will often work in perfect silence, without drawing attention, from the external human consciousness, but when we know their activities, we recognize them and pour out our love and gratitude to them, these Gods shed great currents of blessings upon us and our worlds. They are connected with the health of our physical body and the balance of internal bodies. With their blessings the energy of money and riches flow abundantly into our lives, so that we better fulfill our divine plan.

It is not just a coincidence to fall this day at the end of the Seven Sacred Weeks! We are closing this enlightened period and the Gods of Gold and Nature on this day bring to us, as far as our efforts, wonderful blessings for our worlds, which will manifest visibly during the coming year. Just as the three wise men offered gifts to the infant Jesus, today, the Cosmic Christ, in His Unconditional Love for human beings and especially, the students of the Light, offer us His blessings!

So, dear friends, open your hearts and let these blessings in!

*** Decree of the Gods of the Gold and Nature ***


I call the Gods of Gold and Nature to come forth and fill the earth, its atmosphere and all Life Streams here with Their Cosmic Illumination and Wealth by Light, during the Seven Sacred Weeks and forever!

Beloved Gods of Gold and Nature, expand your Cosmic Flame of Love and fill the Crystal Cup of every sincere “I AM” Student and Light Worker around the world until they are overflow with your Blessings! Give us limitless supply of every good thing our hearts desire! And inspire us to use your Blessings to fulfill our divine plan and the service to the Light of God That Never Fails! We are grateful!

By the Power of Thousand Suns!
By the Seven Mighty Elohim’s Cosmic Power!
I command! I demand! And it’s done!
“Almighty I AM!” (3x)

Wishing you wealth, health and boundless supply of everything constructive your hearts desire! Have a blessed day!

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Comment by Wm on January 6, 2019 at 1:57pm

***The three gifts of the Wise Men:***

1. Mastery of the Mental World
Melchior, Master El Morya, Gold,
Representative of the white or European race.
Gold, symbolizing royalty, nobility.

2. Mastery over the Emotional World
Balthazar, Master Kuthumi, Incense
Representative of the yellow or Asian race
Incense, symbolizing divinity

3. Mastery over the Physical World or Body
Gaspar, Master Djwhal Khul, Myrrh
Representative of the black or African Race
Myrrh, symbolizing the victory over death

Remember that in the spiritual work, every divine moment symbolizes an open portal, carrying great blessings to be poured out. But as always, we need to ask for these blessings, to receive them.

May the Three Wise Men bless all of you.

In the love of my I AM Presence,

Morgan Le Fay.


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