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Day 47 of the Seven Sacred Weeks

The Seven Sacred Weeks

*** Day 47 of the Seven Sacred Weeks ***

Today we have the radiation of beloved Sanat Kumara. In the book “Ascended Masters and Their Retreats” of the Ascended Master Teaching Foundation – AMTF I chose this words:

“Sanat Kumara came to Earth, ages ago, to give assistance at a time when there was great danger that the Earth would be dissolved. He offered, of his own free will, to add to the Light required to sustain her, thereby keeping this planet’s place in the solar system, until enough of mankind was able to carry the responsibility of emitting the necessary Light.

This important chapter of the history of mankind is described in detail in the book “Man, His Origin, History and Destiny,” under the title, “Sanat Kumara Saves the Earth.”

As an Ascended Being, Sanat Kumara did not take embodiment, but remained in Earth’s atmosphere. Sanat Kumara had left Venus, previously, on similar missions to redeem other planets, and always returned victoriously.

When Sanat Kumara came to Earth, it was hoped that his stay would be relatively short in duration. There had been ages, on Lemuria and Atlantis, of great illumination and perfection. Angels and Masters walked visibly by the side of unascended beings. Thousands were able to precipitate and levitate. However, when a spiritual leader fulfilled his mission, his followers, not having the vision of the leader, often insisted upon impressing the original teachings with their own personal imprint. In spite of these setbacks, Sanat Kumara’s love for mankind and his patience never wavered.

Cosmic Law decreed, in 1952, that Sanat Kumara must be released from his exile on Earth. Sanat Kumara was prepared to extend his stay on Earth, but bowed to the wishes of the Cosmic Law. He left this planet on January 1, 1956, for a brief visit to Venus. However, Sanat Kumara returned to Earth, thereafter acting as regent and assisting Lord Gautama, the new Lord of the World. He is still serving in the Temple of Shamballa.”

Dear hearts, do you not agree with me that this Great One deserves our eternal gratitude? How I love Sanat Kumara! And I am sure you also! Let’s do our best for the victory of this planet! Let’s show beloved Sanat Kumara that He can trust us! Let’s be grateful for his love and great service for us and the planet!

*** Decree of beloved Sanat Kumara ***


I call beloved Sanat Kumara to come forth and fill the earth, its atmosphere and all Life Streams here with His Cosmic Victory, Love and Authority of Light, during the Seven Sacred Weeks and forever!

Sanat Kumara dear, touch our hearts and expand our Threefold Flame! Envelop us with your Flaming Presence, raising our consciousness into the Ascended Masters’ Victory and Perfection! Protect our feeling world against all human discord and hold us in Perfect Balance!

Sanat Kumara, we love you! (3x)

By the Light of God that Never Fails!
By the Seven Mighty Kumaras’ Cosmic Victory!
I command and it’s done!
“Almighty I AM!” (3x)
With my heart full of love to Sanat Kumara, I ask you to stop your activities for just one minute and only send Him your love and thanks! A blessed Seven Sacred Weeks’ day!

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