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This blog will cover many earth changing extremities ranging from Earthquakes, Quake Swarms, Volcanic Activity/Eruptions, CME's - Coronal Mass Ejections, Solar Flares, Geomagnetic Storms, Magnetosphere Pressure plus other solar related radiation pulses, Asteroid/Meteorite Threats, Solar System Threats, Landslides, Flooding, Sink Holes, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Storms, Tsunami's, prolonged Snowfall/Ice, Heatwaves, Drought, Nuclear Fallout/Leak, Viruses, Diseases, Epidemics, Dead Mammals/Birds/Animals, Pollution Threat Levels and many more events.

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Comment by Yamkin 5 hours ago

Major landslide has struck the Italian Alps

Landslides over the Easter holiday weekend in the Italian Alps have been followed by a fresh fall of 20,000 cubic metres of rock and mud, forcing the Mont Blanc tunnel linking France and Italy to close briefly.

It is still not safe for dozens of people evacuated from the village of La Palud near the Courmayeur ski resort to return home.

Comment by Yamkin 5 hours ago

Guatemala remains on alert for intense activity of Fuego volcano

The Fuego volcano increased its eruptive activity from Monday and generated alarm in the population living in areas near the crater, located 50 kilometers west of the capital.

The National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh) reported that giant increased its moderate to heavy explosions in the past hour and throws ash 4000 500 meters above sea level moving west and southwest crater, and falls into the villages Panimaché, Morelia, Santa Sofia, mainly.

The institute reported that the explosive rumblings can be felt 30 miles away and the shock waves vibrate windows and roofs of houses and towns Sacatepequez, Chimaltenango, and Escuintla.

The director of the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conrad) Alejandro Maldonado, said that while the call remains prevention, no evacuation alert. The recommended Insivumeh maintain yellow alert and authorities remain pending developments.

The volcano, 3 thousand 763 meters altitude caused a national emergency in September 2012 when an explosion by which evacuated more than 10,000 people from nearby towns.

On Monday, Conrad issued a bulletin which reported that increased volcanic activity affected villages and hamlets near colossus with small earthquakes that “vibrate ceilings and windows” of homes, but there was no reason to start the evacuation.
Comment by Yamkin 5 hours ago

Sudbury man rescued after plane crashes in Lake Winnipesaukee, USA

A Sudbury man’s plane crashed into Lake Winnipesaukee Tuesday, April 22. The pilot, Vadim Gayshan, was treated for cold water immersion.

The New Hampshire Marine Patrol rescued a 59-year-old Sudbury man Tuesday afternoon after his plane crashed into the cold waters of Lake Winnipesaukee, according to New Hampshire State Police.

The pilot, Vadim Gayshan, was found clinging to his plane around 12:50 p.m., about 20 minutes after authorities first received reports of the crash, police said. Rescuers threw a flotation ring to Gayshan and hauled him aboard a patrol boat.

He was on the only person aboard the plane, police said.

Gayshan was taken to Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia, N.H., to be treated for cold water immersion.

He told investigators that he had been examining ice conditions on the lake’s surface, flying between 300 and 400 feet above the water.

His plane was equipped with pontoons, which allow for water landings, police said.

During an attempted “touch and go” landing, meaning the aircraft touches down and takes off again before coming to a stop, one of the pontoons caught the water and caused the plane to crash nose-first, Gayshan told investigators.

On Tuesday evening, the plane remained submerged beneath 105 feet of water in the lake, which is about an hour’s drive north of Concord, N.H.

State Police said Gayshan has 13 years of piloting experience, including two years with seaplanes.

Comment by Yamkin 6 hours ago

Plane crash kills Barton County commissioner, USA

On Monday morning, Barton County Commissioner Don Cates told a colleague he planned to work in neighboring Pawnee County the following day. The 67-year-old was a pilot by trade.

He was scheduled to do some crop dusting.

But around 1 p.m. Tuesday, the ultralight, single-engine plane he was piloting nose-dived into a ditch about a mile and a half north of the tiny town of Garfield, leaving Cates dead and the county he served in shock. He was the only one aboard at the time of the crash.

“He was an experienced pilot. We talked about his work off and on. He enjoyed it,” Barton County Counselor-Administrator Richard Boeckman said.

People have been “very unhappy to hear about his death,” he said.

“The universal response was sadness and that he will be missed.”

Cates was flying southeast when his plane hit a power line at G Road near Garfield at 1:09 p.m. Tuesday, the Kansas Highway Patrol said in a crash report. The plane continued airborne past a row of trees, then descended to the ditch, where it struck a row of hay bales.

The aircraft came to rest on 210th Road, the highway patrol said. Cates died at the scene.

Boeckman remembered Cates as a dedicated commissioner who was always “very interested in doing what he thought was the right things for the citizens of Barton County” and who was respectful of everyone’s points of view.

Cates joined the five-member commission in 2010, serving rural areas south and southeast of Great Bend as well as Ellinwood and Claflin, where he lived with his wife, Ginger.

Before that, he flew both commercially and in the military.

“I only knew him for about two and a half years, but he was dedicated to any job he ever had,” Commissioner Don Davis said Tuesday evening by phone.

“He flew quite a few missions in Vietnam, and he flew commercially for 29 years,” he said. When he retired, Cates ran for the commission, Davis said.

“He was always the first one there and the last one to leave,” he continued.

“Everything we ever worked, on he knew all the ifs and ands and why fors on it. He was a good man.”

During his term, Cates focused on keeping Barton County’s infrastructure top-notch and was mindful of county spending, Boeckman said.

He was preparing to seek a second term in the fall.

“He always said that he wanted to make sure that the county was as good or better when he left” as it was when he joined the commission, Boeckman said.

“I think that although he’s left us sooner than what we thought he would, that he’s done that.”

Comment by Yamkin 6 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 40 km

667 km NW of Honiara, Solomon Islands / pop: 56,298 / local time: 16:40:02.0 2014-04-23
362 km SE of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea / pop: 26,273 / local time: 15:40:02.0 2014-04-23
107 km W of Panguna, Papua New Guinea / pop: 2,916 / local time: 15:40:02.0 2014-04-23

Global viewRegional view

Comment by Yamkin 14 hours ago

Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock!

April 22, 2014 Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock! Sunday (April 20) the “gun” was loaded with Jupiter square Uranus and Jupiter opposite Pluto; and Uranus square Pluto yesterday. Today the gun will be cocked with Mars square Jupiter. Tomorrow the gun will be fired when either PNG or the U.S. Pacific Northwest is struck by the strongest earthquake of the 21st or 20th Century. Mars will “pull the trigger” on April 23 at 12:09AM (Mars opposite Uranus) and 6:47AM (Mars square Pluto). I believe that the 6:47AM time will be the stronger of the two, i.e., this will set off the whole process.

On the map, the two regions are opposite each other. A 9.8 magnitude earthquake, in either of these locations, will be biblical and catastrophic on a scale not see in modern history. An event of this magnitude in the U.S. NW would through the world into Great Depression II as the West Coast of the U.S. is completely destroyed. Perhaps 50 million people live along that sea coast.

The carnage and mashing of teeth will be great. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver will all be gone. Stocks will drop by 50 percent in minutes. The tsunami sows destruction around the globe. Lawlessness manifests through-out the western U.S. and National Guard troops are called up to restore order. But lawlessness is not restored. Gang fights and turf battles erupt along the west coast and eventually spread in-land as the whole country becomes stepped in conflict, riot and despair.

A version of this scenario will spread through-out every country as “Chaos weeps Away the World we Know!” And, replaces it with what?

Courtesy: Master Of Disaster

Comment by Yamkin 14 hours ago

Wild hailstorm destroys scores of houses near Inle Lake, Myanmar

A farmer at Tha Lae Oo village was quoted as saying he “had never experienced such a phenomenon in his lifetime”.

The Shan State government has donated K4.6 million (about US$4,800) to victims of a powerful hailstorm that destroyed or damaged more than 140 homes near Inle Lake on April 17, the state’s Intha Ethnic Affairs Minister U Win Myint told Mizzima on April 21.

U Win Myint said K30,000 had been donated to each of the 142 households affected by the storm. He said K100,000 each had also been donated to a monastery and a middle school damaged by the storm.

Several villages were hit by the storm with the worst affected being Tha Lae Oo, where 99 houses were destroyed, he said.

At least 50 acres of paddy and 80 acres of tomatoes were destroyed, he said. There were also reports of damage to peanut crops.

A farmer at Tha Lae Oo village was quoted as saying he “had never experienced such a phenomenon in his lifetime”.

Comment by Yamkin 15 hours ago



***BE ALERT***

Comment by Yamkin 15 hours ago

Asteroids Cause 26 'Nuclear' Blasts Since 2000

Scientists say they did not know the meteors would fall to Earth until the explosions they caused were picked up by detectors

This video grab from YouTube footage shows a meteor streaking across the sky in the Chelyabinsk region of central Russia.

Asteroids passing through Earth's atmosphere caused 26 nuclear-scale explosions between 2000 and 2013, a report reveals.

Each caused a blast equivalent to that released by a nuclear warhead, but at least one was many times as powerful as the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.

The explosions were recorded by the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation which operates a global network of sensors listening out for nuclear weapon detonations.

Most occurred too high in the atmosphere to cause any serious damage on the ground.

But the evidence is a reminder of how vulnerable the Earth is to the threat from space, scientists say.

None of the asteroids were detected or tracked in advance by any existing space or Earth-based observatory.

Former astronaut Ed Lu explained his fears as he revealed the new data at a press briefing at the Museum of Flight in the US city of Seattle.

He said: "While most large asteroids with the potential to destroy an entire country or continent have been detected, less than 10,000 of the more than a million dangerous asteroids with the potential to destroy an entire major metropolitan area have been found by all existing space or terrestrially-operated observatories."

Dr Lu is co-founder and chief executive of the B612 Foundation, a research body dedicated to finding ways of protecting the Earth from dangerous asteroids.

The most dramatic asteroid blast in recent times occurred when an object exploded over Tunguska, Siberia, in 1908 with an energy yield equivalent to between 5,000 and 15,000 kilotons of TNT.

Hiroshima was equivalent to 15 kilotons of TNT.

An area of remote forest covering 770 square miles was flattened by the blast.

In 2013, a 600 kiloton meteor explosion above the Russian town of Chelyabinsk caused extensive damage to property.

Asteroid impacts greater than 20 kilotons occurred in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, in 2009, the Southern Ocean in 2004, and the Mediterranean Sea in 2002.

Just two days ago, Russian media reported that another fireball had been caught on camera exploding over the city of Murmansk. 

In 2018, the B612 Foundation plans to launch the world's first privately-funded deep space mission, Sentinel, which will use an infrared space telescope to identify threatening objects when they are still millions of miles away.

Scientists with the European Space Agency are also planning to launch a probe called Don Quijote which will test whether an asteroid or comet can be deflected.

Comment by Yamkin 16 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 2 km

Distances: 48 km SW of Ljubljana, Slovenia / pop: 255,115 / local time: 10:58:27.0 2014-04-22
6 km SE of Pivka, Slovenia / pop: 2,051 / local time: 10:58:27.0 2014-04-22

Global viewRegional view


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