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Comment by Yamkin 6 hours ago



***BE ALERT***

Comment by Yamkin 6 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 60 km

Distances: 582 km SE of Lima, Peru / pop: 7,737,002 / local time: 17:37:15.8 2014-10-30
222 km W of Arequipa, Peru / pop: 841,130 / local time: 17:37:15.8 2014-10-30
110 km NW of Camaná, Peru / pop: 16,434 / local time: 17:37:15.8 2014-10-30

Global viewRegional view
Comment by Yamkin 6 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 2228 km S of Maseru, Lesotho / pop: 118,355 / local time: 17:56:54.6 2014-10-30
2546 km S of Mbabane, Swaziland / pop: 76,218 / local time: 17:56:54.6 2014-10-30
2590 km S of Maputo, Mozambique / pop: 1,191,613 / local time: 17:56:54.6 2014-10-30

Global viewRegional view
Comment by Yamkin 6 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 13 km

Distances: 261 km SW of Yerevan, Armenia / pop: 1,093,485 / local time: 18:35:44.3 2014-10-30
52 km E of Muş, Turkey / pop: 82,536 / local time: 16:35:44.3 2014-10-30
19 km N of Güroymak, Turkey / pop: 25,826 / local time: 16:35:44.3 2014-10-30

Global viewRegional view
Comment by Yamkin 6 hours ago

Massive landslide kills 2 with 7 still buried in SW China
Rescuers have found two bodies and are rushing to find another seven buried following a rain-triggered landslide Tuesday in southwest China's Yunnan Province, local authorities said Thursday.
Nine people were buried as the disaster hit Xiaoxin Village in Dongchuan District of the provincial capital Kunming City at around 11 a.m. Tuesday, said a spokesman with the city government.
The identities of the two deceased have yet to be confirmed and rescue operations for the others are under way.
Comment by Yamkin 6 hours ago

Devastating flood coupled with a landslide strikes a coal mine in Turkey
Landslide halts rescue efforts at Turkish mine
Efforts to rescue the 18 Turkish workers trapped in a flooded coal mine were halted following a landslide early on Thursday, fuelling anxiety and despair among those hoping to find the workers alive.
“Time is ticking by (…)“It is not just because of the water. It is because of the tonnes of mud and waste that have crashed down into the pits,” Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, who is at the scene of the disaster, told local TV station NTV (in Turkish).
“I should say that hopes are fading to rescue our miner brothers. The more we advance each meter underground, the more we face new problems. We are conducting 24-hour, nonstop work and we may encounter another landslide in the next phase of the search; we cannot foresee it,” he added.
The company that operates de mine, Has Şekerler Mining, broke the silence today saying that, while it is still impossible to reach a conclusion regarding the reason for the flooding incident, "a natural disaster" could have caused the tragedy, based on information from miners who escaped.
The firm, Daily Sabah reports, argued that not allowing workers to have their lunch outside the mine is a common practice in mines operating across Turkey, including those operated by the state.
Media reports, however, have revealed that the company had been previously fined for a series of failures during inspections. Mining activities were, in fact, halted in the mine's gallery where the flooding occurred due to water leaking two weeks before the accident.
Has Şekerler said the leak was properly stopped, but the water in the gallery was not extracted.
Over 500 rescue personnel, two planes, three helicopters, 25 ambulances and 97 other vehicles continue to carry out the search and rescue work at the Ermenek mine.
Turkey is no stranger to mining tragedies. In May, a fire inside a coal mine in Soma, western Turkey, killed 301 people, becoming the country’s worst mining disaster.
The Soma catastrophe also became the worst in a series of incidents in the coal sector, which has seen 30,000 die since 1970 as a consequence of poor safety conditions.
Comment by Yamkin 7 hours ago

Apocalyptic hailstorm coupled with massive flooding strikes parts of Colombia
Snowmen in the tropics; Medellin turns white after torrential hail storm
Colombia’s second largest city Medellin stopped being the “city of eternal spring” for an hour on Wednesday after a torrential hail storm covered parts of the city in ice, while causing dozens of emergencies due to floods.
The heavens showed signs of a pending rain storm hours before the actual raining began, but when the sky broke it exceeded all expectations.
Within minutes, entire neighborhoods were covered in ice and dozens of viaducts were flooded by literally meters of water.
While no injuries were reported, the city counted major material damage as traffic came to a complete halt, trees were uprooted by sudden winds while citizens, making the most of the municipal emergency, took the opportunity to build the first snowmen in recent history.
Snowman wearing a traditional Colombian sombrero and scarf of soccer club Independiente Medellin (Photo: Carolina Guevara)
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Former President Alvaro Uribe even took a break from his relentless opposition to national politics on Thursday to stress how incredibly bad the rains were.
View image on Twitter
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According to Mayor Anibal Gaviria, the rains and windfalls caused 200 emergencies, damaged 50 homes and uprooted 27 trees. Fortunately, nobody was injured.
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Comment by Yamkin 7 hours ago

Turrialba Volcano awakes after 150 years with a massive explosion with ash cloud in Costa Rica
About 20 minutes before midnight on October 29th, the Turrialba Volcano in the province of Cartago woke up from its slumber without warning and delivered the strongest eruption in the last 150 years. The quiet agricultural town of Turrialba was shaken by a few seismic movements, which were followed by massive ash clouds that traveled as far as communities in Heredia and Coronado. The National Commission on Emergencies (Spanish initials: CNE) has issued a green alert for the Turrialba and two other volcanoes in Costa Rica.
Geologists from the Observatory on Seismology and Volcanology of Costa Rica (Spanish acronym: OVSICORI) and from the National Seismology Network (Spanish initials: RSN) had reached the crater of the Turrialba before 9:00 am. At the same time, officials from the CNE and seismologists were at the Turrialba National Park, located on the skirts of the volcano, trying to assess the damage caused by volcanic matter. In the town of Turrialba, roofs, vegetable gardens and vehicles were all covered with a film of ash.
Historically, the Turrialba colossus had major eruptions in 1864 and 1866, which greatly affected the bucolic daily life of Costa Rica in those times. Back then, the city of Cartago was the capital of Costa Rica, and it had been greatly affected by volcanic activity from the Turrialba and the Irazu. This 2014 Turrialba eruption was not only phreatic (involving ground water) in nature; it also opened a new small caldera in between the two major craters.
Volcano tourists beware: The RSN, OVSICORI and CNE have evacuated the Turrialba National Park and have ordered Fuerza Publica, the national police force of Costa Rica, to block access to the park and certain small communities that were evacuated. The green alert is a warning of possible injury to life and damage to property, and it will remain in place until geologists make further determinations. At this time, what is being evaluated is the possibility of a major eruption involving basaltic magma (lava). Other volcanoes under green alert in Costa Rica at this time are the Poas and Rincon de la Vieja (Old Lady’s Corner).
Comment by Yamkin 7 hours ago

Plane crashes into an airport building killing 4; 5 are rushed to hospital in Wichita, Kansas, USA" alt="Small plane crashes into building in Wichita, FAA says"/>
Four people are dead after a prop plane crashed into a building this morning at an airport in Wichita, Kansas, officials said.
Five others have been rushed to a local hospital, fire marshal Brad Crisp said more than three hours after the crash.
"We don't know what may have caused the incident," Wichita Fire Department Chief Ron Blackwell said, noting that responders faced a "horrific firefight for several minutes."
The plane struck the top of the Flight Safety Building shortly before 10 a.m. and approximately 100 people were inside at the time, according to airport officials. The fatalities and injured were taken out of the building and the remaining individuals have all been accounted for.
Federal officials have confirmed that the incident is not related to terrorism.
The plane involved in the crash was a twin-engine Beechcraft that was taking off but lost power in one engine, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.
Keith Rose, the CEO of Rose Aircraft Services Inc., which owned the plane, confirmed that the pilot was one of the two fatalities. He was the only person on board. The three other fatalities were all individuals in the building, which housed Cessna Citation Jet Simulators.
Rose said that the plane was headed to Mena, Arkansas, "for painting and interior refurbishing work."
Mid-Continent Airport officials reported on their Twitter feed that the building sustained serious damage with collapsed walls and ceilings. Smoke could be seen billowing from the building from miles away immediately after the crash.
Recently retired veteran air traffic controller Mark Goldstein died in the accident, according to the air traffic controllers association. The union and aviation sources confirmed to ABC News that he was the pilot of the plane that crashed.
Goldstein was an award-winning controller, twice garnering the top safety award for his region, union officials said. Goldstein was in the U.S. Navy and joined the FAA as a controller in 1987.
In a 2005 bio of Goldstein provided to ABC News, he is described as someone who has “an extensive background in aviation and is considered to be a conscientious controller.” And on a more personal note, Goldstein volunteered his time as a youth hockey coach.
Friend and fellow pilot Ron Ryan told ABC News that Goldstein was an expert pilot who had flown this particular plane many times. He was so well-known at this airport in fact that the air traffic controllers actually knew his voice and knew immediately it was he who was involved in today's accident based on his radio conversations with the tower, Ryan said.
Ryan said he would have trusted Goldstein "with his life."
Comment by Yamkin 7 hours ago




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