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Comment by Yamkin 46 minutes ago

Wildfires Causes Hundreds To Flee Los Angeles Homes In California, USA 

A fast-moving wildfire has burned through nearly 90 square kilometres of land, prompting hundreds of people to flee from their homes in the drought-parched foothills northwest of Los Angeles.
The so-called Sand Fire broke out shortly after 2 p.m. on Friday in the Sand Canyon area of suburban Santa Clarita, triggering mandatory evacuation orders. 
The wildfire threatened at least 1,500 homes, an animal sanctuary, and around 100 commercial structures.
Winds pushed the blaze into the adjacent Angeles National Forest, and it rapidly gained ground within hours in the hot weather and drought conditions.
"Because this is the fifth year of an ongoing drought, we have a lot [of] dry vegetation," Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby said at a news conference on Saturday, adding that some of these fuels "haven't burned in decades".
The wildfire had burned through 45 square kilometres of land by Saturday afternoon, expanding to 90 square kilometres by Saturday evening.
Los Angeles County Sheriff's homicide detectives were investigating circumstances surrounding a man found dead in an evacuation area.
Around 900 firefighters were battling the blaze in temperatures exceeding 41 degrees Celsius, aided by 28 water-dropping helicopters and eight fixed-winged aircraft. 
By late Saturday night, the Southern California blaze was about 20 percent contained.
Due to the thick smoke blanketing much of Los Angeles, South Coast Air Quality Management District issued a smoke advisory, warning of unhealthy air conditions in the region.
Evacuation shelters have been set up for residents in the area, and about 10 roads have been closed. 
This blaze is the most recent in a series of fires that have hit the drought-stricken state, spurred on by high heat and very low humidity. 
In September 2015, a state of emergency had been declared in the northern areas of California due to a wildfire that forced thousands of people to evacuate small towns.
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Comment by Yamkin 1 hour ago

Severe floods kill scores, displace tens of thousands in China
Heavy rain in China has killed at least 154 people and forced tens of thousands from their homes, according to state media reported.
About 114 people were killed and 111 others missing in the northern province of Hebei after rain triggered floods and landslides, the Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday, citing the civil affairs department.
Nearly 50,000 homes have collapsed, it said.
In the central province of Henan, 15 people were killed and eight were missing after thunderstorms and strong winds forced 72,000 people from their homes and damaged 18,000 houses.
Overall, about 8.6 million people have been affected by the flooding, according to state media and local government reports.
Large parts of China have been inundated with rain this summer, killing more than 200 people.
More than 1.5m hectares of crops have been damaged, leading to direct economic losses of more than 20 billion yuan ($3bn), according to the government.
The central bank on Friday issued a statement saying it would provide financial support for flooded areas.
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Comment by Yamkin 1 hour ago

State Of Emergency As Severe Winter Grips Peru
A state of emergency has been declared in the southern Peruvian Andes, where bitterly cold weather has killed thousands of animals, devastating the largely indigenous families that raise them.
The government has promised $3m in relief following the death of 50,000 alpacas. Around 300,000 camelids are also under threat as overnight temperatures continue to fall to around -23C.
Peru is the world's largest producer of alpaca wool and has around four million camelids. Unfortunately, the high-altitude rural hamlets where the animals have been raised for centuries are among the most deprived in Peru.
More than 120,000 families here make less than half the country's minimum wage, so any loss of livestock represents a major financial loss.
Government sources say that this cold season has led to an estimated 14,000 children in the Andes suffering from respiratory illnesses. So far 105 have died.
The low temperatures have been linked to the recent prolonged El Nino event. It may be the southern hemisphere winter but this one is proving to be exceptionally severe.
As yet, there is no respite in sight. The National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology says that the snow will continue to fall in the highlands for the foreseeable future.
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Comment by Yamkin 15 hours ago



***BE ALERT***

Comment by Yamkin 15 hours ago

Record Snowfall For July In Parts Of Canada

It might not quite feel like a Northern Christmas in July, but some people in parts of the N.W.T. certainly aren't welcoming the winter-like weather that's hit their communities.
This week, snow has been falling in at least three N.W.T. communities — Sachs Harbour, Inuvik and Paulatuk.
CBC Meteorologist Ashley Brauweiler says about five centimetres fell in Sachs Harbour between Tuesday and Wednesday, breaking a new record for July 20. The last record was hit in 1966 with just 3.3 centimetres of snow.
Brauweiler says conditions could continue into Thursday, with another two to three centimetres falling in Sachs Harbour. 
She says it's all thanks to a low-pressure system that formed over the Beaufort Sea and is slowly moving east, including over Sachs Harbour.
"The combination of cold temperatures in the upper levels along with surface temperatures hovering near or just below zero means all that precipitation is falling as snow for Sachs Harbour," Brauweiler said.
Northerns have certainly endured worse weather, but can they tolerate it in July?
Wet, slushy snow also fell in Inuvik and Paulatuk Wednesday, but didn't seem to stick.
Maya March in Paulatuk wasn't too happy about the snow that fell on the community earlier Wednesday.
Brauweiler says any community up along the Arctic coast could see some snow. And they may have to endure it for a little longer: she says low temperatures could mean a bit more snow for those communities too.
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Comment by Yamkin 16 hours ago

Heavy snowfall and very cold on arrival in South Africa!
The American GFS computer center provides for the arrival of a cold snap in South Africa, accompanied by heavy snowfall particularly in Lesotho, where the main resorts at elevations around 3000 meters above sea level.
In particular, according to predictions by Africaski (Mountain Resort Lesotho), it is expected the arrival of temperatures around the-7-8° C below zero at an altitude of 3000 metres, with freezing down to 2100 metres altitude starting next July 24, more than a meter of fresh snow, and white coat up to 1700-1800 meters high.
It is a heavy wave of bad weather and cold, that will bring temperatures in the soil, on South Africa, up to values of 10-14° C below normal, which resulted in one of the most intense winter waves of recent years.
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Comment by Yamkin 16 hours ago

Severe Snow Storm Cuts Off Homes In Gan Gan and Gastre, Argentina
En la zona de la meseta la caída de nieve fue intensa en los últimos días. <br>
Three trucks of Civil Defense and CORFO yesterday tried to reach the homes of the affected families to deliver food, water, mattresses and blankets. Meanwhile today, progress in road work by opening roads, hoping to stop snow and increase the heat to prevent melting.
More than one week ago in the area of the plateau of Chubut began to snow. First it was gradually and slowly. However, in the last days the intensity increased, leaving isolated to those settlers rural that had that be assisted.
Yesterday by fortune already not snowed. Even so, in Gan Gan and Gastre situation was complex and residents of the rural area expected the snow to give a truce, knowing also that it is part of the climatic conditions which has the area each year.
While yesterday afternoon received the PAMI workers even distributed firewood in the village, Natividad Gonzalez looked to his grandson back field where he had gone to look for your vehicle. "We also we had been in the mine field, but it was a boy and brought us. Now they went to search the car that was there when we could not go out", told the woman having the field 8 leagues from the village.
Explained the woman, only the 4 x 4 trucks could enter the sector. Meanwhile, Vialidad Provincial works with machines trying to of opening those roads.
Nativity is mainly concerned about snow, because intensity affects animals. "The chivas snow makes them like balls and if you fly animals plug them; then are concerned, but what you going to do? ", regretted."
Ricardo Sepúlveda, community leader of Gan Gan, expressed concern this morning by this situation. "We had a surprise snowfall because so far it had snowed very little and it has rained a lot.
It is complicated in the fields, in the surrounding area and in the part of the sierra. In the part of the fields there are an average of 200 people and surely everyone is isolated, but machines are already working and we are on alert, "said.
As said Sepulveda, Sierra snow exceeds 80 centimeters and in some cases reaches the metro, although he knows that in Gastre panorama is even more complex and in some sectors, according to testimony from the people themselves, it surpassed the 2 meters.
So said it Marcos Arévalo, one of the employees of PAMI yesterday still distributed in urban areas the 3,000 kilos of firewood which corresponds "to spend the winter", and Iván Yuziuk, owner of Chubut Civil Defense ratified it. "In some sectors they fell up to two meters. Some sectors have had to get walking or on horseback. "Now are coming out with three vans with the people of CORFO and of the Ministry of family carrying food, water, mattresses and blankets, and already are coordinating with machines to open some roads", described.
Despite efforts, the official acknowledged that panorama "is complicated, especially by frost. We hoped that with the temperature increase you thaw a little, but low temperatures at night do to not reach so that it melts. "This me worries in it personal, but by the time not there are no poblador in risk", explained Yuziuk, confirming that today will continue to them works in all the area, while waiting that cessation all the fall of snow.
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Comment by Yamkin 21 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 498 km

Distances: 549 km SW of Nuku‘alofa, Tonga / pop: 22,400 / local time: 01:38:46.3 2016-07-24
697 km S of Suva, Fiji / pop: 77,366 / local time: 00:38:46.3 2016-07-24
1397 km SW of Apia, Samoa / pop: 40,407 / local time: 01:38:46.3 2016-07-24

Global viewRegional view

Comment by Yamkin 21 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 206 km

Distances: 2402 km NW of Vancouver, Canada / pop: 1,837,969 / local time: 02:59:02.5 2016-07-23
267 km NW of Kodiak, United States / pop: 6,130 / local time: 01:59:02.5 2016-07-23
113 km E of Dillingham, United States / pop: 2,329 / local time: 01:59:02.5 2016-07-23

Global viewRegional view

Comment by Yamkin 21 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 40 km

Distances: 651 km S of Guadalajara, Mexico / pop: 1,640,589 / local time: 03:52:00.8 2016-07-23
492 km S of Colima, Mexico / pop: 127,235 / local time: 03:52:00.8 2016-07-23
384 km SW of Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico / pop: 84,001 / local time: 03:52:00.8 2016-07-23

Global viewRegional view



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Indonesia Plate NOT Collapsing -- The TruEarth Images offered by ZT as "proof" are 11 years old! 

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