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Comment by Yamkin 6 hours ago

40,000 TONS of Salmon and 8,000 TONS of Sardines have washed up dead, due to red tide in Chile
Photo: Alvaro Vidal AFP
A huge amount of dead salmon and sardines are accumulating on the Pacific coast of Chile since early this year due to the effect of climate phenomenon known as El Niño, reports Telesur .
It is estimated that water has expelled Chilean beaches a total of 40,000 tons of Salomes in the region of Los Lagos, representing 12% of the annual production of salmon from Chile. This month also appeared 8,000 tons of sardines in the mouth of the river Queule.
In addition, they have also discovered thousands of dead shellfish and clams stacked on the coast of the Big Island of Chiloe, as well as several cuttlefish dead on the shores of the island of Santa Maria.
Scientists blame these anomalies climate phenomenon El Niño, which causes warming of the surface waters in the Pacific Ocean Ecuador, next to the American continent, raising them to higher temperatures than normal. To this other phenomenon known as red tides, which is the presence of small algae called alexandrium catenella, which generate a venom causes paralysis of the nervous system and kills shellfish and seafood of the area adds. In addition, consumption can be harmful to both other animals and humans.
Meanwhile, fishermen in the region of Los Lagos in Chile, maintain a blockade access to the big island of Chiloe in protest at the lack of support they receive from the government to offset the effects caused by the death of these marine species.
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Comment by Yamkin 7 hours ago

30+ TONS of dead fish appear in a lake, 'people in shock' in Hainan, China
Horrible discovery: The fish were discovered yesterday floating in Hongcheng Lake in Haikou, southern China's Hainan province
Residents of a Chinese city were shocked to see a vast number of dead fish appearing in a local lake yesterday.
Horrifying images show the animals covering a large part of Hongcheng Lake in Haikou, southern China's Hainan province.
Sanitation workers have been recovering the dead fish and have so far collected 30 tonnes, the People's Daily Online reports.
Shocking images: Vast number of dead fish is seen covering a large part of the waters with modern city buildings at the background
According to Haikou City Board of Marine and Fisheries, the large number of dead fish is due to a change in salinity. 
Its suspected that the fish have floated in from another place. 
40 sanitation workers have attended the scene to recover the deceased animals. 
The fish are thought to be scaled sardines, herring like fish that can be found in the Pacific Ocean. Scaled Sardines can grow up to nine inches in length but are usually around half of that size. 
Staff at the Marine and Fisheries Agency told local reporters that pollution can be ruled out as a cause of death. 
They also said that they will investigate the matter further and take measures to prevent seawater from entering areas where freshwater fish reside. 
This isn't the first case of tonnes of deceased fish being found in China. 
In 2015, thousands of animals died overnight at a commercial fish farm in southern China's Guangdong province after the lake became polluted. 
Over 1,000 tonnes of dead fish were found floating in the water near Huizhou City. 
Workers rushed to clear the lake using plastic baskets and nets to scoop them out, creating a huge mountain of rotting fish on the shore.
Disturbing images: Staff at the Marine and Fisheries Agency told reporters that pollution can be ruled out as a cause of death 
Courtesy of
Comment by Yamkin 7 hours ago

39,000 turkeys killed due to avian flu in Missouri, USA
A southwestern Missouri turkey farm where bird flu was found remains quarantined after 39,000 of its birds were destroyed last week as a precaution, agricultural officials said Wednesday.
The H5N1 strain of the virus, detected during a routine inspection last week, is weaker than the H5N2 strain that cost turkey and egg producers in Missouri and 14 other states about 48 million birds last year. It's also a different than the H7N8 strain found in January in Indiana, where more than 400,000 birds at about 10 poultry farms were exterminated.
The bird flu found on the farm in Jasper County is a low-pathogenic variety, meaning the birds often show no or only minor symptoms and have a lesser mortality rate, Missouri Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Sarah Alsager said. The state would not identify the farm where employees and U.S. Department of Agriculture contractors euthanized the birds.
Commercial flocks within a six-mile radius of the Missouri farm have tested negative for the virus, Alsager said, and testing and surveillance is continuing in nearby counties.
U.S. taxpayers spent hundreds of millions of dollars last year cleaning up dead birds and disinfecting after the bird flu swept through the Midwest; Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri lost the most birds. Money also was spent to fund research and stockpile a bird flu vaccine in case the virus returns.
Avian flu viruses typically do not infect humans, though it has happened sporadically, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. It advises that people observe wild birds only from a distance, avoid contact with poultry that appear ill or have died and stay away from surfaces apparently tainted with feces from wild or domestic birds.
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Comment by Yamkin 8 hours ago



Subject To Change

Depth: 2 km

Distances: 688 km S of Calgary, Canada / pop: 1,019,942 / local time: 13:40:01.1 2016-05-05
173 km S of Helena, United States / pop: 28,190 / local time: 13:40:01.1 2016-05-05
64 km E of Dillon, United States / pop: 4,134 / local time: 13:40:01.1 2016-05-05
47 km SW of Big Sky, United States / pop: 2,308 / local time: 13:40:01.1 2016-05-05

Global viewRegional view

Comment by Yamkin 8 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 5 km

Distances: 382 km NW of Phoenix, United States / pop: 1,445,632 / local time: 06:49:32.0 2016-05-05
102 km E of Las Vegas, United States / pop: 583,756 / local time: 06:49:32.0 2016-05-05
33 km S of Bunkerville, United States / pop: 1,303 / local time: 06:49:32.0 2016-05-05

Global viewRegional view
Comment by Yamkin 8 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 3293 km SW of Guatemala City, Guatemala / pop: 994,938 / local time: 05:01:44.8 2016-05-05
3303 km SW of San Salvador, El Salvador / pop: 525,990 / local time: 05:01:44.8 2016-05-05
3320 km S of Mexico City, Mexico / pop: 12,294,193 / local time: 06:01:44.8 2016-05-05

Global viewRegional view
Comment by Yamkin 8 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 2 km

Distances: 840 km E of Sanaa, Yemen / pop: 1,937,451 / local time: 10:01:45.9 2016-05-05
304 km E of Al Mukallā, Yemen / pop: 258,132 / local time: 10:01:45.9 2016-05-05
216 km NW of Qulansiyah, Yemen / pop: 3,500 / local time: 10:01:45.9 2016-05-05
181 km N of Kilmia, Yemen / pop: 2,013 / local time: 10:01:45.9 2016-05-05

Global viewRegional view
Comment by Yamkin 8 hours ago



Subject To Change

Depth: 4 km

Distances: 690 km S of Calgary, Canada / pop: 1,019,942 / local time: 00:29:04.7 2016-05-05
174 km S of Helena, United States / pop: 28,190 / local time: 00:29:04.7 2016-05-05
65 km E of Dillon, United States / pop: 4,134 / local time: 00:29:04.7 2016-05-05
47 km SW of Big Sky, United States / pop: 2,308 / local time: 00:29:04.7 2016-05-05

Global viewRegional view

Comment by Yamkin 9 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 10 km

68 km NW of Kathmandu, Nepal / pop: 1,442,271 / local time: 10:31:30.0 2016-05-05

466 km W of Thimphu, Bhutan / pop: 98,676 / local time: 10:46:30.0 2016-05-05
739 km NW of Dhaka, Bangladesh / pop: 10,356,500 / local time: 10:46:30.0 2016-05-05

   Global viewRegional view
Comment by Yamkin yesterday

2,600+ Turtles and thousands of sea birds found dead during past 6 months in southern Brazil
Photo: Images - TAMAR / Disclosure Project
In six months, the Basin Beaches Monitoring Project of Santos , led by Univali in Itajai, collected more than 2,600 dead turtles between Ubatuba (SP) and Laguna (SC) _ an average of 14 per day. Most are victims of human interference, and they are not the only victims: birds had an even higher mortality, with more than 4,800 record in the last 180 days.
The numbers spooked even the researchers. André Barreto, coordinator of the project, says it will be necessary to gather new data to understand whether it is an isolated phenomenon, or proof that the marine life is threatened. 
_ It was an atypical year, under the influence of El Niño. We want to understand whether the killing was out of the ordinary, or if you do not know these numbers because we could not see.
Photo: See Description / See Description
Among the birds, it is possible that a meteorological phenomenon has interfered in the death of about 2,000 copies of a seabird known as a great fool, and that migrates from the Northern Hemisphere to the South. The animals were found in a 20 day period, possibly victims of a cold front. 
Among the turtles, the main cause of death is fishing and waste which negligently human, will stop at sea. The friendly green turtles, the same as turned character in Nemo movie, are the most up dead on beaches _ coincidentally, those living closer to the coast. 
living or debilitated animals found also receive design attention. Currently there are turtles and birds in treatment in Florianópolis, Tamar and R3 Institute. Five new stabilization bases are under construction in the country - three of them in SC in South San Francisco, Laguna and Penha, which already has a base maintained by Univali and will be reformed. Florianópolis win one of the five rehabilitation units, and Imbituba have a support base.
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