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Comment by Yamkin 1 hour ago

Severe snow storm unleashes more than 6 foot of snow causing mayhem in Japan
Up to 11 people are now reported to have died in a winter snow storm gripping much of Japan, as forecasters warn bad weather will continue.
Northern and central parts of Japan have been lashed by strong winds that have dumped huge quantities of snow over the last few days, disrupting travel and cutting off isolated communities.
The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper says 11 people are known to have died, including two people - a 79-year-old man and a 29-year-old firefighter - who fell into ditches while clearing snow.
Several other, mainly elderly people have been killed on the northernmost main island of Hokkaido and in regions near the Sea of Japan (East Sea) in mainland Honshu, reports and officials have said on Friday.
There have also been deaths on the roads, with hazardous driving conditions resulting in hundreds of accidents that have left dozens injured.
Public transport networks have also been hit, with several hundred flights grounded, most of them domestic, and bullet trains suffering delays.
More than 270 people were stranded in mountainous areas of Niigata and Nagano after the only road linking them with the outside world was blocked by an avalanche.
The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) is warning of the risk of further avalanches across much of the country.
Strong winds gusting at up to 140km/h have also caused tidal surges and people in coastal areas are being warned of the danger of high waves.
The storm, which was caused by a powerful area of low pressure "has now peaked, but snow is continuing in regions by the Sea of Japan", the JMA said.
More than 200 centimetres of snow is already lying in some areas, with more forecast.
Nagoya Castle is seen covered with snow in Nagoya, central Japan (Reuters)
Comment by Yamkin 2 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 36 km

Distances: 49km (30mi) E of Namie, Japan
70km (43mi) ENE of Iwaki, Japan
85km (53mi) E of Funehiki, Japan
89km (55mi) SE of Marumori, Japan
252km (157mi) NE of Tokyo, Japan  

Global view
Comment by Yamkin 3 hours ago




***BE ALERT***

Comment by Yamkin 3 hours ago


Subject To Change

Depth: 2 km

Distances: 175 km NW of Athens, Greece / pop: 729,137 / local time: 00:40:33.0 2014-12-20
41 km SE of Lárisa, Greece / pop: 128,758 / local time: 00:40:33.0 2014-12-20
23 km W of Vólos, Greece / pop: 84,425 / local time: 00:40:33.0 2014-12-20
8 km SW of Velestínon, Greece / pop: 3,211 / local time: 00:40:33.0 2014-12-20

Global viewRegional view
Comment by Yamkin 11 hours ago



***BE ALERT***

Comment by Yamkin 11 hours ago

40 TONS of dead fish found in the Tiete River, Brazil

After two days of work, employees jumping Prefecture (SP) removed 40 tons of dead fish stream Helper. A backhoe to clean the tributary was necessary, which flows into the River Tietê and, last week, was taken by a "black water" . Thousands of dead fish were removed from the stream on Saturday (29) and Sunday (30) and taken to the landfill of the city. Now, the Department of the Environment will make a detailed account of all the damage caused to the city and report.

Quase 1t de peixes mortos é retirada de córrego após 'água preta' no Tietê (Foto: Arquivo Pessoal/Paulo Conti)

The situation caught the attention of environmental activists who went to the helper stream monitor the spring cleaning. A group of Campinas (SP) expressed outrage over the killing of animals. "It's a whole chain who died, are not only those fish that were in spawning [playing time], who were coming back. It's all the result," said the activist Eliete Ferrari.

The residents of neighborhoods near the stream also accompanied cleaning this weekend, as the stench became a big problem for those who live near the site. "At home is closed day and night, because of the smell. We called all the fans and even then the smell still comes in," says Mason Mark Vicente Soares.

Morte de peixes em Salto (Foto: Arquivo Pessoal/Paulo Conti)
Comment by Yamkin 11 hours ago

400,000 salmon have died in fish farms in Puerto Natales, Chile

An alarming mortality of farmed salmon to date is recorded in the center Quiet Bay 1, Puerto Natales. During the week the company announced Acuimag SA increased from Tuesday, from 10,000 to 400,000 dead fish, approximately.

Sernapesca unable to enter the center by bad weather in the area, even though after necropsy infectious diseases were discarded.

As explained by the Business Unit Manager Services Aquaculture Farm Acuimag SA, Oscar Garay, the cause of death could be explained by a micro algae bloom, which is also called red tide or tidal coffee, natural phenomena, in Here influenced by climatic factors such as El Niño phenomenon changing climate and water temperature. "We are taking contingency measures but not much to do except remove the mortality as quickly as possible with all available means and in coordination and knowledge of the authorities. The losses are still unquantifiable because it is an evolving phenomenon, "he said.

According to reports Sernapesca, samples of the dead to the analysis, results will be announced at the Instituto de Fomento Pesquero (Ifop) Punta Arenas fish will.

Meanwhile, a second center in the same area also began to be affected, corresponding to the center of Bay Quiet II, so it is evaluating emergency measures in other centers in the area.

So far, priority has been given authorization management and removal of mortalities in different ways (cremated, silage and transfer to reducing plants inside and outside the region), all under biosafety conditions supervised by the service and attentive to new cases and research on microalgae, reportedly from Sernapesca.
Comment by Yamkin 11 hours ago

Thousands of dead fish appear in a pond in Bangkok, Thailand

City Hall plans to siphon water from a pond in the Makkasan area after thousands of fish were found dead.

Mr Kangwan said officials discovered the dissolved oxygen level in the pond water had fallen to zero. He said the fish had been dead for about three days. The officials inspected the pond.
Comment by Yamkin 11 hours ago

Thousands of fish die in fish cages in Wonogiri Regency, Indonesia

Erratic weather conditions at the turn of the season lead to the death of 35 tons of fish were cultured in floating cages Aquafarm Nusantara PT Gajah Mungkur (WGM)

Earlier, thousands of fish die in mid-November. The majority of fish are farmed tilapia and catfish types. Death of fish in floating cages WGM an annual cycle when the transition.

A manager WGM floating cages fish meal, Slamet, said dead fish found floating cages in 16 Aquafarm Nusantara PT in just a day.

"Water reservoirs shrink despite the rain since a few days ago. Significantly, the oxygen content in the water to thin, "he said when met, Wednesday (11/26/2014).

According to him, dead fish directly buried in the surrounding area and away from the area WGM floating cages.

A farmer floating fish cages WGM, Wardiman, the number of dead fish belonging to farmers was reduced compared to some time ago. At that time, the number of dead fish 1-2 tons / day.

Typically, this condition will expire after the reservoir water levels back to normal.

According to him, the death of fish this year is comparable to similar conditions in some previous years. At that time, the number of dead fish reached more than 30 tons.

"If the number of dead fish is only about 10-20 tons is still relatively mild. Usually more than 30 tons when entering the transition, "he explained.
Comment by Yamkin 11 hours ago

Dozens of dead crows found in Portland, Oregon, America


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