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Gordon James Gianninoto To Discuss Planet X, Pole Shift, Contacting ETs, Dimensional Change and the Future of the Human Race as THE EXPLORER RACE


Tonight November 18th to the 19th I will be on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory from 2 AM to 5 AM Eastern time. I live in Maine and will be covering all your favorite topics in a way that should blow your socks off because I will tell you how I did it on my own and started lecturing in public in 1990 on the subject of "Extraterrestrial Contact With Planet Earth" about how ETs are interested in contacting unselfish humans, and that we are about to have pole shift and after that ETs will help rebuild the earth and then we will move to a higher dimension and begin building a fleet of space ships to leave the earth and be known throughout the universe as those to whom no problem can't be solved.

Hope you enjoy it. It will be on over 500 radio stations around the world, and I will be mentioning how in 2006 when Janet and I looked around to see who, if anyone, was saying the same thing, we found ZetaTalk. I will leave out nothing if there is the time to do it. I will tell how I taught myself telepathy and remote projection, psychic abilities through empathy, and meditation, and my early ET experiences and how I asked the ETs for a partner and read them a list and one year later went out to lecture on UFOs and met Janet and how we live the less is more lifestyle with no plumbing, heating with wood, and living on a mountaintop on the coast of Maine.

Say a prayer for me that it is good and raises the publicity for these subjects. I think millions are disillusioned with everything and hungry for the truth and where to turn for heartfelt truth.

Thank you all.

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Comment by Amy Evans on November 22, 2010 at 4:48pm
Well said Cheryl ... it is far to easy to have a flame war against any member ... I have seen it tear groups apart. Brian, it is hard to know what the truth is about Nibiru, the Sun's CME's that might be coming soon or the effects of Nemesis's planet that is swinging through our system ... I can only go off what my learned friends have told me about the data I personally collected and the misspoken words from our friends at SVT ... who in their ignorance told me about other stuff. They hold the strong belief that something will impact the Earth before the end of this year ... they would not tell me what, so my friends have been also watching ... they also hold the strong belief that Nibiru will be seen very soon, and that the nay-sayers will be silenced ... time will tell
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on November 22, 2010 at 4:07pm
mber this? If someone is violating the standard of "freedom of speech as moderated by the golden rule and the reasonable person standard," then please send an email to me, the ning owner, Cheryl Nelson. Make
sure I am on your friend's list so you can email me, or else go to my page and click on Send A Message.
YOU ARE NOT TO ENGAGE THE OFFENDING PERSON! Just ignore offensive posts until I can address it.

I don't know if you realize it, but how is being intolerant of ZT here any different than the intolerance at the other ning? I will not tolerate a totalitarian regime here in any way, shape or form. Ms. Z has departed. I am disappointed by this incident.
Comment by Paris on November 22, 2010 at 4:01pm
I just wanted to clarify my last post. I may think Nancy was a victim, but she is by no means an innocent victim. After 2003 she had every opportunity to come clean, but she chose to take the low path, hurting a lot of people along the way.
Comment by Paris on November 22, 2010 at 2:32pm
Brian, I believe Nancy was once in contact with aliens or more likely the CIA. She was given mostly truths mixed in with a few lies in order to win the public's trust. One of the lies they fed her was the 2003 date.
Before this date, most of what she said was accurate. After this date though, it seems she has been floundering and making things up. I think the reason for this is that she was left to fend for herself. Whoever or whatever was feeding her info was done with her...she served her purpose.
When Nibiru didn't show up as predicted, Nancy was left with two options: Slink away into oblivion and be forever known as that crackpot planet x lady or continue on by making up some ridiculous premise of PX trapped next to the sun and Earth halted in her orbit.
I don't hate Nancy, I feel sorry for her. She was used as a pawn in some end of the world game. I'm not sure why it happened, the reason I can guess though was to throw people off the real date, which is right around the corner. I have met many people in person and online who said, "Wasn't it suppose to show up in 2003?"
The "white lie" obviously served its purpose, many people now are saying its not real because it didn't show up in 2003 and this is exactly what the elite were hoping for. Who cares if some poor old lady was used and humiliated in the process, as long as the general public thought Nibiru was a hoax.
Comment by Amy Evans on November 22, 2010 at 1:54pm
Brian ... I know how you feel ... I was also booted by Nancy, for for no reason than quoting from a site I linked to from her site ... StarViewerTeam ... which is kinda funny because they had a great deal of the answers we were looking for. If the information is correct, and I would like to see what Gordon thinks about it, Nibiru's orbit is so eratic, it will not pass close to our Earth this time, but it still is effecting us with our tilt and the wobble it has left us with ... people around the planet are finally noticing that the Sun & Moon are not in the exact place in the heavens anymore ... the tides have also slightly changed ... Nibiru is attracting or repulsing our South Pole. As to your question Brian ... it is moving upward & outwards towards the Ecliptic, and is projected to pass somewhere near Jupiter and Mars ... Nibiru is very close to the size of Pluto, so it will be hard to see ... and since it can only be seen in the Southern skies soon, it will not be until it climbs higher before it could be seen by more people ... if any of this is true, there is a news blackout about it, and other things ... just look at all of the SOHO photos you have seen here that NASA tries to edit out before the public can see them.
Comment by Amy Evans on November 22, 2010 at 1:33pm
I agree with Cheryl's statement ... all views are welcome ... and she has done a fantastic job keeping it that way here Gordon ... I am also at fault for not saying welcome. Seeing is believing ... when I see the Star Ships near our Sun, and they hold up to a closer look, and prove to be real, I am happy ... it proves to me that we are not alone here. But there are many questions about things happening around this world ... why are they showing up now, and in such numbers? Are they here to help our neighbors on both Mars and our Moon? We they help us humans before & after Nibiru passes and causes the pole shift? I know you are a busy person, and I do hope you can spend time here with all of us.
Comment by RLP on November 22, 2010 at 9:48am
Teresa, Paris and Jed - well said and kudos to you all.
Comment by Jed Miers on November 22, 2010 at 9:23am
Ms Z (does that stand for Zeta?), as new member you might want to check out the facts before you start passing judgment on the people here. So you joined because of Gorden's blog and now your supporting him and ragging on everyone who doesn't, what are you a ringer? Very suspicious Ms Z.
Any way, most of the people on this site don't subscribe to the Zeta or Nancy's dribble. In fact a great deal of these people, including myself, were booted of nancy's poleshift ning site for questioning her explanations, so it would stand to reason we wouldn't be interested in the message.
There's more to it than this though. As people have pointed out, the Greys/Zetas have been less then honest with us. Abductions, experiments and manipulation of our affairs through religions and government are just a few of the nightmares attributed to the Greys.
As for only a small portion of the aliens being evil, this might be true, but this small portion has had the biggest impact on humanity. They have openly admitted that humans will be replaced by their hybrids and take over out planet. Why do this, because they destroyed their own world and their species is sterile. Could it be that nature has decided the Grays have run their course? Could they be fighting their own extinction through the extermination of another species? The zetas are attempting to commit genocide. Luckily for us though, we are not alone. There are many of our kind here watching over our interests, trying to bring us enlightenment and intervening against the grays. I am grateful for this.
I am also grateful for the wonderful people on this site who aren't afraid to say whats on thier mind. I find it interesting that Gordon blows onto this site, spewing all sorts of wild Zeta inspired rants, expecting us to look at him like some sort of rock star and anyone who disagrees with him his wrong. I checked him out on poleshift ning, he's doing pretty much the same blow heart act on them. Most people spend a little time getting to know people on here and making friends, they don't preach at them from the get go.
Comment by Paris on November 22, 2010 at 1:39am
Interesting video. I've always gotten a creepy feeling when I looked at that crop circle of the alien face. Now hearing what the message said I understand why. Deception is all around us and trying so desperately to pull us.down. The best we can do is ignore it and remember we are part of something much greater.
I hope we can all learn to listen with our hearts. When someone comes on here and insults you, your beliefs or tries to play word games that make you look angry and damaged, that person his here with an agenda. They are trying to discredit you and win others onto their side.Don't be fooled, stay in the light and don't let them steel your energy.
Comment by Paris on November 22, 2010 at 12:01am
Teresa my friend, I just wanted to give you a little support. I don't always see things the way you do, but this is to be expected...we are all on this planet and partaking in our own journey. One thing I do share with you is a distrust of a species that has admitted that it is trying to replace us with hybrids.
Any species that would sneak around abducting another species and experiment on them with their own agenda in mind is NOT a friend of humanity.
I'm tired of hearing that we are a species not worthy of life and we are destroying our planet. You are absolutely right when you say we are not the ones behind this destruction and this mind set. The Greys have been trying to bring down our energy with their lies for one reason...they want the take over of our planet to go a smoothly as possible.
The Pleiadians have warned us many times that the Greys have an agenda that does not have our best interests at heart. I for one choose to listen to this message because I listen with my heart. As I've said before, I have encountered a Pleiadian ship and I felt the overwhelming love vibration that poured from it. Its because of this I know with out a doubt they are speaking the truth when they tell us to stay clear of the Greys.
I have to be honest, it actually breaks my heart that the Greys are trying so desperately to infiltrate this site with their lies and obvious deception. Why are they here when they have Nancy's site with 2000 plus members? Do they find this site to be a threat? Does it undermine their agenda? I don't know what the reason is, but I wish they would go away.
By the way, speaking of a sycophant {a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite), I saw pretty good example of this tonight. It seems we have some one sucking up to Cheryl..."Cheryl, you must be in charge. Thank god for something."
I don't know about the rest of you, but i got the feeling this was subtle insult directed us.



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