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Israel Closes Embassies - Diplomatic Strike Or Something Else?

Copied from an Alfred Webre facebook post:

"SOBERING WORDS FROM A FRIEND? ;)  -  info that was given to me about the situation-Israel is about to strike Iran and Syria - and Iran retaliation will bring the US into war, followed by Russia and NATO.

You have to act now to save us from this thing -- so be prepared to make up your mind.

It is impossible that all Israeli ambassadors would walk off the job over a pay dispute -- impossible. They are being called home for their protection -- because Israel is going to war and it intends to knock out all nations that in any way have been a threat capable of standing up to them with force.

How could all of them agree -- how could their not be a large percentage who would refuse to desert the needs of Israel? How could they not simply ask the US Congress or American Jews for the extra they want -- why would they not use the threat of walking out rather than the real thing.

But more than that -- Jews put Israel ahead of money always.

They know Israel is going to do something that those Ambassadors could not defend -- and so they have called back their Ambassadors on the false pretext of a diplomatic corps strike for higher wages.

They are going for a very big move -- with this precaution it has to be big -- and if they do one big one -- they might as well do their entire agenda of big moves.

It will be to decapitate very quickly the government of Syria and all opposition units -- US will provide air support -- but it won't be necessary. They will also degrade Iran's nukes with the certain knowledge that retaliation will be met by the US.

The US military, intelligence and key leaders of both parties and both houses of Congress are aware of this -- and so will be ready for instantaneous air strikes against Iran as soon as Iran makes its first move to retaliate or defend itself.

Russia will step in to back Iran and because of heat over Ukraine the EU will join in too. This saves the EU and the EU Central Bank -- because the EU is collapsing and this war will be viewed by EU bureaucrats and globalist heads of European nations as a way to keep them from revolution and perhaps prison. The American ruling elite is also discredited and needs a war to save itself from an American people who have in the past few years lost all their illusions and their patience -- they need World War 3 too."

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Comment by Byron wilkins on March 25, 2014 at 12:12pm

This has a lot of common sense to it and I see the same picture coming into focus. World is waking up to what Zionism is thanks to the internet.


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