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It is a natural universal law, that whatever is resisted or repelled persists.

It is therefore of utmost importance to stop fighting against or run "anti" campaigns, movements or aggressive revolutions against whatever it is you don't want to see or experience in your world. The more you counter what you don't like or even loathe, the more you help perpetuate it. You do this by lending your energy, your emotional reactions, your precious life force and your free will towards prolonging the very issue you seek to stop. This is why the only winners in any war are ever the international banksters who finance and encourage both sides of any conflict, because they know that it is the biggest money and energy generating business of all time! But among the fighting parties, there is only ever loss. So what do I do, you ask! Should I just stay on the sidelines and let things that are so obviously wrong go unnoticed and let them continue unchecked?! No. Of course not. You can put a stop to anything that needs stopping. As a matter of fact, your integrity and sense of truth, won't let you do otherwise. But you must never forget that the true enemy who lives in each of our contaminated minds, isn't after anything other than complete control over human consciousness. And it attempts doing so by plunging us into fear, aggression and separation of all kinds. So when you fight against or put all your emotional and life force energy behind a cause that is anti anything, you are feeding your enemy's very goal. You say energetically: I am this but not that other. Kind of like George W. Bush spouting that now infamous line: "You are either with us or you are with the terrorists!" at every opportunity. And look where this one single artificially created separation of our collective consciousness has led ever since! And that's only one of many such separations, we can either choose to buy into with our free will, or discard as simply not being our choice to participate in. I cannot stress enough the importance of correct use of our human free will. We each have it. And we each are fully responsible for where we place it and how we use it. So to stop what you don't like, stop participating in campaigns that tie up your precious energy and life into endless fighting and practice what you wish to see instead. If you hate war, practice peace. Within you, in your family unit, in your community. Be a conscious peace maker. Be a Lover not a fighter. You will quickly create a pool of pure light within you and all around you. One person can affect millions of lives. If you are upset at the ruthlessness and greed of a corporation, don't go fighting them in court. Simply stop buying any of their products and start a campaign to educate others in doing the same. Corporations need buyers. If you stop giving your energy and money which is another form of energy away to them, they will feel it where it hurts them the most, their pockets. And they will then have a choice to either change or go under. The same applies to tyrannical government. Educate your opponents by practicing what you wish to see in the world. By giving your energy and time towards positive change for the Highest Greatest Good of Everyone! Stop fighting and practice your truth in every action, thought and feeling. And watch yourself and your world change as a result all around you, just like magic. Because this is what Love truly is. The only magical solution anyone of us will ever need!

~ Kintarian Amaru

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