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The date is now 15 July 2017. The clock is ticking.I am of the opinion that the Rapture of the Church will occur on or about 23 Sep 2017. In conjunction with the appearing of the great heavenly sign as depicted in Rev 12:1-2. And the finally time of Judgement for this world known as the Tribulation Period will start shortly some time after that. I personally do not believe in Global warming. What really happening is a extra solar planet is in our solar system that has established an electric magnetic relationship with our Sun that effecting the weather and our magnetic shields around our planet. Which in turn is causing more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. And crazy weather because it is effecting the jet stream and the ocean currents. Of course the media and the elites are not going to tell you the truth. They have  been to busy building their underground bunkers and preparing for what coming.
This Rouge Star and its 7 orbiters is a twin to our Sun and it orbits in and out of our solar system every 350 to 450 it's effects are more devastating when the and this Rouge Star and Earth are both on the side of the Sun. Because it passes though our solar on the elliptic from the south. This Rouge Star caused the flood of Noah. It was instrumental in   causing the plagues of Egypt during Time of Moses. It was here during the crucifixion of Jesus it was the object that is 5 to 7 larger than the earth that caused the 3 hour eclipse. When the moon blocks the Sun blocks it can be no more than 3 minutes because of the moon size and your relative position on the surface of earth. It was here during the middle ages and now it on it way back in about a little more than 70 days away from Jupiter.
It is approaching from behind our Sun. And as s it gets closer to earth it might pop out from behind the Sun and will be like a second Sun only smaller. Do you really think the media the government's of the world are going to warn the people due to their fear that the general public will Panic and freak out
God would be most merciful if he would allow this Rouge Star to pop out from behind the Sun as warning to the world. But if you see this it is already to late.
As this Rouge Star and it's 7 orbiters pass Jupiter in a little more than 2 months 1 of its orbiters will collide with Jupiter and cause this planet to lose enough mass from Jupiter that it would cause changes effecting the rotations of the other planets within this solar system, causing the planets to speed up their rotation, in which earth will speed up a third earth causing a 16 hour day instead of the 24 hours we observe now. Also as predicted in the Bible that those days would be shortened for the elect's sake. No flesh would be saved. And what is most frightening is that all that planetary debris from Jupiter and the obitor will arrive 3 and a half years later as a massive meteor storm causing untold destruction on the inhabitants of the earth at that time.
Now is the time to turn to Jesus. First recognize that you are a lost sinner with no hope other than trusting Christ. believe now in your heart that Jesus came to this world died in your place on that cross. died was buried and was resurrected on the third day. And by faith faith call on him to come into your and trust him alone for your salvation. This corrupt and failed system we are living under is going to collapse. The elites and the leaders of this world would rather have us turn a blind eye to what is happening all around us and for us to continue to be distracted and over burden by this world. Jesus is coming soon... If we do not trust him now. Soon your greatest fears will will be realized. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...

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Comment by Kert Ellis on July 27, 2017 at 9:58am



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