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Lee was the first, the trailblazer.  He took the Level 1 course after reading this article, and immediately managed somehow to get to the top of Dolores Cannon's 7-year waiting list for a session.  His original responses to questions and comments about his session (from those who listened to the audio file) were accidentally deleted, but he put some back in the comments below.  Audio files of his session with Dolores Cannon are available upon request. Lee is now a certified quantum healing hypnosis therapy practitioner.  Please visit his website at

Then I had a session with a nearby practitioner, Patty Lake, in South Carolina.  The audio files of my session are also available upon request.  My session transcript is linked at

I have to say that I think Dolores Cannon's QHHT is a major game changer, the most important thing to impact this planet in a very long time.  It is going to assist in a major way the awakening and ascension of this planet, as well as Disclosure! 

Narrative Transcript of

Lee's Session with Dolores Cannon

This is a narrative transcript of Lee's session with Dolores Cannon (DC). It is not a verbatim transcript. Instead, it is summarized as a narrative (rather than a question and answer format). This delivers the substance of the session while saving time in reading (or listening) to it. Of course, listening is richer, to hear DC in action, hear the soul chuckle about things, and so forth, but it takes longer.

The session opens with the proprietary induction (removed). Then DC asks Lee what he sees. He says it is hard to describe. DC encourages Lee. He says that he can see sky, a white, yellowish light. He also sees an animal and describes it as long and made out of vibrant colors. DC reiterates the sky is yellowish looking and Lee confirms it is, and then says that the animal, which is long, like a centipede, is floating through the air and has enormous eyes that are radiating violet. He says that it feels like he is almost underwater, but says its not underwater, it's in the air.

DC asks what else Lee sees and he says he doesn't see any land under his feet, but below him is a darker color. He says where he is at is peaceful. DC asks if he is standing on it (land), and Lee says yes, but that it didn't seem like it could support him, that he could move through it. But yet, it was supporting him, that he was balanced over it.

DC asks if he saw anything else in the distance, above the dark surface. Lee said he saw something "like a city." He saw a vertical structure, very skinny, like a support. It was extremely dull at the end. It was like a city. When DC asked if there was more than just the one structure, he said there appeared to be others, same shape. One was close, a few miles away, he guessed.

DC returned to the support and reminded him that he said it was not solid. Lee says that it supported him and he felt like he was floating.

She asked him how he perceived himself. He replied that he was different from the long creature ("centipede"). It was ascertained that he did not have a centipede body but that he did not have a human form. He saw himself in a space suit: white, very fake, and that he had two legs with white, huge boots on his feet and that the boots were part of the suit, one piece. When asked what was different about the body that he thought it didn't appear human, Lee said it was probably because the suit was very bulky, and was a sort of a suit that protected him from the environment. He didn't see if he had arms but did determine that his face was covered, and the suit covered the rest of his body.

DC reconfirmed that he was floating and he agreed. She asked him if she thought he lived in the city. Lee answered that it was a flying saucer sitting on a huge pylon. DC asked if it was like a city in the air and Lee confirmed it was, a big city, supported by the pylon. He also reconfirmed that the light in the sky was yellowish, but he also saw a red color. She asked him if he felt he lived in that city (the flying saucer) and he said, that it was more a curiosity, he didn't think he lived there. He went on to describe many rows of lit up windows, made out of glass, and shiny metal, but most of it was glass, where they lived. They were very, very high above the ground.

DC asked if he was just there to watch and Lee said yes. He said it was huge inside, one big open space. He was looking through a window. He didn't see any other people or beings, just machines performing some kinds of tasks. He saw robots, automated machines performing tasks.

Lee was on the outside, looking for human forms, but I couldn't see any. But he knew there must be some kinds of entities there. He said they wore white costumes, like a space suit, like his, same big boots. He said those entities couldn't be in that room without those suits, like him. They had arms and legs like him, but their faces were covered by a dark piece of glass. He didn't feel like he was a part of that place, though. It was residential, seemed to be a factory.

DC asked him if it was his job to go and observe and Lee replied that it seemed like he was there because he was curious. She asked him where he came from, and to see what it looked like where he lived. He replied that he was traveling very fast out of space and that he was not in a vehicle, he was just traveling by himself. He didn't see his space suit. He said he was a speck of energy and that the galaxies were flying by. When he was asked what it looked like as he traveled, he said he saw a huge white light ahead of him. It was where he was going. It was very bright. It was where his people are. It was like headquarters, where everybody was being sent out from.

Lee said yes, his missions were to observe, to learn. He was free to travel and explore. He said they were able to choose among themselves where they went. They gained knowledge. In this particular case, he had gone by himself. DC asked again if he was wearing a space suit in that place and he said it wasn't his place to live, couldn't be there without it. She asked if he couldn't observe without it, and he said no, he couldn't, he had to wear it. DC asked what he did with what he observed and learned.

The particular mission described above was for curiosity, recreational. It didn't have any particular significance. But now he was going home. He described it as a sphere, with many, many people in it. He entered it through "a sort of a door that opens." DC asked him if he was still a speck once he got inside. He said no, he looked like a humanoid with arms and legs. His arms were very skinny. Everyone there looked all alike. He said he had already telepathically communicated his findings. He said he liked what he did, that it was fun. He got assignments all the time, and was able to choose where he wanted to go. It was fun to explore and they moved fast and other beings can't see them. He said that was the case when he went inside (the place mentioned above). He noted that the first entity (the centipede) could see him, and he can be seen on other missions.

DC asked if he was being sent out on other missions. He said yes. She asked if they had told him about it, and he said, "It's all about observing. We're observers. We've never been forced to do something we don't believe in. He also said that it was important to stabilize the energy because, "in the universe, there is a lot of chaos. It needs to be balanced." DC asked how he balanced the energy in a place that big. He said he [and his colleagues] didn't do the balancing and didn't know who did, some higher groups did it. They were only sent as observers. DC asked if he was sent to places that needed to be balanced. He didn't answer the question, just said that that particular mission was just for fun.

DC asked if he had ever been assigned to go and live in a human body. He said, "I have a human body when I was in a space suit observing. I just used it." But when he was asked if he had ever lived a life in a human body, he said, he didn't think so. [Right about here, it seems that it's the SC speaking. Earlier, it was hard to tell, because it was in first person, but now there is this detached viewpoint of the body. DC starts speaking directly to the SC and referring to Lee as a 3rd party in the session.] He was moving very fast. He had no desire to go and stay in one place, no desire to live in a human body. DC asked him if he were aware he was speaking through a human body right then and he said yes. She was a bit confused, saying it seemed like two different things. She was trying to understand. Was it two separate things?

Lee said he doesn't belong here. DC asked, but you are part of this human being, aren't you? He said, "Yes, I'm here right now, to observe. That they must have sent him here on assignment."  DC asked if he had been here on assignment for very long. He replied that he's been here since he was a child. She asked if it was to be an observer in a different way. And he said he was here "to teach and observe."

DC asked him what he was supposed to teach and he replied that he didn't come here when he was born, he came after. His body was already a child, maybe three or four, when he entered it. He said he was assigned to be in this body when it almost drowned. His parents took to him to the Black Sea resort and the inflated life support fell out from under him and he went deep under water. He could see others like himself. They were coming to rescue him from the bottom of the water and they brought him back to the surface. "Everybody thinks it was a gentleman who rescued me."  He doesn't remember if there was an original soul in the body when he entered it, but he was assigned to enter it.

DC is confused and asks some questions. "Are you existing with him, or are you him? I'm trying to understand. You're Lee, you're now in the body, right?" And he says, right.  DC says, "He's a good person, he wants to do many things this life." He says yes.

DC asks about when he thought he was being hit with something at the police station in Romania. Lee explains that it was an energy used for a wrong purpose, and that it was coming from the other side of the wall. The purpose of the energy was to do damage to him and the group he was with. He was not to be damaged by it, the energy went around it. He said that the energy did not do anything to his body because it was deflected. It was an invisible shield from his own body that caused the energy to go around it, so no harm was done to his body.

Then Lee came to America and many strange things happened to him. DC asks if he's still observing. He answers that no, he's the teacher now. DC wants to know what is he teaching and he says that "humanity belongs to the galactic community. They are never alone. And they have the power to change everything. They have to be prepared for a contact." She asks what he means by contact and he says "they have to accept the galactic community. They have to accept their presence. It has to be done gradual. That they fear too much. DC asks if he's supposed to teach about galactic community and he says yes. She asks how. He says, "the ones they fear the most, they're into groups of survivalists preparing for the apocalypse and they are at the core of the fear. They're very important because if they could see the truth everything else would change. At the deepest level of fear, trying to prepare for. There is nothing to fear. Those people are good, not trying to harm. They got caught up in the fear. Trying to help. Fear took a hold of them. All they do is prepare for survival. Instead, they should have no fear of death, you will never be safe. You have to be free to be safe." DC asks, what do you want Lee to teach? The reply is, "They have come to the light to fight evil. Not being fear."

Lee had an abduction experience, a few years ago, and wanted to know if it really happened. He has scattered memories of it. When the SC answered, he said, "I'm not allowed to answer. DC wanted to know if there was a reason. He said "there's nothing to answer." Then he said, "the group involved seems to be involved in genetic experiments. I can't say more than this." DC says it's okay and he said, "They're holding back. It's not relevant right now."

Now DC switches to Lee's body. "He's concerned with his body. He's got a pretty good body, doesn't he?" SC says yeah. DC replies, "he keeps it healthy." SC chuckles and says, "He's a mess."

DC asks the SC to do a body scan and the SC says Lee's body has degenerative arthritis throughout his whole body. DC thought it was just the back of his neck, but the SC said the neck was the worst and that it was genetic. DC asked what could be done and the SC said he was already working on it.

DC wanted to know what the SC was doing to fix it and he said "energy." She asked "what are you doing with the energy?" The SC said "everything is being restructured. It's done." He had just worked on the neck, then looked at the heart because a valve needed an adjustment. There was some fibrillation and was not working properly. Noticed some problem in the vertebrae and some problems with the right knee, an old injury. There was a cyst on the lung, a half-inch growth. It wasn't cancerous and the SC used energy to make it go away. Allergies were brought up and DC asked the SC to build a defense system. The SC assured he's fixed it, and that it was nothing life threatening. He advises for Lee to get off the allergy shots, gradually. DC asks if there is anything else to look at. The SC says no and agrees his body is back in complete harmony.

DC tells the SC that Lee says he's able to heal with the energy in his hands and the SC agrees. DC tells the SC that Lee wants to know if he can get that ability back. The LC says, if he wants it, all he has to do is just use it. DC asks how he does it, and the SC says it will come back once he focuses on it, that he stopped because he got scared by the unpleasant energy he was getting. He was given instructions "to use the white light, surround himself by the white light. That will be his protection. The client will be automatically protected by his white light. He has the ability... He just has to visualize for himself, so he does not allow himself to absorb the other energy. It's just for his own visualization process, to protect himself."

The SC said that Lee used to get very cold when doing healing because his body temperature dropped, that he was different, in many ways. His purpose is to teach and to heal.

DC is still trying to clarify about Lee not having past Earth lives. She asks, "This is confusing, but is this Lee's first lifetime here?" The SC says, "yes, it is his first lifetime here. He was tricked. He thought it would be easy, it's chaos. I tricked myself. I thought it would be an easy assignment, but it's hard to teach, easy to heal. Being human is not easy. It's hard to move. It's muddy. A lot of resistance, physical and mental from people. They complain, then when you tell them what they need to do, they laugh at you. It's frustrating. DC then says, "It sounds like he's here as a second wave, here to help with their energies." [This is a category in her research. Lee doesn't know the term, but agrees that he could be one of them, but that he's just known as an old soul.] DC says, "As an observer, Lee is reporting back what he is finding." He says, "yeah, they are in touch with me all the time."

DC concludes that it is no use in asking about past lives, because he hasn't had any as a human. Lee's SC says, "many, many coming now [like himself]. There's so many of us, most are not incarnated. Here right now. Buzzing around the planet. Going back and forth, back and forth, analyzing it. Sending messages to source all the time. It's an invisible fabric they are creating right now. They are creating an invisible fabric as a shield. They are working very, very fast, around the earth, above the earth. They are moving very fast because time is running out for them. They need to do ___ to help.

DC asks what the purpose of the fabric is. He says, "For a transition that will take place. The planet will change totally. They been caught off guard, so everybody is coming to help." She asks, "Is this what I've been finding out, about the splitting of the old and new earth?" and he says, "It is going to be a split, yes. It is an event that everybody calls it a major event. I see a bright planet like a star, goldish, radiating, it's quite massive. It's like a sun but light so bright, hard to explain. It's a planet, star, that it's moving, it's something that has to do with the change and the fabric. It will be suffering for some and the fabric to protect others. The fabric won't protect everyone. The fabric is to protect earth but the star is going to cause changes. The star is going to cause changes to humans. Many will die. Cataclysmic changes. A transition, that some humans will make and they will be saved.

DC asks, "The ones that will be saved, where will they go?" and the SC says, "they will remain on the planet but they will be lifted above the surface and the fabric will protect them. They won't be in the physical body anymore, but in a different human form. They won't die but will transform. They will continue their lifetime in a different way. It will not be like the earth as they knew it. There will be a huge colony that will engulf the upper part of the earth, not the surface. The surface will be in negativity.

DC ends the session, before the closing script, with "These are things that Lee needs to know, is that right? Yes.


What's so amazing is that these are two people who have never met this lifetime, but yet share similar experiences.  This is what Dolores Cannon has been investigating for over forty-five years.  She's been piecing together a bigger picture:  that there is a larger story going on, unseen to most people... that there is a greater Galactic Community and that our souls are immortal and contain the truth and knowledge of what's out there. 

Lee had an abduction related to genetics, and Cheryl had a connection to the hybrid program.

They both were on missions (he was observing and she was measuring tectonic plate stresses).

They both telepathically transmitted their findings back to "HQ".

They both were wearing white-ish colored suits with boots.

Lee said that he looked like a humanoid, his arms were very skinny. Cheryl saw that she had four long, skinny fingers.

They both were walk-ins. His walk-in was due to a drowning of a 3-4 year old child and Cheryl's walk-in was due to a toddler being hit in the forehead with a baseball bat her sister was swinging when she was toddling behind her. 

They both nearly drowned and were saved by unknown forces. Cheryl heard a voice telling her to get up, she was drowning. Lee saw "others" under the water rescuing him.

They both saw an alien yellow sky.

They both saw large UFOs. Lee saw one docked on a large pylon, as big as a city. Cheryl saw one parked on the sea bed, also very large, as well as one hovering above the jungle. (They both expressed it was good to be home when they returned from their explorations.)

They both said there were many others in those UFOs.

They both had instances of feeling like they were floating.

Cheryl went through the wall of the undersea UFO to go inside and Lee said whatever was supporting him, he could go right through.

Lee's purpose is to teach and heal, and observe. Cheryl's purpose is to help earth rise, by teaching and showing the way.

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